Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free Samples from Clairvoyant Beauty!

I learned about Clairvoyant Beauty from my March Goodebox. I immediately fell in love with their Depuffing Cucumber & Cranberry Eye Gel (which you can read all about on my post about my March Goodebox).

Then I learned that they were offering 50% off all orders with the promo code: MADNESS12. That is so insanely generous! I thought the 25% off Goodebox was giving me was nice, but 50% holy cow. I got right on that and bought a collection of 6 summer favorites. I cannot wait for my order to arrive!

On their facebook page they are even offering a free sample of their new fragrance and of the depuffing eye gel that I love so much. I already received my free samples yesterday!

The fragrance is made of only the best natural ingredients including pure essential oils and organic corn alcohol. There are no added chemicals or extenders in this perfume.

The website describes the perfume as the following:
Clairvoyant, our wild-crafted natural fragrance, invites you to see beyond the range of ordinary perception, and celebrates the mystery of being a woman. Crisp floral-green top notes of bergamot and lime leads you into an exploration. Bulgarian rose middle notes blend with jasmine and ylang ylang to relax the senses and enhance your own natural harmony and beauty. Warm, lush, inviting base notes of tobacco, fir and green cognac suggest a subtle sexiness;the mystery and possibility of being a Clairvoyant woman.
Now when I put it on initially only smell what I assume is the bergamot, the lime kicks in almost as an after-taste (if that makes sense). Quickly it mellows down and you can smell the rose. I personally do not like either of these notes. To me it smells just like Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds. And not to my surprise they share the bergamot, rose, ylang ylang, and the forestry base notes. I see this as a mature woman's fragrance. Something my grandma or her friends would wear. I don't mind it so much after it mellows out, the rose calms down once the base woodsy notes enter in. I don't normally wear rose in my perfume it is just too strong for my taste; if it is a floral it has to be fresh and light. I don't see myself ever wearing this perfume. But if they came out with more fragrances I'd be happy to try them. Even without the harsh chemicals and extenders this scent did last all day. And I only needed a teensy dab. 

Clairvoyant Beauty is still offering the free samples. Head over to their facebook page to read how you too can get the sample. Who knows, maybe you will love it!

Have you tried this fragrance? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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