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Beauty Box 5: March 2012

Finally received my second Beauty Box 5. It took longer than most for me to receive my box. They ship UPS MI, but didn't send out tracking numbers which is silly since there is a tracking number right on my package. I was anxious once everyone else I know had already received their box. But here it is! My last box of the month.

Don't know what Beauty Box 5 is? 
Beauty Box 5 is a month beauty subscription service that delivers a cute Tiffany blue box of premium beauty samples to your doorstep. Each month you will receive  4-5 packet samples, deluxe samples, and a full-sized product. Brands are expected to vary from luxury high-end, department store brands, and anything in-between. The samples chosen are based off of a short profile, but it looks like the first few months all products will be the same. Beauty Box 5 costs $12 a month and your box will always be valued above!
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March 2012
Still no description card for the products and the facebook page was very sparse with any updates. I don't like when companies reveal products, but some conversation on favorite brands or product types would be nice. And I hate not having a product information card, why did you choose this product? Why is it special enough for me to want to try and buy it?

I still really like the presentation. I don't have a need for reusable boxes. Less waste, the better! And the boxes still are adorable.

Information Card:

Freeman Beauty: Facial Anti-Stress Mask
Indulge yourself with the Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask. Enhanced with natural minerals, it instantly absorbs excess oil while deep cleaning pores.
Full Size: 6oz ($3.99)
Size Received: 0.5oz ($0.34)
Oh boy, another Freeman product. I haven't tried the hydrate mask that I got last month in my MyGlam yet, but this is a mask that is more geared towards my skin type. Ever since I went on accutane the only acne issues I have are T-zone blackheads. Nothing I've tried seems to work, maybe because Im so stressed out all the time? This mask is formulated with Dead Sea Minerals to absorb oil and purge pores. You are left with smooth and radiant skin. So I'll am really excited to try this product and will be trying it in a few days. Although I heard that it is bright blue, and I look on the back and they put in Blue 1! Why? There is no need for this synthetic dye. Hopefully it doesn't irritate my skin. If it doesn't, it is so cheap that I'd buy the full-size. The sample is enough for 2-3 masks. 

Becca: Eye Tint in Vicuna
Take your artistry to a bold new level with Becca's long-lasting eye tint. It goes on smoothly as a creme and sets as a powder, letting you layer it under powder eye colors and loose pigments for even greater intensity.
Full Size: 0.24oz ($24.00)
Size Received: Full-size! 0.24oz ($24.00)
This eye tint is waterproof, streak-free, and crease-resistant. It is a cream that dries as a 'powder.' Even after it has a really weird texture. I can feel the difference in texture from my non-swatched skin. It made my skin almost rubbery. The color Vicuna leaves the bottle as a golden-champagne, but once you rub it around it looses a lot of its pigmentation and is extremely sheer. The website describes Vicuna as opal, which I don't see. I tried dabbing it on and that worked better to keep some color. The good thing about this is that the shimmer is very fine, so it looks nice. No matter if I liked this product I just read the ingredients and realized that it has Carmine, which is ground up beetles. The box says may contain carmine, but the website says they for sure have it. I'm not taking chances and will be trading this. 

True Natural: Advance Lift & Firm Serum
Give your skin back its naturally youthful glow! True Natural Spa's Advanced Lift & Firm Serum restores suppleness and moisturizes with all-natural ingredients.
Full Size: 0.5oz ($69.00)
Size Received: 0.14oz ($19.32)
At first I was disappointed that I didn't receive the vegan, brown eyeliner as some other gals got, but this vegan serum is fine by me. True Natural's products are free from harmful chemical ingredients and filled with organic ingredients. The serum is an ultra-concentrated anti-aging serum that uses 10% bio-hyaluronic acid, pomengranate, and ferulic acid to reduce fine lines, snap skin back to smooth, and has antioxidant skin protection. It is save for all skin types and is moisturizing as well. I tried this tonight and could really feel it firming, or at least it made my skin taut, and my skin is super soft. It does smell weird though. Like a combination of granola hippy/lavender/dog treats. I can't explain it, but the natural ingredients and lavender smells awful together. I could only smell it while applying, so I'll survive. I'm going to try this out once a day for a week or two and see how it does. Who wouldn't mind more radiant, refreshed?

Pur-lisse: pur-delicate
Give your skin a fresh start every day with pūr~delicate from pūr~lisse. Their special blend of soy milk, soy proteins, white tea and whole oat leaves your skin caressably smooth without removing natural oils.
Full Size: 5.6oz ($36.00)
Size Received: 1.7oz ($10.93)
This cleanser and makeup remover is a blend of soy milk, soy proteins, white tea, and who oat soothes skin while removing dirt and makeup. I only recently heard of milk cleansers. I got to try out the Vichy 3-in-1 milk cleanser and loved that it was water free. I kind of assumed that all milk cleansers would not require water, but the packaging of the pur-delicate says to apply to damp skin and wash off with warm water. Darn. I'm lazy. And at least I admit it. It says that it will even remove mascara, but I did not have any luck getting my eyeliner off. Other than that my skin felt smooth, soft, and felt clean. The website says if you've got stubborn makeup to let it sit for a minute. Plus, you can use this as a mask (10mins) to protect and smooth skin. This is a very generous sample size and I'll definitely use it until it is gone.

Lavera: Mango Milk Hair Repair Treatment
With Mango Milk Hair Repair from Lavera, you'll receive a natural deep conditioning treatment, even with color-treated hair!
Full Size: 4.1oz ($16.00)
Size Received: 0.8oz ($3.12)
Mhmm, mangos. I can just imagine what this smells like! This repair treatment has jojoba, avocado, and soybean oils that protect your hair. Mango and green tea extracts protect hair from damage and oxidants. And cocoa and shea butter lock in moisture. This is technically for color treated hair, but I may still try it out since I love mangos. Either way my hair is guaranteed to be shiny and smooth. Since I have such thin hair this sample would last me a looong time, maybe 8-10 treatments. 

Total Value of my March 2012 Beauty Box 5 Box: $57.71
Even no being able to use the Becca Eye Tint, this is a great valued box. I'm excited about many of the products and already have used some of them! I plan on staying with BB5 for one more month before I make a decision. For now I would say that BB5 is moving forward and up. I wish they would give me a better idea of who they are. I really have no idea who started the company, why, and what their true mission is. I would love to have a more active facebook page, information card on the products, and tracking numbers. If they take care of all the little odds and ends, I think they have a great future.

What did you think of my March Beauty Box 5? What did you get in your box? Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know in the comments below!

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