Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shoedazzle: Toccoa

A rough, long day at work means I have little to no interest in doing the mounting schoolwork that is in front of me. I have been staring at my word document for a good hour now. Time to give up and call it a day. Instead I'll do something I enjoy for a change...Sharing my joys with you, of course!

Last month I picked up Shoedazzle's Toccoa. I was absolutely smitten after seeing the promo email I received that I bought it seconds later while still in bed. Yup, smitten. As much as I love bright and fun purses, I love simple, clean line purses even more. It makes life a little easier not having to worry about your purse not matching.

Toccoa is a beige faux ostrich-leather satchel that has contrasting black straps, trim, and bottom. What initially attracted me to the purse was the contrasting black and soft white and the fact that it would fit my laptop comfortably. I love it even more now that I have it! The straps are so well enforced that I feel I can carry around boulders. And it doesn't hurt my shoulder to carry lots of weight. Plus, I didn't realize it had feet on the bottom which I really appreciate. The bag does not look cheap at all. It does not scream faux, instead it screams luxury! I have gotten so many compliments on this purse and so many of my friends ask where I got it. A few people have asked me what designer it was, assuming it was a high brand name. Nope, I only spent $40 to get this look.

The only negative that I can find about this purse is that the zipper to the interior doesn't extend all the way to the ends, it stops short say about an inch on either side, so if it is raining Im alway worried that the rain will get in my purse and on my belongings. For such a cheap price, I'm okay with that.

Strangely enough, this morning on my way to work I saw someone with this same bag! I was about to compliment them on their Shoedazzle purchase when I realized that they must have the real version. It had the Hermes style flaps in the front in black with a lock detail. But the color, the straps, and even the buckles on the side were all the same. I wonder how much she paid to get the same look...

dolman shirt: Old Navy
jean leggings: Gap
shoes: Shoedazzle
zip bangle: Jewelmint

Don't know what Shoedazzle is? Shoedazzle is a monthly shoe club. They also sell purses and jewelry. Everything is just $39.95. As of 3/29 Shoedazzle no longer charges you every month. No need to remember to skip the month, just pay when you purchase! Before the new month's shoes come out, Shoedazzle will ask you what you are looking for (sky-high heels, boots, open-toe, casual, fancy, etc). On the 1st of the month you can visit your showroom and see what they've prepared for you. If you don't like anything you can request a new selection or browse your friends showroom. What's even more exciting is that every 10 items you buy, you get a free credit to purchase whatever you want!
Interested in signing up? Click here to take your style quiz and view your showroom!


  1. Oooooh I LOVE that bag! What a good deal....I really don't need to sign up for any other subs but you are tempting me :)

    1. I dont really think of it as a sub. You get to skip every month if you want. You just have to click a button from the 1st-5th of the month to ensure you wont be charged. But you can buy items you want or as few as you want a month even if you skip. You should join to see what is in your showroom! Use my referral link! You get 20% off your first purchase and I get 200 points towards a free credit! (Every 1000 points is a free credit to buy anything) :)

    2. I think I will! Do they still have this gorgeous bag?? I might need to steal your style... ;)

    3. Ugh! It's sold out! I am on the wait list, though so I am definitely waiting for that one. I did use your referral, so thanks! I will enjoy the 20% off

    4. She is all sold out. But they will have a ton of more bags that you'll like.
      You only get to see the items in yours and your friends showroom. So what I did is I made a fake facebook account just for shoedazzle and added all these shoedazzlers and they added me back, so I can see 40 different showrooms. So I find things I like in my showroom and theirs. Does that make sense? Once you get onto the website you'll see what I mean.

    5. Yes it does make sense, thanks for the tip! I am allowed to buy other items not in my showroom, right?

    6. yup! and they email you sometimes with new releases or special collections. Plus, you can request a new showroom if you dont like what you got.

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't she gorgeous!? I feel luxurious even when Im wearing running pants. Love, love! Are you a member of shoedazzle? If not, you should join! There were a ton of awesome, sophisticated purses this past month.


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