Friday, March 16, 2012

Favorite Music Friday: Bon Iver

Some of you may know Bon Iver as the awkward, folk-country boy that took home the Grammy Award for Best New Artist over what many thought was Nicki Minaj's. Others may know him as a contributor on the Twilight Saga New Moon soundtrack. And others may not have any idea who I am talking about.

Well Bon Iver (Good Winter in french) is a folk band formed by Justin Vernon. After a band AND a relationship breakup, Justin moved back home to Wisconsin to spend a winter in a cabin in rural Medford, WI. In that cabin is where the genius of Bon Iver began. He didn't plan on writing music, but it just happened. He used his experiences to write his debut album For Emma, Forever Ago. The CD screams heartbreak, love, loss, and every emotion a person can feel. His voice is very wooly but a high-pitched falsetto. It is full of emotion and power. 

I think my appeal to him also has to do with his awkward, stocky country boy persona. To see the inner emotions and soft side of such a grizzly guy. A guy that no matter the amount of fame still lives in his blue-collar hometown. And to hear such sweet, soft falsettos from such a masculine guy just makes me shiver. 

The song Im sharing, Wash, is from his sophomore album Bon Iver, Bon Iver. The CD is much more layered and processed but not in a bad way; just not in a log-cabin-isolated way. Even if you do know of Bon Iver, I hope you enjoy.

Have a great weekend!

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