Friday, March 2, 2012

Favorite Music Friday: M83

Today marks the day before my comprehensive exams that allow me to graduate from graduate school! This is a 48 hour exam that starts Saturday at 8am and must be turned in Monday at 8am. The chunk of the exam is open book, take-home style but there is an in-class portion Saturday morning that is closed book. Im a bit nervous now that the date approaches, but I organized all my notes and am studying like a crazy person so what happens happens. If I fail I get one second chance to re-take them in the summer, but that is not an option! Wish me luck!

Since my mind is racing and my hands are shaking from nerves I figure I should showcase one of my favorite bands (ever) that help me relax and is the best study music. M83 is my absolute favorite band. ever. ever. M83 is a French shoegazing, indietronica band started by Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau in 2001. If you haven't heard of either of those genres, dont worry. Shoegazing is a genre that was named as it was because on stage the musicians of the early bands stood still in a detached, introspective state. So they were gazing at their shoes. But don't worry, M83 is not boring or detached. I've seen them multiple times live and was jumping up and down and giggling like a schoolgirl.

M83  is mostly instrumental and uses reverb effects and petals, but with the loss of Fromageau and the addition of Morgan Kibby the band has gone in a different direction with more lyrics and more upbeat sounds. You may even know an M83 song (Midnight City) that was made popular last year by the Victoria Secret Angel Perfume TV ads.

What I loved about the early days of M83 is how much power each song holds. When you listen to M83 with headphones the beats and sounds echo within me almost to an euphoric, peaceful point. Words cannot express how brilliant M83 is. When I see M83 live I go by myself. Yeah it is awkward while Im standing around before, but once the music begins I close my eyes, forget where I am, and only feel the music. I get chills just thinking about the show. I'm really sad that I will be missing their next round to Washington, DC, but I got to see them this past October and it was magic.

The song I am sharing with you is from the CD Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost Ghosts which was when Fromageau was still with Gonzalez. Gone is a 6 minute completely instrumental track from the CD, but what is in the video is just a 3 minute excerpt. I dare you to put on your headphones, block out all of your worries and current thoughts and press play.

Happy weekend all! I wish you all a more fun, less stressful weekend than I!

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