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Review: blinc mascara

I'm a night owl and a procrastinator. Put the two together and you can imagine that I have many sleepless nights. Ever since undergrad I have dreamed of a truly waterproof, smudge-proof mascara that I could wear  on crazy study days and flop right into bed. I know, no need to lecture me about how you should always take off your face and how quick it would be to remove my makeup; some days I could barely walk back to my dorm without falling asleep. But even if I did take the time to remove it I'd still end up with some sort of mascara raccoon eyes.

Fast forward to my August 2011 Birchbox, well technically rewind. I received a little sample of blinc mascara. Birchbox told me that 'this game-changing mascara encases your lashes in a thin tube of water-resistant formula that won't smudge, smear, or run. Thanks to Birchbox, my life changed that day (and end dramatic corniness).


after (2 coats to top and bottom lashes)

blinc Mascara (black)
blinc (formerly known as Kiss Me) is the original acrylic mascara that surrounds your lashes with water and budge proof mascara tubes. Most mascaras paint the lashes and when made wet will reform into their original liquid, whereas blinc solidifies and cannot be chemically reversed back to a liquid. This means that they are not only water-proof but they cannot run, smudge, clump, or flake. Even if you cry or rub your eyes. The only way to get them off is with BOTH water and gentle rubbing, not either or. 

Can you believe a mascara does all of that? I couldn't. But I am now a believer! Every single thing they claim actually is true.  I can wear this stuff for hours and hours and it does not budge or smudge. The only time I have ever had my makeup smudge was when I go to the chiropractor and my eyes tear just slightly while Im laying face down. I can cry all I want and no issues with mascara running. I can rub my allergy ridden eyes without smudge. And even if I accidentally fall asleep with my makeup on, I no longer am plagued by raccoon eyes. Plus, the mascara does not weigh down my eyelashes. Most mascaras feel awful to me because they make my heavy lashes droop enough to alter my vision/blinking.  Not blinc, I have no issues with any drooping. The mascara is also a perfect choice for anyone with sensitive eyes. Most mascaras will flake off into eyes or penetrate into the skin and irritate the eye and skin, but blinc will not flake into my eyes nor smudge on my glasses. 

There is definitely a learning curve for applying blinc. Obviously you use the same application method. The major difference is that blinc is a bit more liquid-y than other mascaras. At first I would accidentally get it all of my eye. But what is great, if you do make a mistake, don't try and rub it off, wait for it to fully dry and you can just dab a damp q-tip at the spot and not ruin all your makeup. Another difference is the time frame. You have to beat the clock before the liquid dries into tubes; once the tubes form it will be set and you cannot build anymore. You have two minutes to apply coats until you are happy with the volume and length. I generally only need two coats for daily wear. I will apply the first layer for both eyes and go back and finish the second.

I really do love the brush. It seems somewhat common, but the shape is almost like a ellipsed figure 8. This shape makes it really easy to apply to the bottom lashes without having to worry about gunking it on or accidentally getting it everywhere. This is the first mascara that I have ever felt comfortable applying to my bottom lashes. I never realized how long my bottom lashes were since most of them are bleach blonde. The only problem I have with the brush is that sometimes it is hard to separate out lashes effectively. But that is what a comb is for.

If you plan on curling your eyelashes, I'd recommend curling BEFORE you apply your mascara. The tubes will form around the shape of your eyelash, if you wait the tube will not want to curl much. But if you curl first, the tube will form around the contoured lash. It is a bonus because it acts like a cast on your lash keeping your curl longer.

Because the tubes are added around your lash, it will always add length and volume. I think the volume and length that I've been able to achieve is great for my daytime looks, but lacks for a night-time dramatic look. I mean in the before and after you can clearly see that my lashes are thicker and longer. But, if I want more drama I can use a dramatic normal mascara and then apply blinc over it. That way my look will be sealed with the smudge-free, waterproof benefits of blinc.

My only real issues with the mascara is that it seems like the product gets thicker and goopier as it ages. When I'm halfway done with the bottle I find that I do have some issues with clumps. I'm normally able to get them cleaned up and out by using a comb or a dry q-tip to pick up excess. And you have to be very careful with keeping the rim of the container clean of the mascara. If you do get the rim dirty, the dried mascara will act like glue and cause the rubber stopper to glue itself to the top of the wand. It happened to me once and it looked like my mascara blew up. But, the next day it unglued itself and I didnt have any trouble again.

Blinc mascara retails for $24 and is available in 6 shades. Take a look at the blinc website at:

The bottom line: Waterproof, Smudge proof,  Comes off only when you decide, Doesn't weigh lashes down, Decent lengthening for a great daytime look, Some issue with clumping if too much mascara on brush, Have to remember to curl before you apply, Have to be careful with mascara getting on rim of bottle. 4.5/5

Have you tried blinc mascara? What do you think of the acrylic tube technology? Has it replaced your old mascara? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I love your eyeliner! SO pretty :) awesome review.

    1. Thanks! Im using the eyeshadow Long Distance from the Kat Von D True Romance Palette Truth ( Just used an eyeliner brush with some fixing spray and two coats of the shadow.

      And if anyone else is wondering my all over eyeshadow is thebalm's Mary Lou-minizer.


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