Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorite Music Friday: Taylor Swift

Oh Taylor Swift. I never thought I'd ever consider Taylor Swift as a favorite music pick... But her song Safe & Sound from the movie The Hunger Games changed that. I went to see The Hunger Games last friday at midnight with a group of friends. I only got 3 hours of sleep that night, but it was well worth it. The movie followed the book well, although they did cut out a lot of little important details. I found the movie entertaining, but only because I was invested in the series and knew the plot. It had very little built up tension that most action movies have. Every problem that was encountered was resolved in a few minutes. Whereas the book you felt the tension, the pain, the game etc.

Anyways, enough about the movie. When the credits rolled this song came on. My friend told me he was in love with this song and now Taylor Swift. I was like ughh another Taylor Swift song, but as I listened I mentioned it was sort of nice and sounded more like something The Civil Wars would put out. Well, it so happens that they are featured on the track! Now it all makes sense. So really I do not love Taylor Swift, but I love Joy Williams and John Paul White (The Civil Wars).

The song is much softer and heavier than any Taylor Swift song I have heard. It feels much darker and sad. But it is so unbelievably beautiful. Take a look at the official video. It makes me excited to think that as Taylor Swift grows, she may come out with more music like this.

Enjoy Safe & Sound and have a great weekend!


  1. This song is so wonderful beautiful, I hadn't heard it yet so thanks for posting it :)


    1. Isn't it so pretty? If you like this song you may really enjoy all of The Civil War's work. They recently came out with their full length album 'Barton Hallow.'


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