Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twirl by Kate Spade

I originally received a small sample vial of Twirl by Kate Spade in my August 2011 Birchbox. I remember loving how fresh and sultry it was and lovely and sophisticated I felt while wearing it. I wouldn't even get rid of the vial because I didn't want to forget that it was on my perfume wishlist. And once I realized I had over $60 in birchbox points I decided to finally use up my points and buy the 1.7oz size from the Birchbox store.

I think the packaging very well emulates the attitude of Twirl. The box is bright pink and coral red, but the actual design is classic and not in your face. The box is simple, but you still notice it. My favorite part of opening the packaging is when you see the inner phrase "she had a cocktail in hand and confetti in her hair." It's as if Im opening the packaging to display my own gold confetti covered bottle of champagne. The flacon covered in gold dots, or confetti, still has the air of sophistication with the gorgeous coral/red stripe on its neck. But this is not a conservative gal, the dots and disco ball cap flirt with you at every angle. Even if you have never smelled Twirl, the exterior helps describe what the scent is like. A sophisticated gal who is a bit flirty, romantic, and always has a jump in her step. The Sephora website explains that the scene was created to 'evoke a flirty feeling of joe de vivre.' Need I say more? I feel like Twirl was meant for me. I tend to live my life trying find the beauty in the little things and I want to feel sophisticated while still girly and fresh. This does it all!

The notes in Twirl are sparkling, fruity-floral. The top notes are sparkling and fruity with pink watermelon, blackberry, and red currant. I can really smell the currant, it adds that bubbly twist that sophisticates the freshness of the other notes. The heart notes are the asian flowers: orange blossom, jasmin, and magnolia. Floral without smelling like your grandma and still fresh and light. The notes end with luminous musk, amber, and french macaroon. I don't know how they captured the scent of a macaroon... But the musk is sweet and soft. I do think the notes mellow out a bit too quickly, but after 12hours I do still have the sweet musk undertones.

It is definitely a day perfume, but it would be perfect for summer night soirees and casual gatherings. And the main reason why I love it as a day perfume is I do feel that I take on the persona of myself at a swanky party. I  have a little extra confidence, a lightness to my step, and an air of sophistication. I love having this perfume in my collection! It really does embody the joie de vivre. Absolutely lovely!

Twirl is available at any fine beauty store (Sephora, department stores) and also online at many perfume shops and Birchbox. The 1.7oz retails for $65 and the 3.4oz for $80. A 0.25 oz roller ball is also available for $18. For more information on Twirl by Kate Spade check out

Have you smelled Twirl before, own it? Let me know what you think of Twirl by Kate Spade in the comments below!

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