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Sindulge: March 2012

At the end of February I found out about another subscription service, this one is different from the others because each month you have a live consultation with a beauty expert to talk about exactly what your beauty concerns are and what you would like. They had a deal where your first month was a penny so I jumped on board. The promo is still active so you too can try Sindulge for a penny by using promo code JKFF.

Don't know what Sindulge is?
Sindulge is a once a month beauty subscription service that delivers a cute box of beauty samples to your doorstep. Each month you will receive samples based on a personal consultation with one of their team beauty experts. The consultation's are 15 minutes long and can be done via video or text chat. Let the expert know what your concerns are and what new products you want to try. You can even ask the experts questions or ask for tips. The experts will do their best to fulfill your needs. Plus, there is a beauty profile on file to help the experts out. Sindulge costs $12 a month, and your box will always be valued way above!
Click here to join Sindulge.

March 2012, First Box!
I had my beauty consultation on 2/29 with Ami. It was a little confusing trying to figure out where I go on the website for the consultation, but since then they have made it more clear. I had a giant list of concerns that I wanted to chat about, so I wrote them down like a nerd so that I wouldn't forget anything. I let Ami know that I have very sensitive skin and some very red spots that nothing seems to work on. She said that she would include a good moisturizer/primer that will help reduce the redness and then maybe think about cosmetics to help even out my complexion. I also let her know that nothing I do ever gets my pores on my nose clean. She said she would include a product that does just that.

Although I had a smooth chat, I know many others did not. Some people's consultation got cancelled without reason, others had to reschedule and never got responses back, and others had no time to do the consultation so just emailed back and forth with their expert. I personally don't mind the consultations because in the future months I'll be able to let them know what products worked or not. And even though Im all about redness this month, maybe next month I want to try new mascaras. I love the idea of the personalization.

We were told that the boxes would ship out 10 days after our consultation, but alas that is not what happened. They kept getting delayed further and further without any notice. I wasn't worried, I figure it is their first month and it takes some time to get a groove going. But because so many people were upset, all current subscribers will receive April's box for free! That is so good customer service! Own up to mistakes made and I will stay by your side. So let's see how Ami did!

I love how the 'boxes' are so unique! They fold flat if you think you want to re-use it later. Plus, they aren't so thick that I will feel guilty tossing this in the recycling.

Information Card:

Before I begin my product review I had to say Im disappointed that they don't have a card letting you know what products they picked or why they picked them. And what is even more weird is that none of my products are available to buy on their website. Granted, it seems like their search and their shop is an absolute mess. I searched for the brand "Ferro" and got 4 pages of nail polishes and eyeshadows... The website in general is really messy, confusing, and not intuitive. For product descriptions, I will be using what is on the company's website.


LA Fresh: Waterproof Makeup Remover
Bye-bye waterproof color and all those other greasy makeup removers. Hello sparkling clean eyes & lips in an instant.
Full size: 24 count ($9.99)
Size Received: Full-size! 24 count($9.99)
Sweet!! I don't mind having these around. And since I received a full-size product I don't feel guilty using them at home. The company seems pretty awesome and they are stamped cruelty-free and all natural ingredients. The website states that the wipes are alcohol free, non-greasy, and will clean off even the most resistant makeup. I decided to try one tonight. At first I though they had dried out, but I could feel that there was oils on the cloth. I tried it out and sure enough my face is a clean slate. I do think they are a bit greasy, but that is because the only ingredients are a blend of 6 natural oils (olive, jojoba, sesame, grape seed, vitamin E, and lavender oil). Although my skin feels a little greasy, I dont think it will cause my skin to breakout. It is perfect hydration for overnight.

Youngblood: Mineral Primer
Infused with pure essential oils and vitamins to protect and hydrate skin. Use after cleansing to lock in moisture and after makeup application to set foundation.
Full size: 4oz ($41.00)
Size Received: .17oz($1.74)
So Ami had mentioned a primer, so here we go. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with evening skin tone though. But it is from a vegan and cruelty-free company, so I'll gladly take a sample. Im not sure how I feel about the primer being filled with oils. My skin is so sensitive that it may cause me to breakout. I tested it out on my hand and it is gel like and rubs on very soft, almost like a silicon-based primer (you know what I mean if you've tried them). My hands sort of felt a little oily afterwards, but who knows. I do have dry spots even though it is so humid where I live so maybe this would work to keep my moisturizer locked in all day long. We shall see.

Pixi: Endless Silky Eye Pen in No. 1 Black Noir
Long wearing, non-transfer, and waterproof eye pen gives the intense effect of a liquid liner but is much easier to apply.
Full size: .04oz ($14.00)
Size Received: .03oz($10.50)
Another clearly labeled cruelty-free company! I'm liking this trend. I had talked with Ami about never using liquid liner and being scared to even try it. But we had talked about brown to complement my fair skin. Alas, I got half of what I was told. I was a bit confused that the product is called a pen when it is clearly a soft pencil. But it sure is silky and glides on easily. It is intensely pigmented, although Im not sure it is quite equal to liquid liner. But application was easy, smooth, and solid. Only time will tell if it is smudge proof and waterproof as advertised.
eta: Used it today and it lasted all day! I watched a tearjerking Desperate Housewives episode and although  it did smudge a bit, you could barely tell.

Youngblood: Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder in Translucent
Whether skin's under the HD spotlight or regular daylight, help it look flawlessly airbrushed and naturally radiant with this sheer finishing powder!
Full size: .35oz ($40.00)
Size Received: .02oz ($2.29)
I've been curious about Hi-Def finishing powders for a few months. Lately, even with my MAC Fix + Finishing Spray my make-up looks a little cakey or just blah. Hi-Def powders are meant to set your makeup, diffuse imperfections, and mattify. What I also found out while researching the product is that it has both licorice root and menthol that will help calm and conceal redness! Ami sure is listening!! I love it! Although I love my MAC Fix+, the humidity means my skin is back to shine crazy in a few hours. This hopefully will keep my makeup matte and looking flawless! Im glad they sent me the translucent color (they also have a warm glow) I want a finishing powder that does not interfere with my just finished makeup. And from a teeny swatch on my hand over the eyeliner it does not interfere with the color at all. I'm really excited about this!
eta: I used this product today. It was a crazy, humid day, but not once did I have to blot my face for shine. Even though I felt like my face was going to melt off, it stayed put, and was shine free! I think we have a winner!

Verabella: Bella Rosa Calming Skin Crème
This Calming Skin Crème will calms irritated skin, reduce redness and restore elasticity to create a youthful, radiant complexion.
Full size: 1.7oz ($88.00)
Size Received: .2oz ($10.35)
Apparently Verabella is a popular Beverly Hills spa that only recently is selling their products to the general product. This company also prides themselves on using all natural and botanical-rich ingredients. The creme has Organic Damask Rose Oil that helps to reduce redness and soothe irritated skin. It is also beneficial for sun-damaged or aging skin. Plus, it also has jojoba oil that is rich in nourishing proteins to increase firmness and elasticity and reduce lines. Plus, aloe-vera, vitamin A, and E. Every single line of the website description seems to fit my needs. From all my boxes this month I have a lot of options and hopefuls to reduce my redness. If I can get rid of redness and reduce fine lines, I'll take it!
eta: It seems like this bad boy is working. It is a really light cream and has not caused me to break out and has removed almost all of my redness!

Ferro Cosmetics: Matte Mineral Veil in Amber
For dark or tanned skin tones. Mattifying mineral and clay mineral powder that's tinted for a shine free finish over makeup or used alone.
Full size: .14oz ($16.95)
Size Received: .02oz? ($2.42)
Ferro Cosmetics is a mineral makeup line that is 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the USA. This is another finishing powder that absorbs oil, sets makeup, and mattifies. Unfortunately for me this product is meant for darker skin tones... I have NC20 skin, Im fairer than fair. How did I end up with this product? I thought maybe I could use it for a warm glow, but it is just too dark for my skin. The finish is just no good on my skin either. Every flaw or hyperpigmented spot on my face was intensified. I'm for sure going to let them know that it's sort of ridiculous that I ended up with this product when my beauty profile clearly states I have light skin and I even told Ami my exact skin tone. But this is the only let down, so I'll survive.

Total Value of my March 2012 Sindulge box: $37.29
Not bad for something that cost me a penny! Plus, next month is free for me! I think Sindulge has a lot of feedback to take in and hopefully they will improve. For me to stay a member I would need to see: better customer relations, my entire box based off of my profile and preferences, and more intuitive website. What I do like is that all the brands they featured are well-known and reputable. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they are all cruelty-free and vegan friendly!

What did you think of my first Sindulge box? How does it compare to yours? Did your consultant listen to your concerns? Let me know in the comments below!
If you don't get Sindulge, click here to join!


  1. This seems like a nice concept. And for a penny I will definitely try it out! Thanks for posting the code and review, I am really enjoying your blog :)

    1. Isn't it. And I already have used three of the products this morning and loved them all (both Youngblood and the pixi). That's more than I can say for most of the other subscriptions I have. Like MyGlam, haven't used a single product from March yet! I may stick around if April is really good too!


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