Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: NYX soft matte lip cream

I have never used any NYX products in the past, but after seeing their name here and there over the past few months I decided to try a few different products. First, I chose the soft matte lip cream because I found a coupon for 50% off each bought on the NYX website. Surprisingly it was a coupon from the MyGlam Dec bag (although the coupon officially has expired, boo). Many shades many enticed me but I didn't want to buy too many colors since I wasn't sure how well the product would work. So I went to both extremes: neutral (Stockholm) and bright (Amsterdam). 

The many times I have tried to take just lip photos, my lips look funny, uneven, and I figured for lips I will just do a complete head shot. Hello world!

NYX soft matte lip cream in Amsterdam:

NYX soft matte lip cream in Stockholm:

NYX soft matte lip creams are just that...a cream. There is really no way else to describe them. NYX sells 11 colors varying from bright reds, to bright pinks, and many neutrals in between. I had the hardest time deciding what colors to get, so I decided to go for a sexy red (Amsterdam) and a neutral color that I figured would match my skin (Stockholm). The other shades are also named after major cities around the globe. 

They glide on like a lip gloss but thankfully are not sticky. The color is nice and pigmented; I only applied one coat of Amsterdam to achieve the look I wanted and two of Stockholm. What really suprised me when I opened up the bottle was the smell. They are SCENTED, although they smell good I dont want to salivate from the smell of my lip product. Like a vanilla latte or cake batter. The cream applies like butter but will slowly set, maybe took around 5 minutes for the cream to feel completely dry. Thankfully, the smell disappears as they set.  Once the color sets they are matte.

NYX states that the creams are highly durable and moisturizing, so what is my verdict? I found that Amsterdam wore off in just a few hours, well it turned into a softer, bright stain on my lips. But if I put gloss over it, the color would transfer to my gloss brush. Stockholm had very long lasting wear, but the color was so minimal to begin with. I tend to have problems with massive loss of color from saliva, which I think is beyond hideous, but color wears off mostly evenly. I dont look a mess a few hours later, just a little more refined. Now were the soft matte lip cream's moisturizing. Not really? My lips felt dry and looked dry. I'd recommend putting on a thick coating of lip moisturizer before applying. Or add a layer of gloss on top to keep them moisturized while you are wearing (but that defeats the whole matte thing, eh?). 

Color-wise I was very disappointed with Stockholm, the photo from the website does not match the product swatch at all. My swatch is obviously very pink toned, whereas the website shows Stockholm being more yellow. I wanted a color to make my lips almost concealer-like, but this almost matches my lip color perfectly. Amsterdam is pretty much what I expected, just a little brighter. I'm hesitant to try other shades if the website swatches are off for other colors.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream's retail for $6.00 and are available in 11 colors. Take a look at the shades at:

The bottom line: Cheap, Pigmented matte color, Acceptable wear, but somewhat drying. 3/5

Have you tried NYX soft matte lip creams before? What do you think about them? What is your favorite shade? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I can only wear it with a gloss over it or it will wear out quickly giving me that aging lipstick rim pattern, yuck!

  2. I think the Stockholm looks perfect on you! I know you didn't love it, but I think it looks stunning! I'm going to buy it right now just because of your review! As for Amsterdam, I'm still undecided. I'm still not sure if I'm ready for red lips yet. Baby steps...

    1. Aw thank you Katy!! I may have to give Stockholm another spin! I love how cheap these creams are!
      As for the bright lips, I didnt think I was ready either. But I love how they pop against my skin! I started light and finally dared for colors like Amsterdam, now Im rocking dark plums for winter! You should go for it!


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