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Birchbox: March 2012

Although I signed up for a second account to receive both a normal box and a Teen Vogue box I was sent two Teen Vogue boxes. Although, they had different colors of the full-size products I really wanted to get a regular box like I had planned. Lucky for me the lovely Beauty Phoenix was not so happy she got a regular box and really wanted the Teen Vogue box. So we swapped! On top of the swap we traded our Essie LuxeEffect nail polishes. She already had the 'As Gold As It Gets' that was in her box and I loved it a million times more than the pink glitter I received. So win win for everyone!

Don't know what Birchbox is?
Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that delivers a little, heavenly box of premium beauty samples to your doorstep. Each month you will receive 4-5 samples (sometimes even full-sized products) and generally a goodie (energy booster, granola bar, etc). The samples range from make-up, polishes, skincare, body, hair, and fragrances. All from luxury, quality brands. Every month is a surprise, but the samples picked for you are based on a survey you fill out letting the gals know your style and skin-type. Birchbox costs just $10 a month, and your box will always be valued way above!
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March 2012, Box #7
This month's regular Birchox was all about shaking off everything that is weighing us and our beauty regime down. The samples were chosen to help tackle any lingering beauty annoyances.

Information Cards:


Annick Goutal: Eau d'Hadrien
Inspired by Tuscan citrus groves, this bright scent features a winning combo of lemon, grapefruit, and green mandarin notes.
Full size: 1.7oz ($85.00)
Size Received: .06oz ($3.00)
I received another Annick Goutal fragrance in the Teen Vogue March box. It was nice and sweet, but smelled like a popular shampoo. This one is definitely very sparkling. The grapefruit is loud and clear right when you put it on. You can sort of smell the lemon, but its not a cleaning smell lemon, but richer. Once the perfume mellows out a bit it smells very woody, which Annick Goutal's website says is cypress. It is a very classic smelling scent. I really love the fragrance once it mellows out. I could see wearing this to a job interview or on a day I want to feel a bit more sophisticated and regal. What I found interesting is that this fragrance has been around since 1981. It's nice to try out a classic.

Koh Gen Do: Cleansing Water Cloth
Made with mineral-rich spring waters, this Japanese brand's travel-friendly cleansing cloth wipes away a day's worth of dirty and makeup in a few seconds.
Full size: 30 cloths ($39.00)
Size Received: 2 cloths ($2.60)
You can never have enough cleansing cloths. Well I don't really buy them, so its a treat to have them. This cloth is apparently made from pure cotton that has had no special treatments. I like since my face is so sensitive. Sometimes after cleaning my skin with clothes my skin gets really irritated. The cloth not only cleanses away dirt and make-up but is mineral rich to provide non-greasy moisture and hydration. Plus it has essential herbs that protect and nurture skin. Such a multi-purpose cloth. Im going to save these cloths for a lazy night or for when Im traveling.
eta: I tried one of these out tonight since I was feel extravagant. I absolutely loved them! They were very plush and thick with just a hint of a fresh fragrance. They removed all of my makeup and even my heavy eye makeup and blinc mascara (since the cloth is water based). My irritated, red skin felt so refreshed from the cool touch. These were one of the best cleansing cloths I've ever tried.

Traditions by Nick Chaves: Yucca Root Shampooing Cream
Hollywood stylists rave about the restorative abilities of this silky cleanser, which is made with fortifying wild yam and yucca root.
Full size: 8oz ($20.00)
Size Received: 2oz ($5.00)
I have thin, oily hair that needs clear, gel like cleansers to remove buildup. I generally use Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and have had amazing results. Less oil, no flaking, and soft hair. At first I wasnt sure about this shampoo since it is called a cream. But it is actually a clear, gel consistency somewhat similar to my normal shampoo. The shampoo provides ultimate hydration and moisture for all hair types. It is especially good for hair that tends to be brittle or dry. My roots may be oily, but my ends are currently straw brittle. Yucca and wild yam have apparently been used by Native Americans to prevent hair loss and ensure normal hair growth. The shampoo does have sodium laureth sulfate in it which I normally try and avoid, but since it is humid outside my scalp isn't too flaky or itchy, so I think it will be okay. I'll use this while Im waiting for my next order of my Tea Tree Oil Shampoo to arrive. It smells really nice, Im assuming that is the yucca. Plus, it is the perfect size for travel!

Color Club: Nail Lacquer in He Loves Me
Jazz up blah fingers and toes with this lovely pink polish.
Full size: .5oz ($8.00)
Size Received: .25oz ($4.00)
Only a mini in the regular birchbox, but a full-size in the Teen Vogue, tsk tsk. This is a very intense colored pale pink. And by intense I mean although it is a sweet pink, it is really bright on my nails. I do like the color, Im just not used to this color. I normally wear fuschia or deep red based colors. But I think it would be super cute as polka dots with white polish or as part of a design. I think it will look really nice once my skin is nice and tan. It did take 3 layers to get an even, opaque application. Most nail polishes barely last a day and I've never had a Color Club nail polish, so Ill be interested to see how long it lasts on my nails.

Eve Lom: TLC Radiance Cream
Dull skin no more: this cult British facialist's intensely hydrating moisturizer brightens your complexion with vitamins A and C. 
Full size: 1.6oz ($68.00)
Size Received: .49oz ($20.83)
The Eve Lom website states that this moisturizer is incredibly lightweight and suitable for all complexions. I don't get how it can be suitable for my greasy, breakout prone skin, but that is what it says! The formula has many natural ingredients that are high in vitamins and antioxidants (raspberry seed, rosehip seed oils) that work to brighten your skin. Oat kernel and something called Sepilift softens fine lines and lifts. I was pleasantly surprised by how fresh and light the formula is. It absorbs immediately and does not leave any residue, my skin feels perfectly smooth and matte-like, just a little more hydrated. I dont really like the smell. It kind of reminds me of the wood shaving bedding for hamsters. But I can't smell it on my face, just my hands afterwards. Im not sure I'd ever pay that much for a moisturizer, but Ill enjoy it while it lasts. And I'll see how well it revives my 'glow.'

Tea Forté: skin-smart Teas
An antioxidant tea that tastes amazing and helps our skin look more radiant? Yes, please.
Full size: 16 bags ($6.00)
Size Received: 3 bags ($1.13)
This is probably my favorite extra yet. I absolutely adore tea and love that they have added benefits. The teas are certified organic and fair trade and each tea address a specific skin concern. The three flavors that I received were all green teas. Cucumber Mint is designed to boost collagen product to firm skin. The tea is laced with blueberries and spearmint that also help to enhance the glow of skin. I haven't tried this one yet, but it sounds yummy. Honey Yuzu is designed to renew skin naturally and increase elastin levels. The tea is a yuzu flavored tea (exotic citron flavor) and honey. I haven't tried it, but it smells divine. Cherry Marzipan is designed to reverse the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The tea is flavored with acerola cherries and nutty toasted almond. I tried this tea and absolutely love it. It is a very fresh green tea that has just an added tartness from the cherries and a sweet, almondy end note once you swallow. Im assuming these teas would only really help if you drank them regularly, but with such a reasonable price tag I may buy the entire set of 5 flavors (swiss apple and lychee coconut are the other flavors). 
eta: I already bought a full size box of the cherry marzipan. I was sad that they don't have a box with all the flavors since I want to try swiss apple so badly.

Total Value of my March 2012 box: $36.56
So am I glad that I did the swap? I think I am! The only thing that I was interested in trying in the second TV box that I received was the other shade of the tarte. Plus, I still got to have the essie nail polish I loved the most! And now I have 6 new products to try out!

What do you think of my regular March 2012 box? What box number did you get? How does my box compare to yours? Let me know in the comments below!
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