Saturday, January 28, 2012

Silk by Zara Perfume

I was waiting in line at Zara to return a defective shirt. I don't shop too often at Zara. It seems to be a hit or miss, or the things I love are way too expensive. While waiting in line to return the shirt, I smelled all of their little perfumes, and holy crap did I love the smell of Silk. I looked at the box for a price and happy to see that it was on sale for $17 (normal price $25.90). I picked it up and couldn't be happier.

I tried finding information on the fragrance, but there seems to be no information on this perfume anywhere! I can only say that on my search someone compared it to Prada Infusion d'Iris, another person said it smelled like a rosy, light cousin of Chloe. I think it smells like a fresher and more sparkling Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret.

The main accords I can smell myself is a sparkling fruity top note, white peony, and white musk.
It is fresh while still smelling sexy and classic. Im very happy with my purchase. I think I would wear this at night or on a day I feel like being a bit more seductive.

Any girl on a budget that still wants to smell chic should check out Silk by Zara. Zara has many other budget friendly perfumes available as well!

You can buy this scent at any US Zara store. Have you smelled this before, own it? Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

GoGogirlfriend inquiry

So I sent GoGogirlfriend an inquiry tonight about when my next box will ship out... Last time I had a question about shipping my box was sent out that same week. Maybe it was coincidence, but maybe my annoyingness sped up my box.

But I wanted to share with you all the automated response I got from them.


Hello, thank you for emailing us our customer service is available M-F
8:00 - 6:00 P.M. PST. We will get back to you within 24 hours during
business work days with your question if other than sample box
shipping which is answered below.

If you are asking about your free membership sample box, we can assure
you that you will receive your samples. Your member home page will be
updated and a tracking confirmation will be sent to you when your
shipment is confirmed by USPS.  You will not be charged another
membership fee unless your samples have shipped.

We would like to give you a few details on our recent delays, it
certainly has been a challenging few months. We have had a few
vendors/sponsors that put us in a terrible position, by not fulfilling
their sample commitments on time, leaving us in a position of having
to scramble last minute for samples elsewhere.  Our fulfillment center
also was closed for 1 week, as well as USPS picking up and their
distribution centers not shipping as we thought.  We try to plan 3
months out and some issues are beyond our control, end of year has
been very difficult for us with non delivery by vendors until later
dates, etc.

We hope to be back on track very soon and trying to keep positive that
all will work out.  We truly appreciate your business, please be
assured we are working furiously to get everything flowing smooth
again.  We are doing everything possible to get the samples sent out.

Deeply appreciated, GGG Team :)

Please click here for more information:

Thank you! GoGogirlfriend Team

As of 2/17, I contacted my bank requesting a stop charge for any further Gogogirlfriend charges. And I also filed a dispute for the charge for my never received Jan 2012 sample box. My bank was horrified by their practices and felt I provided enough negative information to immediately credit my account. Many girls are having problems canceling and Gogo keeps saying you pay to be a member of the website and that the box is just a special perk, not what you pay for. I attempted to cancel, but I have yet to receive any confirmation of cancellation just the exact same automated response I received weeks before.

I am appalled and saddened that this company took advantage of all of us. Beauty boxes are my little pleasure to cure my headaches from school and work not create them. My advice to everyone who is having problems: do not give up, be proactive and keep an eye on your accounts attached to GGG, and contact your bank!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Healthy, but yummy breakfast

Today for some reason feels like a Sunday. I was lazy waking up and watched some tv before getting out of bed. (Hello, Miss Piggy on Project Runway!), and then decided to make brunch. Well my favorite brunch food has always been pancakes. My mom would make them every Sunday and even each dog would get their own (and boy did they drool for them).

So today was no exception. I decided to make Chocolate Covered Katie's Single Serving Banana Pancakes. I dont need to make 4 servings of pancakes for myself, or I'll eat them all in one setting. So I found her recipe a few months ago by just plugging into good ol google, 'vegan pancakes +single serve.' These are delicious, easy to make, and just enough to make me full. Today I added slices of apple to make them even more healthy and delicious. My pancakes with maple syrup were just a little under 400 calories, 2g fat, 5g protein, and 4g fiber.

I also had Gimme Lean Vegan Sausage patties. These things are the best invention ever. Ever. Two patties are only 60 calories, 0 fat, 7g protein, 3g fiber. You heard me. Maybe you are not vegan, but these bad boys are spectacular. They taste just like a nutty, smoked, maple sausage. I had my entire family try them and even my sister loved them. You can find Gimme Lean sausage in a tube at most local grocery stores in the produce section (as well Trader Joes and Whole Foods).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

MyGlam: January 2012

MyGlam in its second month has many 'Glammies' around the country excited for round two. I missed out on December's, but heard amazing things. Here we gooo.

Don't know what MyGlam is? MyGlam is a once a month beauty subscription service that delivers premium beauty samples to your door. The creator of MyGlam, Michelle Phan, is a YouTube beauty expert that wants to share her favorite items with the world. The bags are delivered in the cutest reusable beauty bags. Once you join you will take a beauty/preference quiz that will help the girls choose the best products for you. The products range from beauty, skincare, hair, body, nails, and more. Every month you should also expect to receive full-sized products. MyGlam costs $10 a month, and your bag will always be valued above!
Click here to join MyGlam.

January 2012, MyGlam Back To Nature Bag

The January bag is all about brands that are cruelty-free, organic, all-natural, and earthy. Even the bag is part of the theme! I wouldn't have figured out the theme if it wasn't stated on the card and bag because none of the products have any certifications or even organic products listed. I also noticed that two of the products are made my infommercial queen Guthy Renker (Wen and Sheer Cover). I was expecting more make-up products because the December bag was ALL make-up and amazing brands, which is why I was so excited for my bag. Hopefully the quality won't trickle away but get better with customer reviews. I did not like that none of the products were wrapped. I read someone's nail polish broke in-route and ruined all her products! MyGlam has some kinks to work out, but for a start out, they are on the right track.

Information Card:


Freeman: Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask in Cucumber
Nourish, hydrate, and replenish with these peel-off masks that leave skin with a gorgeous glow.
Full Size: 6 oz (they list for $8, found online for $3.99)
Size Received: Full-size! 6 oz ($3.99)
This product was given away on the Myglam facebook page a few weeks ago. Many people were upset that it was a product that you can buy at Walmart or CVS. I dont mind since I do buy a lot of my beauty and skin products at CVS. But what I don't like is that it is listed being worth $8, when even on the Freeman website is listed as $3.99. Not cool. But the value aside, the product is a full-size product which is awesome.  The product has a nice, pleasant smell. It is pretty much a gel that sets up onto your face. I've never tried a peel-off mask, so Im excited to try it. It would be cool if you can see the impurities trapped onto the gel. There is also a 16% off coupon for a kit of 3 different Freeman masks. 

Wen: Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner
A single-step hair cleansing conditioner made with natural ingredients. It won't strip hair and scalp of natural oils and leaves hair thick and hydrated.
Full Size: 16 oz ($36.00)
Size Received: 2 oz ($4.50)
Since I just received a leave-in conditioning treatment in my January Beauty Army box that Im already obsessed with, I may not try this one right away. It says it is a sweet almond smell, but all I smell is the leaf extract, which is like minty grass. On the back of the bottle it says that a little dab can be added after the treatment is washed away as a leave-in treatment. Which is nice since my hair tangles often. But I do have very thin hair and an oily scalp, so we shall see how it works with my hair type. Ill add my thoughts on it once I try it. There is also a $20 off coupon for the Wen Healthy Hair Care System included in the bag.

theBalm Cosmetics: Hot Ticket Nail Polish in Orange You Glad You're Not Blue
Long lasting, eye-popping shades to flatter and transform your fingers and toes.
Full Size: 0.5 oz ($10.00)
Size Received: Full-size! 0.5 oz ($10.00)
Although some websites sell this for $8-9 dollars, theBalm website sells for $10, so I'll leave the value at what was written on the card. The color I received is so bright! It is really fun. Great color for summer and just brightening my day in winter. And orange is my favorite color. How did you know MyGlam? I never actually wear orange nail polish, so now is the time to try it out. Working in retail means that nail polish does not last a day without chipping. I wonder how long this will last for me. We shall see and I'll report back. Im terrible at doing my nails and highly impatient. I already messed up my tester nail before I got my top coat on.

Sheer Cover: Duo Concealer in Light/Medium
A unique pigment and mineral complex that provides full coverage with a sheer, flawless finish.
Full Size: 0.10 oz ($29.00)
Size Received: Full-size! 0.10 oz ($29.00)
A bit confused with the weight. My info card says that the full-size product is 0.05 oz at $29, but it looks like that size is sold for ~$15 and the 0.10 oz that I received is sold for the ~$30 price. A mistake? Not sure. This was the product that I was most excited for since I wanted to try out contouring and highlighting my face. At first I thought the product seemed oily, but I blended it in with a little powder and it set in well. Looking at my left eye with my eye make-up taken off and my right with the added concealer, it does a really nice job. Im impressed! The light color was perfect for under my eyes and looks natural not orange-y. The darker color will probably work well for me once I get my summer tan on. Well zombie white to white. There is also a coupon for a $19.95 + s/h Sheer Cover Makeup Kit, which is sold on their website for $29.95. Who knows I may go for that offer since it includes: foundation, bronzer, duo concealer, primer, mascara, eyeshadow/lip gloss/blush kit, and 2 brushes. 

Total Value of my January 2012 bag:$47.49
Not bad, not bad. I'd be ecstatic at the value if MyGlam's FB and info card didn't lead you a bit off.

What did you think of my bag? What was your favorite product this month? If you dont get Myglam, click here to join! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Side note: I got a brand new camera. A Nikon S9100. I took photos for this review twice: one set with the new and one with my 5 year old Sony Cybershot DSC-W80. And over half the best photos used in this review were with my old camera! Even the photo of my face was blurry when I cropped into it with the Nikon, and it was double the MBs. How awful is that. A 5 year old camera out performs the new? New camera is being returned tomorrow morning. Back to the drawing boards. After another few hours of researching I ended up spending a major bit more and getting the Canon s95. I get it Monday and will use it once I get my GogoGirlfriend box. The last beauty kit for January.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The road to the half marathon begins...

Hello lovelies!

I have exciting news. I have officially registered for my first half marathon!
I will be running the 13.1 mile race on April 28th in Ocean City, Maryland.
The half marathon is called The Island 2 Island Half Marathon.
It seems like it will be a lot of fun, the half begins at the Ocean City boardwalk and wraps around back to the coast of Maryland then back onto Assateague Island National Seashore. The entire way will be close to the water and the race is almost all flat, which I appreciate since it is my first.

I really wanted to run the Rock n Roll Nashville half marathon that was the same weekend, but Nashville round trip plane ticket, transportation around town, hotel, the entry (almost 50 bucks more) would be too much. Maybe next year...

Im also slotted to run the March 17th Irish Sprint 10k that takes place in Quantico, VA. This 10k has a pot-o-gold at the end of the race. Really. I mean really! Every finishers gets a golden ticket that allows them to register for the 2012 Marine Corp's Marathon! Well its gold for runners. Last year all 30,000 spots for the MCM were sold within 28 hours! That is absolutely insane. But I'll have a guaranteed entry! No need to sit around clicking refresh 20x and rushing with my credit card that day registration opens up. Plus, it is the perfect time in my training schedule to run a 10k. All in all win-win.

Currently my body is super sore from my training session this Sunday. My trainer is building workouts that will get my body in tip top runner's shape. So it's well worth the pain and effort. Tomorrow Im going to a physician that is an expert in runner's health. I'm getting an all over check up to make sure I stay injury and pain free during my months of training.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Beauty Army: January 2012

Only 300 lovelies got a chance to be part of the inaugural month of Beauty Army. I set an alarm weeks in advance and here I am with my hands on the first ever Beauty Army kit.

Don't know what Beauty Army is? Beauty Army is a once a month beauty subscription service that delivers a GORGEOUS kit of premium beauty samples to your door. So how is it different from any of the other services out there? Well you get to CHOOSE your samples. Each month based on your preferences (long, thoughtful style quiz that can be changed at any time) you will receive 9 products to choose from. From those you get to pick 6. The products this month ranged from beauty, skincare, hair, body, and more. Some of the products you can choose from are full-size items. Beauty Army costs $12 a month, and your kit will always be valued way above!
Click here to join Beauty Army.

January 2012, Inaugural Kit #1
The box the kit comes in is absolutely gorgeous. I normally recycle all other subscription service boxes immediately, but this is large enough that I could use it as storage. Although, its sad that most likely every future month will get immediately thrown in the recycling for me, but I wonder how many people throw these straight in the trash.  One complaint before I move on, the tissue paper wrapping the products was not well wrapped. Half of my products had fallen out of the tissue and must have been slopping around during shipment. 

Information Card:


myface cosmetics: Blingtone Eyeshadow in Sp'ice'y
Create a wicked wash of colour and dramatic, wet-looking shine. Blingtone eyeshadows glide on smoothly and wont drop or flake.
Full Size: 0.09 oz ($20.00)
Size Received: Full-size! 0.09 oz ($20.00)
On the Beauty Army website I was a little hesitant choosing the eyeshadow because of the color. It was a bit too red/brown for my taste. But when I got it in my hands I absolutely adore it! The sparkle is out of control! When it hits the light it makes your entire face brighten up. I am actually wearing it right now. It did glide on great and didn't drop, but I have noticed that my lower eyes have some dusting of shimmer. I love that it looks like an average brown, but when it catches the light that gold pops like wow.

Joico: K-Pak Revitaluxe
A luxury hair treatment clinically proven to instantly correct years of damage. Hair becomes automatically stronger, softer, and more moisturized.
Full Size: 5.1 oz ($24.99)
Size Received: 1.7 oz ($8.33)
I have pretty thin hair and barely ever use more than a dot of conditioner, but my hair needs revitalization as much as the next gals. I tried this out in the shower after my run today. You let it sit for 3-5 minutes and right away when you are washing it out you can tell how much moisture it added. My hair feels softer and more pliable. And that was just one wash! Im going to use this product once a week. It feels like I just went to the salon. I wasn't the biggest fan of the smell, almost like organic smells + chemicals. But I dont really smell anything in my hair. 

LaRocca Skincare: Shield Multi-Active Lip Balm in Proseco
Nourishes and protects with amino acids and anti-microbials. This lip balm improves the look and feel of your lips and smells amazing!
Full Size: 0.27 oz ($15.00)
Size Received: Full-size! 0.27 oz ($15.00)
Just what I need for winter. My lips get so chapped and I just eat them up while Im standing around at work. This certified vegan, cruelty free, and made with 100% wind energy (that alone makes me love the company!) moisturizes deep! It is really nice and creamy and my lips feel extra soft, even after it wore off. The color is a nice sweet pink, a good color for day wear. Definitely happy with this, and it is my new lip balm. Plus it has SPF 8!

Shea Terra: Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Cleanser
Sourced from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, this black facial wash and mask has a true cult following. Working like microderbrasion to get rid of dead skin this face wash is said to make you look younger in minutes.
Full Size: 4 oz ($18.00)
Size Received: 1 oz ($4.50)
I was very intrigued by this product, I mean I've never heard of black soap before. The consistency surprised me, it is almost like molasses (and uh sort of smells like dirt...). But you can even see in the swatch photo that there are many textures that would exfoliate deeply. Im excited to try this product. It can be used as a cleanser or a mask. I may even try it just on my nose tonight to see if it'll get those darn pores clean! I'll report back on my discoveries. 

Boo Boo Cover-up: Cover-up in medium
Keep looking your best, even while you're healing with this unique formula that doubles as a concealer and healing treatment. Containing natural ingredients known to accelerate healing, this concealer will ensure no one will ever know about your "boo boo."
Full Size: 0.5 oz ($20.85)
Size Received: 0.1 oz ($4.17)
I almost gasped when I opened up the container and saw how little was in there. I didn't even want to waste any for a hand swatch. It looks like it is very creamy and thick, so a little will go a long way. I don't have any zits at the moment, but the minute I do, Im slapping this cover-up on. For a medium shade it is pretty light. I was scared it would be too dark, but I think medium may actually be my shade. 

Chella: Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit
The collagen in this eye mask lifts, firms, and smooths skin, hiding your tired eyes, fighting puffiness, and reducing dark circles. Wear this mask to make your skin glow like it would after a full night's sleep!
Full Size: 4 masks and 4 activators ($45.00)
Size Received: 1 mask and 1 activator ($11.25)
Being the biggest procrastinator in the world, I have lots of all-nighters. And my all-nighters do not mean Im in my bed by 5am, it means Im home by noon the next day. I know Ill get good use out of this kit. But Im going to be patient and wait until I look like death to use it. The activator gets poured on top of the masks and then once they are fully saturated you slap them under your eyes and leave for 20 minutes. Chella's website further explains that it also helps to reduce redness, hydrates skin, and stimulates collagen synthesis. I couldn't afford to buy this product on my own, but Im excited to see me turn from a zombie into a radiant in minutes. We shall see...

Total Value of my January 2012 kit:$63.25
Wowza!! Best valued kit I've ever received.

What did you think of my kit? What did you choose in your own? If you dont get Beauty Army, click here to join! Let me know in the comments below!

Marcy - Shoedazzle

As a vegan it is hard to find knee-high boots that don't look like they are made of latex for hookers or will fall apart in a minute. I have one pair of dark brown boots that I adore, but I saw these boots (Marcy, they are already sold out or Id give a link) on Shoedazzle this month and couldn't resist. I was pleasantly surprised with them. They were soft, didn't look cheap, and are completely lined. They fit like a charm and Im in love with them. They barely hit my knee, but such is life as a giant. Im on my way to the grocery store to test these babies out. 

eta: I noticed that the buckles on the back jingle a bit. Im going to add a piece of clear masking tape around the buckle bar to stop that from happening. I felt like I was gonna step out and sing Jingle Bells during a flash mob. But super comfortable, I have no doubt I can wear these all day long at work without inserts.

top: Gap
jeans: Gap
necklace: Jewelmint

What is Shoedazzle? Shoedazzle is a monthly shoe club. They also sell purses and jewelry. Everything is just $39.95. As of 3/29 Shoedazzle no longer charges you every month. No need to remember to skip the month, just pay when you purchase! Before the new month's shoes come out, Shoedazzle will ask you what you are looking for (sky-high heels, boots, open-toe, casual, fancy, etc). On the 1st of the month you can visit your showroom and see what they've prepared for you. If you don't like anything you can request a new selection or browse your friends showroom. What's even more exciting is that every 10 items you buy, you get a free credit to purchase whatever you want!
Interested in signing up, click here to take your style quiz and view your showroom!

Birchbox: January 2012

Coming home and finding my Birchbox delivered makes my good days brighter and turns a bad day right...

Don't know what Birchbox is? 
Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that delivers a little, heavenly box of premium beauty samples to your doorstep. Each month you will receive 4-5 samples (sometimes even full-size products) and generally a goodie (energy booster, granola bar, etc). The samples range from make-up, polishes, skincare, body, hair, and fragrances. Every month is a surprise, but the samples picked for you are based on a survey you fill out letting the gals know your style and skin-type. Birchbox costs just $10 a month, and your box will always be valued way above!
Click here to join Birchbox.

January 2012, Box #1
This month's box is all about clarity. A new year sets a new tone. The products included in the box were to help bring in 2012 with a fresh face and optimistic mood.

Information Cards:


VMV Hypoallergenics: Re-Everything: Face-Hand-Body Lotion
Simplify your skincare routine with this all-over lotion, which eliminates dryness on both face and body in one fell swoop.
Full Size: 6.3 oz ($45.00)
Size Received: 1 oz ($7.14)
My first thought on this product was the price, $45 for effing lotion!!  Even if I wasn't a student I couldn't justify spending that much on lotion. I use cetaphil moisturizing cream for my body and face and that is good enough for me. It is fragrance-free, which to me translates weird smell. It sort of smells like white clay. The lotion is really amazing, I will give it that. It soaks into your skin in seconds with little to no grease layer. My hands have felt moisturized for hours after putting it on. It says that it is an anti-aging product, so who knows. I may test it on my few teeny stress lines on my forehead. 

ORIGINS: Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash
What if your skin has dry patches and oily spots? Alleviate both concerns with this multi-tasking cleanser.
Full Size: 5 oz ($19.50)
Size Received: 1 oz ($3.90)
The given description feels like it was written for me. Annoyingly my nose gets both gross blackheads and dry and flaky. I can't win! I try and remedy the acne and end up with blotchy, red, skin. Im not sure Id call it a frothy face wash. But it smelled nice (slight mint creme) and it left my skin feeling nice and soft. 

stila: Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Peacock
It's time to put down the black eyeliner. This colorful pigment makes eyes stand out and stays put for hours.
Full Size: .01 oz ($20.00)
Size Received: Full-size! .01oz ($20.00)
I've never ever worn any pigmented eyeliner. I've always worn black and that was that. The color is absolutely gorgeous, from my test swatch it really is smudge proof and waterproof. Having blue eyes I think this eye liner will just make my eyes pop and definitely be a little more fun than a normal black. This is my favorite item in this month's box. So glad I got the peacock.

Juicy Couture: Viva La Juicy
This scent will bring out your inner girly girl. Wild berries flirt with mandarin and soft floral notes to create a fragrance that's fun and happy.
Full Size: 1.7oz EDP ($69.00)
Size Received: .05oz EDP (~$2.03)
I would never enter a store and rush over to try this perfume. Although I love floral scents (I own Marc Jacobs Daisy, Daisy Lola, etc) the top notes were not so lovely. But after it warmed up on my skin it was a very nice, soft, and sweet scent. But nothing too special. I did like the hints of jasmine and amber. It was kind of a softer/younger version of Victoria Secret's Angel (guessing the amber). But I like the VS scent better because it packs a bigger punch and is a little more vivacious. This vile won't go to waste though, I'll definitely use it up on days where Im just running errands or am going to class.

Larabar: mini bar in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
You won't find anything artificial filters in these natural bars: just dried fruit, nuts, and other wholesome ingredients. They're as tasty as they are healthy.
Full Size: 1 full sized bar, 1.6oz ($1.60)
Size Received: 1 mini sized bar, 0.78oz (~$0.78)
I havent been the biggest fan of Larabar's over the year. I hate the cherry flavor, very dry, you taste just the dates, and the organic granola-y of it. But there are some flavors that I love, including the sample that I received. The chocolate chips melted in your mouth, the dough flavor was probably the cashews. Either way it was delicious. 

Do I buy these regularly? Not at all. You ask why? The lack of fiber. When I need fast energy I need at least 10g of fiber. I have to say I like Clif Bars a lot more. 

Birchbox Magnet
No description listed
There was no description or even mention that this was part of the box, which was kind of a nice surprise. It's a flimsy magnet, but it was able to hold up this cute little card I got in the mail today.

Total Value of my January 2012 box:$34.12

What did you think of my box? How did it compare to yours? If you dont get Birchbox, click here to join! Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, January 13, 2012

About Moi!

Hello new friends!
Before I start posting I want to let you all know a bit about myself.
This is not my first blog, I had a vegan food blog for two years. I stopped writing because it was hard to keep up and I currently dont have time to make beautiful meals worth posting.

So here it goes

-My name is Sarah.
-I am 23. I live in Washington, DC.
-I am a graduate student studying forensic sciences. I graduate May 2012. Im ready to finish school and work full-time.
-I work in retail. I work for Gap. I have a love/hate relationship with my job.
-I am vegan. I love animals and have been some form of a vegetarian for the last 12 years (vegan for the last 4).
-I am a runner. I ran cross country in high school, but barely ran 10mi total during my undergraduate career. DC's scenic paths have revived my love for the sport and Im currently training for my first half marathon.
-I love traveling. I have studied abroad in Brazil (1 year in high school through Rotary International) and India (2 mos in college). Asides from Denmark and Sweden I have not traveled Europe. Although, I have always pictured myself moving to France. I still see that happening one day. Hopefully...
-I love fashion. I love reading fashion blogs. I wish I could completely throw out my wardrobe and start fresh. I tend to hold onto pieces far too long and have way too much. I also wish I was more innovative with my style.
-I ADORE shoes. I may like shoes more than clothing. The downside is that as a vegan I sometimes can only drool over gorgeous leather shoes. I have turned to services like Shoedazzle and Sole Society.
-Jewelry is another one of my loves. I generally am always wearing a necklace and a few rings or bangles. I tend to buy F21 and Jewelmint costume jewelry, but every so often I want to splurge and walk into a Tiffany's.

The meaning behind the name

joie de vi·vre (ʒwa də vivʁ)
literal meaning: joy of life
a French phrase used in English language to delight in being alive; ebullience.

My blog title comes from the phrase joie de vivre; My joys of life. I am here to post snippets into the little joys of my life. May it be reviewing a new beauty product, showing off my new Shoedazzle purchase, an update on my job hunt, my progress towards my half marathon, a yummy recipe, etc. I am here to share my joys of life. However tiny they may be; they are what make me smile at the end of the day.

Welcome to my world.

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