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Review: Kat Von D True Romance Eye Palette in Truth

I have to admit, I am not a fan of Kat Von D. As in the person. What I've seen of her on tv she seems whiny and somewhat an attention and drama whore. Plus, Im a Sandra Bullock lover and anybody who associates with Jesse James these days is not high in my book.

I never thought of buying her make-up line due to my opinions of her. Why fatten her wallet? But my friend found this palette in the sale bins at our local Sephora for only $15. Hells yes! We both picked up the last palettes. My packaging was all ripped up, but the shadows were not touched, so I grabbed this baby right up.

Kat Von D True Romance Eye Palette in Truth

*I apologize the swatches or flipped from what the case shows. I'll make sure in the future that this doesn't happen. I would fix it but I already merged all the text layers to the only photos I have of the swatches. My bad.

Kat Von D is a Sephora Exclusive collection of deluxe beauty products created by the tattoo artist. From what I could find this palette collection was inspired by unlocking the forbidden, opening up the soul, and refining beauty. Which is why the packaging has key graphics. I really like the palette packaging. It feels solid, has a sold locking clasp, and it is a reasonable size. I could easily travel with this or slip it into my purse and not have to worry about shadow seeping out. The palette comes with two double-ended applicator brushes that really seem useless to me. I used one for one of the swatch colors just because I didn't want that cream all over my new eyeshadow brush. 

Truth includes 8 eyeshadow colors:
      -Sugar Skull: shimmer vanilla
      -Long Distance: shimmer citron
      -Snake Eyes: semi-shimmer lime
      -Finland: shimmer aqua gold cream
      -Prague: silky deep plum
      -Galeano: shimmer pale lilac
      -Rehab: shimmer golden tan
      -Sister: matte peach

The first set of swatches were taken with dry application over Sephora Collection Perfecting Primer. The second set of swatches were taken with wet application (using MAC Fix+ on brush) over Sephora Collection Perfecting Primer.

The colors themselves are all quite lovely. These colors allow you to have a sweet, natural day look or a dark, smokey sexy night look or a bright and vibrant, playful look. Lots of versatility. I've found a purpose for all of the purple shades. Sister makes a great all-over base for color, I love using rehab over my underbrow region, Galeano in my crease and outer lid, and Prague makes for a perfect liner. I've always stuck to purples, browns, and metallics so the additions of the green shades is difficult, but Im finding ways. I used Snake Eyes has a lower lash liner to add a nice contrast and brightness against my darker lids. And Long Distance looks great in the crease line with gold shades on the lids and Sugar Skull has a highlighter.  But I can tell you now my top three are: Prague, Galeano, and Snake Eyes.

The majority of the colors are highly pigmented (excluding: Sugar Skull, Finland, and Sister). It takes a single swipe of Prague to line both of my eyes. I couldn't believe how much color swiped onto my lids, even without primer the color payoff is incredible. Although Sugar Skull and Sister are not as pigmented, you sort of want to be able to build on your base and highlighter. It makes them more versatile. You would think that the shades would have a creamy, thick formula to have such great color payoff; but unfortunately, the shadows are really crumbly and not well-pressed. I feel like however long this palette should last will be cut in half since each brush sweep wastes so much shadow. It is best to apply the shades with a wet brush to help reduce the amount of flaking and to ensure they don't get all over your face while applying. Sister and Prague are the only colors that apply/change consistencies when applied wet. Prague becomes like a water-based paint, very silky smooth, exact lines. Sister becomes clumpy and cakey. I find the wear is pretty fantastic. I don't feel it fades, creases, or smudges! Even Snake Eyes, the light lime lasted all day.

One of the most gorgeous colors in the palette is the aqua/gold shade, Finland. Sadly, it is a complete piece of crap! The cream is dry, hard as a rock, feels waxy, and applies uneven and clumpy and is sheer. It took maybe 10-15 layers to get the swatches. And it never ended up looking even. It is sad since this is such a pretty color. I'll probably still try and use it because I love the color so much. But, I'd have to have time to apply this color. I wish it wasn't cream based and was the same formula as the others.

This exact palette is no longer available on the Sephora website, but you can find it available on ebay. The original price for this palette was $34, but I paid $15.

If you are interested in trying a Kat Von D True Romance eye palette they are available exclusively at Sephora. Take a look at the current Kat Von D collection at

The bottom line: Solid packaging, Pretty, versatile colors, Highly pigmented shades, Amazing wear. But flaky and crumbly, plus the cream shadow's formula is terrible.  3.5/5

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