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Goodebox: January 2013

I'm going to admit, this box embarrasses me. Since this blog is on the public interwebs, who knows who reads this! Either way, this was one of the most surprising and fun boxes I've received in awhile!

What is Goodebox?
Goodebox is a monthly subscription service that delivers trial size healthy, eco-conscious, natural beauty and personal care products. Each month you will receive 6 or more products customized for you. The brands and products that Goodebox send out have been thoroughly evaluated upon the brand's use of non-toxic, natural ingredients that respect earth, animals, and humanity. The samples will range from make-up, skincare, body, fragrances, and some lifestyle and wellness products. Every month is a surprise, but the samples picked are based on a very detailed, thorough survey that even lets you indicate color preferences, any allergies, vegan, sensitivities, etc. Goodebox costs $16 a month, but the value of your box will be way above!
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January 2013, Curated by Stefanie Iris Weiss
Like I noted last month Goodebox is in the process of altering their shipping schedule, so January was themed around Valentine's Day and LOVE. They still call it their January box, so I won't be changing the date even though I got it the first week of February. Stefanie Weiss has written nine books including her most recent Eco-Sex. Stefanie states that most self-care products use endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can harm your overall health and your sex drive. So she says "whether you are single or attached, the pure, ultra sensual, divenly-scented products I've selected will make you feel beautiful, sexy and deeply desirable from the inside-out." Amen sistah!

Information Cards:

Erbaviva: Relax Spray
Relaxation is essential to pleasure. Use this refreshing, therapeutic mist to spray on hair or clothing. Also delightful sprayed into a room or onto bedding for a relaxing effect while infusing a fresh natural smell. Not for use on the face.
Full Size: 3.4 oz ($19.00)
Size Received: 1.0 oz ($5.59)
I figured we should start with the least personal items and work our way up. A few months ago we received the Erbaviva spray deodorant, which I loved.This spray can be used as a room mister or on hair and clothes or sheets to help you relax. The only ingredients are essential oils of lavender, rose, and neroli. This wasn't overpowering or in your face, it is a very soft fragrance that definitely was soothing. I know I wouldn't rebuy it, but I will enjoy spritzing it on my sheets and pillows when they need a little pick-me-up in between laundry days.

John Masters Organics: Blood Orange & Vanilla Bodywash
Created with the mildest botanically-based surfactants from corn and coconut, this all-over body wash foams into a creamy, rich, sulfate-free lather that gently removes dirt and oil - leaving skin soft and smooth. Follow with our Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk for a beautiful, sensual combination of clean & soft skin.
Full Size: 8.0 oz ($18.00)
Size Received: 1.0 oz ($2.25)
I'm familar with the name John Masters. The first thing that came to mind was hair. It looks like John Masters is a hair stylist who started making organic products over 20 years ago. His line started with hair care and now has all sorts of skincare and body, even pet products! This bodywash uses all natural ingredients so you get both the benefit of scent and the natural product. Blood orange increases collagen production, vegetable glyecerin moisturizes, pink grapefruit balances oily skin, and milk thistle is an antioxidant. This smells like orange sherbet which I really like. I barely want to pay $5 for body wash, so there is no way I could ever shell out almost $20!

Metropolis: Lavender Whipped Shea Butter
Thick and luxurious, this whipped shea has only 4 ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, corn starch, and lavender absolute. Use it for serious moisturizing and super soft, touchable skin.
Full Size: 4.0 oz ($19.99)
Size Received: 1.0 oz ?? ($4.99)
How many whipped butters can we get? Why am I complaining cause I love these things! I do like how simple this one is. No fluff, no fillers, just pure shea butter and coconut oil. The lavender absolute is a bit intense for me. Like I've said before I think lavender smells like granola hipsters. I couldn't see rubbing this on and expecting a guy to go gaga. But! This is the perfect after shower skin moisturizer. I love how whipped shea butter melts onto your skin and you really gives you a chance to massage your skin and really moisturize well.

Blossom Organics: Natural Moisturizing Lubricant
Non-irritating and provides long-lasting moisture for enhanced pleasure. Latex friendly.
Full Size: 4 oz ($10.99)
Size Received: 0.07 oz ($0.19)
Organic intimate products, well of course! We all say how we don't want toxic, unnatural products on our face, well you'd surely think you'd say the same for your uhh more intimate regions. Blossom Organics is formulated by a woman with pH balance in mind in all their products, all products are 100% free of harsh chemicals and fragrances, and made from the highest quality organic ingredients. Their lubricant is to be used to provide extra moisture to ensure that you don't get irritated or chapped and also increase your pleasure. It can also be used daily to help relieve any dryness. This is gentle, effective, and can be mutually satisfying.

Blossom Organics: Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel
Increases circulation to exhilarate your senses and heighten your sensual pleasure.
Full Size: 0.75 oz ($16.99)
Size Received: .17 oz ($3.85)
This is an aloe-based gel that warms on contact and helps heighten your circulation and therefore, pleasure. It seems to have gotten mixed reviews online. It can be used when you are by yourself or with someone special...

Persephenie: Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil
Antioxidant and oleic acid rich, hand pressed Marula oil, coconut and organic sunflower oil, infused with orange flower Neroli will replenish your entire body. Massage into your (or someone else's) skin for a sensual sensory experience.
Full Size: 1.69 oz ($38.00)
Size Received: 0.17 oz ?? (
Persephenie is a natural botanical perfumery company based out of LA. They even offer custom scents and products, probably for a pretty penny, but awesome that an average joe can request it if they so please. I've never used body oil before, but I could see how this would feel amazing during a massage. The body oil is made using Marula oil which is rich in antioxidants, oleic acids which is necessary for maintaing healthy, vibrant skin. The scent of the neroli flower is thought to uplift and sooth, so this is a perfect oil to use during a special occassion!

Swipes: Lovin Wipes
These biodegradable wipes are the natural choice for personal cleanliness before or after intimate moments. Free from harsh chemical components like alcohol and chlorine, they're a natural & convenient way to feel a little fresher.
Full Size: 42 wipes ($4.99)
Size Received: 2 wipes(
These are disposable wipes that are flushable (sewer and septic-safe) that are made with pure water. These wipes are designed with the intent to be used before or after intimate moments to make you feel a little fresher. These could also potentially be used whenever you need to freshen up, like after the gym. They are free of alcohols, chlorine, and dyes that could possibly be irritating.

Sir Richard's Condom Company: Pleasure Dots Condom
You and hundreds of dots (safely) working towards one, mutually beneficial goal. For every condom purchased, one is contributed to a developing country. Chemical-free, 100% natural latex & premium lubricant. No spermicides, glycerin or parabens. Vegan Certified. Tested to exceed FDA safety and reliability standards.
Full Size: 12 condoms ($13.99)
Size Received: 2 condoms ($2.33)
Protection is always a must! World health and the AIDS epidemic is extremely important to me, and it is nice to see that this company matches every condom sold! What an incredible contribution! These are textured condoms that must have little dots along them to help aid in stimulation. Apparently these are just enough friction without being over powering for either party. I haven't used these yet, but we will see...

Total value of my January 2013 Goodebox:$23.27
What a fun box! Maybe a little uncomfortable to try and put together my opinions. But either way this box was so juicy and cute. I'm glad Goodebox decided to take a risk and support organic/small businesses that specialize in intimate/personal care. I'm sure some people hated this box or thought it was inappropriate, but I say well done!

What do you think of my January Goodebox? Did you like the LOVE theme? Have you tried any of the products I received? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Birchbox: January 2013

My year subscription to Birchbox is about to end, it is a hard decision to try and decide to keep getting it or not.

Don't know what Birchbox is?
Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that delivers a little, heavenly box of premium beauty samples to your doorstep. Each month you will receive 4-5 samples (sometimes even full-sized products) and generally a goodie (energy booster, granola bar, etc). The samples range from make-up, polishes, skincare, body, hair, and fragrances. All from luxury, quality brands. Every month is a surprise, but the samples picked for you are based on a survey you fill out letting the gals know your style and skin-type. Birchbox costs just $10 a month, and your box will always be valued way above!
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January 2013, Box #1
The new year isn't about changing who you are but making sure you refocus on things that keep falling to the bottom of your to-do list. Birchbox included in this month a poster showing 25 ways to make 2013 awesome. In the note from the team they ask how we are going to make this year the best. For me, my goals are to run a half marathon, study for really big test, and make sure I don't sweat the little stuff and enjoy life. How about you?

Information Cards:

OjonDamage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum
Repair stressed strands with this aromatic hair treatment - exotic ojon and macadamia oils work together to smooth and hydrate hair.
Full Size: 1.7 oz ($25.00)
Size Received: 0.07 oz ($1.03)
More hair oil... This product is meant to tame frizz and flyaways, boost shine, and add softness. You can use it on damp hair as a heat-protectant or as a leave-in styling/hair treatment. Because of my thin, thin hair I do better with hair oil mists. Even a drop of oil is too much for my hair. But either way, I will not buy or use Ojon products as the company is owned by Estee Lauder and therefore is not cruelty-free.
Tested on animals!

AlessandroNail Polish in Blue Lagoon
Launching exclusively in the Birchbox shop, this extra opaque nail polish has a satiny formula and a wide brush for easy application.
Full Size: 0.34 oz ($12.00)
Size Received: 0.17 oz ($6.00)
I've never heard of Alessandro. They are a German brand that are selling their line in America exclusively on Birchbox. Alessandro is considered a professional grade polish. They tout having a wide, easy application brush, fast drying, and incredible long durability. I received a mini bottle in blue lagoon, a cream navy blue color. It isn't particularly a color I wear often, but the color itself is really pretty. I'm not sure if it was because of the mini handle/brush size, but I had a hard time applying the polish without streaking it on the sides of my fingers. The polish did seem to dry quickly, but for me it started to peel/crack off the next day.

Harvey PrinceSkinny Chic Perfume
Get a glass-half-full disposition with this optimistic blend of juicy Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, and pink plumeria.
Full Size: 1.7 oz ($55.00)
Size Received: 0.07 oz ($2.26)
Another Harvey Prince perfume? This is my fourth Harvey Prince from Birchbox. That seems a little excessive. For me, these fragrances just don't have any staying power. I can smell them for a few hours just ever so slightly. Skinny Chic is a fragrance that is formulated to keep you energized and conquer cravings.This scent is dominated by mint, green apple, lotus blossom, grapefruit, and a creamy depth made up of warm amber, bergamont, and white cedarwood. To me it smells like a plumeria scent with a little kick. Of all the Harvey Prince fragrances, this may be my favorite. I wouldn't buy it myself, but it is a perfect daytime fragrances for those who want something fresh and light.

theBalmPut a Lid On It
Keep that pretty eye shadow crease-free with this stay-put primer, which also prevents smudges and smears.
Full Size: 0.4 oz ($18.00)
Size Received: 0.125 oz ($5.63)
This is a creamy, thick almost metallic beige-colored primer. TheBalm promises a formula that is smudge-free, long lasting, and keep your shadows vibrant. It absorbs oils to allow you to have a clean canvas when applying your shadow. After using it the first time I realized how little you need for each application, I think this sample may last me months! I decided to test it against my go to Sephora brand eye primer, wearing one primer on each eye. Both allowed for more vivid application, no smudging or creases, but theBalm's beat out my current eye primer ever so slightly in the wear category. This would be a great primer to buy next time I am out!

Fresh: Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream
With antioxidant-rich lotus flower extracts, this lush moisturizer protects skin from free radicals and hydrates for a full 24 hours. 
Full Size: 1.7 oz ($42.00)
Size Received: 0.14 oz ($3.46)
This was considered an extra, so I won't diss the small sample size. We did receive two packets so that is a plus? I'm new to the Fresh brand, but I already am in love with it. A company that uses all natural ingredients from around the world. This moisturizer has been 'proven' to hydrate for 24 hours and is designed with a complex of ingredients that minimize and prevent signs of aging and boost radiance. I did like this cream as it absorbed quickly and was perfect for nighttime. It apparently didn't wow me, but it seems to have a pretty big following.

Total value of my January 2013 Birchbox:$18.38
Not my favorite box. It is kind of frustrating that 4 out of 5 brands are repeats. Sometimes I love getting the same company, but when I clearly reviewed a product poorly or stated I do not want to see anything from this brand again it sucks to see that brand show up multiple times. I'm happy about the repeat of thebalm, but Im tired of Harvey Prince and I don't want Ojon products!

What do you think of my January Birchbox? How does it compare to yours?  How are you going to make 2013 awesome? Let me know in the comments below!
If you don't get Birchbox, click here to join

Favorite Music Friday: Daughter

I've had this girl on my radar for some time now. I heard her perform on David Letterman last October and slowly fell in love with each song on her newest EP.

Elena Tonra is the voice behind the London-based Daughter. Elena was originally writing and performing solo with just her guitar, but she said that it got lonely and she felt that she needed more minds to get further with the project. Her beau, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella joined her in 2010 and helped transform Elena's poetic lyrics and soft, sweet voice into the power and haunting sound that is Daughter.

Daughter is able to take Elena's voice to a second dimension. Elena's solo Demo EP is more on par with a sad, broken-hearted school girl. I could see her winning a High School talent show back in the day performing songs from that EP (take a listen to Your Kisses). And it makes sense, she was 19 when she released that demo. The addition of Igor and Remi really brought Elena's voice the attention it deserves. The addition of experimental keyboard layers that are just haunting, build ups and tempo changes really polishes her maturing voice.

What really sets Daughter apart from other indie pop bands is the lyrics. This girl is a little twisted. You can tell she has had a broken-heart or two. Her lyrics are so painful. In Youth, for example, a song about how most of us are broken-hearted and no longer in love, she says "And if you're still bleeding, you're the lucky ones. 'Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone. We're setting fire to our insides for fun." I love how blunt and honest she is. One of my favorite songs, Love, is a vindictive, almost passive-aggressive song to a former lover who left her for someone else. The song builds up slowly, with soft ghostly coos from Elena, that make way for the loud drumming into the chorus "Did she make your heart beat faster than I could? Did she give you what you hoped for? On nights so loveless, love, I hope it made you feel good Knowing how much I adored you." Her voice is so soft and fluttering and painful. It is a great mixture for those days where you are feeling self-loathing.

Daughter is releasing their first full-length album "If You Leave" on March 18th! Just today it was pre-released onto Spotify! I always worry that an artist will change or mature into a different (unpleasant) sound/direction each time a new album is released. It happens so often, but I can happily report that Daughter has consistently delivered. I have instantly fallen in love with the first single off the new album, Still. This is a pre-breakup song, things are spiraling out of control, but even with all the hate the two are together.

I hope you enjoy both Still and Youth and find a new favorite!
Have a great weekend!

Daughter - Still

Daughter - Youth

Note: If music videos do not show up in your RSS reader, please visit the original post!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I Run...

Last year (2012) I joined a gym after realizing I had put my health on the back-burner  I was not happy with myself or my body. With my membership I got a few free personal training sessions, I loved the sessions so much I decided to invest in bi-weekly sessions. After a few weeks, my personal trainer asked me what were my favorite ways to work out. I immediately said running and dancing. I let him know I did Zumba class every now and then to get my dance on, but that I didn't run anymore because of all of my former injury.

Running cross country and track from ages 12-18 did a number on my body. Shin splints are no joke. Senior year I decided I wasn't going to run but some peer pressure pushed me into joining cross country the second week of the season. I upped my mileage from 0 to 30+ in a week wearing old shoes. A few weeks later I had pretty bad shin splints. I ran through it a bit more, until I woke up one day and never felt worse pain in my life. I still remember crawling around for a few days since I couldn't walk. The X-rays didn't show stress fractures, but now that I am older and have a better understanding of my body I have absolutely no doubt that I had bilateral posterior stress fractures. I stopped running and every time I'd try and start up again, the pain would come back...

My trainer was blunt with me and asked why I didn't start running again? I realized I was using the memory of pain as a crutch. There was absolutely no reason why I shouldn't be running! At that time, I lived blocks away from the Mt Vernon Trail in Arlington, VA across from Washington, DC. It is a mixed-recreational trail that goes from downtown Arlington all the way out to George Washington's house in Mt Vernon. It follows the Potomac River and there you will see some of the most amazing views of the National Mall and all the monuments. After one run on that trail, I remembered why I loved running.

(image via:

So why do I love running? Running lets me relieve tension, emotion, and built up stress, it helps me to refocus and reenergize, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I reach mileage or time goals, I am the healthiest when I am actively running, it makes me feel calm, it boosts my confidence, and it makes me happy. It is one thing in my life that I do for me and me alone.

Runner's high is real. If you've experienced it you understand. On mile 7 of a run a few weeks ago, I started dancing to my music and was smiling like a crazy person. I forgot all about my ankle pain and how tired I was. I kept thinking to myself how much I loved life.

Unfortunately, my New Year's resolution didn't pan out. Between the stress of grad school and shin splints (yet again), I missed the half marathon I signed up for. I felt defeated. I don't like not following through, especially with personal goals. And then my life became so chaotic during the summer since I was packing up my life in DC and moving to Louisville, that I completely stopped running for a few months. It wasn't until August that I started back up again. Injury again plagued me (this time with my toes). I'm going to need surgery to correct the problem, but it isn't bad enough to stop me. My orthopedic surgeon said that I can keep on running and can schedule the surgery at my leisure. With proper toe protection, I can run without any problem.

So here we are in 2013. I have a new New Year's resolution to run my first half marathon. I will be running the Louisville Kentucky Derby Festival mini Marathon. The race is part of a week long festival leading up to the Kentucky Derby. The course will take us through Churchills Down (where the Derby takes place) where we will get to take a lap on the race track! Pretty darn cool. The marathon has three road races of varying length (5k, 10k, 10 miler) that lead up to it that I am also participating in, called the Louisville Triple Crown.

I'm running all four races with a close friend! We have been able to motivate each other throughout the training process. We run at very similar paces, so it is awesome to get that support and motivation! Be it finding the energy to get out of bed at 8am on a Saturday or coaxing the other to go running after a bad day. I don't think I could do it without her!

I may not be the fastest runner. I may not run the most miles weekly. Hell I may not even have the best running posture. But running is for me and it is part of who I am.

Do you run? Have you thought about starting? What is your favorite hobby or past-time?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ipsy: January 2013

In April 2012 I cancelled MyGlam after months of crappy bags and being misinformed by a MyGlam rep about animal hair brushes. The same month MyGlam hosted an in-house forum with online beauty gurus and their staff to work towards bettering their service. In September 2012, MyGlam changed their name to Ipsy. The reasoning behind the change wasn't very well stated, but it may have been to get away from all the negativity/backlash they received. The name change also brought a positive change in the bags. Higher quality brands, exciting products, and here I am back subscribing!

Don't know what Ipsy is? Ipsy is a once a month beauty subscription service that delivers premium beauty samples to your door. The creator of Ipsy, Michelle Phan, is a YouTube beauty expert that wants to share her favorite items with the world. The bags are delivered in the cutest reusable beauty bags. Once you join you will take a beauty/preference quiz that will help the girls choose the best products for you. The products range from beauty, skincare, hair, body, nails, and more. Every month you should also expect to receive full-sized products. Ipsy costs $10 a month, and your bag will always be valued above!
Click here to join Ipsy.

January 2013, Super Stars
My sister told me at Christmas time that she signed up for Ipsy. I started investigating and saw the Ipsy Facebook previews for this bag and was sold when I saw Josie Maran would be featured. It seemed like Ipsy was really going in a positive direction and I was ready to go in. This month's theme is Super Stars. Ipsy put together 5 Super Star products to help you get ready for a new you in the new year.

Information Card:

It looks like Ipsy has done away with real information cards. All descriptions are taken from the Ipsy online product pages.

PacificaBody Butter in Tuscan Blood Orange
Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter is not only a highly effective antioxidant rich moisturizer that nourishes the driest of skin and helps fight off the signs of aging; it nourishes your other senses as well.Full Size: 8 oz ($15.00)
Size Received: 2.5 oz ($4.69)
I can never get enough of Pacifica products. While growing up I thought having acne meant I shouldn't use any moisturizing oils or butters. I received a huge tub of Pacifica body butter for christmas one year and never used it! Now that I know better, I was so excited to try out this scent. Some people thought it smells like Skittles or just overly fruity. But I love it! Blood oranges, mandarin, strawberries, and raspberries. I think it's pretty delicious. Their body butter is formulated with shea butter, almond oil, and safflower oil. It isn't too thick and is easy to apply. It absorbs pretty quickly and really does leave my skin feeling soft. It's even helping heal some really bad dry spots on my hands! My mini tube is just about empty! Luckily, I still have that untouched tub I received for Christmas that I'll be moving on to. Once that is gone, Im pretty sure I'll be rebuying this stuff. Pacifica has so many enticing flavors that I want to try them all!

Sexy HairSpray & Play Voluminizing Hair Spray
Your everyday spray for BIG volume! Spray & Play is a humidity resistant, flexible hold hairspray that provides fullness, lift and incredible shine! Perfect for all hair types.
Full Size: 10.6 oz ($16.99)
Size Received: 1.5 oz ($2.40)
Switching over to 100% cruelty-free brands is a process. I buy a lot of my favorite beauty products in bulk, including my hairspray. I currently use Redken forceful 23, love the stuff, but Redken is owned by L'Oreal and therefore may be testing on animals. Sexy Hair is a cruelty-free brand so I was happy to get a sample of this stuff! This hairspray is meant to provide fullness and volume and a hold that is flexible. I've only used it so far to hold back my bangs, and it was non-sticky and is quite flexible. It does leave a little 'hairspray' like dry residue, but my hair is still flexible and doesn't look oily. I used it this weekend and I don't really think it provided any volume, but it did do a great job holding the volume I created with my brush. I didn't have to think about my hair all night long!

Josie Maran: 100% Pure Argan Oil
Create your unique eye look with these creamy glide on pencils in the latest colors. Built to last 24/7.
Full Size: 1.7 oz ($48.00)
Size Received: 0.17 oz ($4.80)
This is actually the whole reason why I decided to sign back up. I love Josie Maran's beauty line and couldn't pass up her most coveted product, argan oil. Argan oil is a lightweight oil that is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E. The oil is fast absorbing and can be used for a multitude of purposes and skin conditions. Use it as a moisturizer leaving the skin dewy and aglow, plus it may help acne, redness, and reduce fine lines. Treat split ends and frizzy hair, use as cuticle oil, or put a few drops into any of your beauty/skincare products to get added moisture. Argan oil can be used on any skin type. This is such a decent sample size, it will last for months.

SOHO: "Get a Grip" Eyeliner Brush
Define eyes with the Get a Grip Eyeliner Brush. Starting with the upper lash line, delicately trace the eye from the inside corner working towards the outside. Repeat on bottom lash line. Perfect for wet or dry eyeliner.
Full Size: 1 brush ($7.99)
Size Received: Full-size! 1 brush ($7.99)
When I saw we were getting a brush, I got a little scared. All the problems with MyGlam was surrounded around brushes. Luckily, the brush I received is made of synthetic nylon bristles. It is well documented on the company's website and on the Ipsy product page. Whew! My eyeliner brush came with the bristles bent. Im pretty sure it isn't supposed to be like that, but it worked out okay. It makes for a perfect angle for applying gel eyeliners. I wish the bristles were a bit shorter because it is a little too pliable for my liking.
SOHO has brushes sourced from both animal hair and synthetics.

Nailtini: Straight Up Nail Lacquer in Frappe
You can’t go wrong with a classic, all the way to your fingertips. These two are the all-time best selling Nailtini nail lacquers. Whether the glossy true-red of bloody mary or the hint-of-pink of frappe, your tips and toes are classic perfection anytime. Full Size: 0.5 oz ($13.00)
Size Received: Full-size received! 0.5 oz ($13.00)
What an interesting brand concept. All their products are a play on happy hour and drinks. The description on the packaging says 'Great straight or mixed -- it's cocktails for nails.' Even their ingredients are listed in section headed with vodka, simple syrup, and dry gin. Super cute. I received a full-size in Frappe, a sheer pink. This wouldn't have been a color I would have picked out for myself. But it doesn't hurt to have a good sheer in my collection. The brush was perfect for an even, streak free application. Although it didn't last long. The next day it started to bubble and crack. I like bubbles in my champagne, not my nail polish...

Total Value of my January 2013 Ipsy bag$32.88
I'm pretty happy with this bag! You know its a good one when you are already out of a sample! All the samples are of substantial size and so many different types of products. Plus, the bag itself is a great size and the lining is so cute! I'm very happy I decided to rejoin and look forward to my next bag.

What do you think of the January Ipsy bag? Did you cancel MyGlam and resubscribe after the name change? Let me know in the comments below! If you dont get Ipsy and are interested, click here to join!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Favorite Music Friday: Alt-j

I am late on the bandwagon. When I heard the name alt-j, I thought of Japanese J-Pop not indie rock and never gave them a thought. Last month, my friend and I started a collaborative playlist on Spotify since we both are obsessed with finding new music. She shared alt-j with me, and ever since I have been jamming out to them.

Alt-J is an English band formed in 2007, when all four members met at Leeds University. I can just imagine them in their dorm room playing around with Garage Band. Their unique sound is actually due to the fact that they had to keep the sound down in the dorms, so bass guitar and drums are kept at a minimum.
image via:

What's up with the name? Well apparently it is for the Mac OS keyboard shortcut to delta, ∆. The band members chose it because they felt they were going through a change, and delta is the symbol for change in the scholarly world. Bloggers and music reviewers have compared Alt-J to Radiohead mixed with Simon & Garfunkel. The melodies are mumbled out and soft, and a bit whiny. Can I decipher any of the lyrics? Barely, but it somehow works for them. I still find myself humming their tunes. The music is a bit spacey and chill, but each song packs on layer after layer until it erupts. Every song has a distinctive melody or a catchy rhythm.

This week's featured song is 'Dissolve Me.' It highlights their electronica, indie pop rhythms matched with soft, muttled lyrics. Halfway through the music fades away and the band begins to harmonize at an almost inaudible level. At this point, I felt myself almost itching for the release to happen, not in a bad way, but when you listen you know that the song is on the verge of exploding. And it does, still somewhat softly, but all that tension fades. These guys are masters at crafting out song structure.

The band won the 2012 Mecury Prize, which is a huge honor for best album from the UK and Ireland. The prize is so highly respected that it does set up a lot of pressure and expectations. Let's hope it doesn't get to their head and they keep on delivering.

Hope you find a new favorite. Happy Friday!

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