Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review: Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil

As a kid I had bushy, uneven, and sparsely spaced eyebrows. Gorgeous, eh? I was very conscious of them and started tweezing once I knew I could. But I realized that tweezing any of my brows made me look like I had no eyebrows, even more gorgeous. I randomly was walking around a Sephora 6 years ago and the sales associate asked me if she would let me do my brows. Embarrassing, you bet. But I got a great consult and help on using a brow pencil to fake the brows I'd never have.

Just yesterday I ran out of my beloved LORAC creamy brown pencil that I got on that visit. It lasted 6 years (2 years of using it every day), pretty amazing. The color I got originally was when my hair was bleach blonde, so I figured I'd try a new shade at the store to determine if I should really stay with it. I went to 5 different Sephoras in 3 different states and none of the stores I went to carried LORAC! It looks like only a store at the mega-giant mall in the suburbs carries the line. Since I was desperate this weekend I decided to try a new brand, Anastasia.

Anastasia has sooo many brow products. They have pencils, inked pens, cream sticks, powders, eyebrow stenciles, etc. I decided to stick with a pencil. Unfortunately the store I went to was not very helpful, they said they couldn't do a consult for the particular product and would not make a new Blonde colored tester for me even though they didn't have one out. Boo. So trying to decide to go with Blonde or Stawburn was a headache. The Blonde looked too ashy for me, and my hair is really a dark blonde with gold. So Im stuck in between blonde and brunette. I ended up choosing the Stawburn since it was similar to the color I already had, a little red tint to the brown coloring that would help to bring out the gold in my hair.  Anyways, here is my review and swatches of Anastasia's Perfect Brow Pencil.

Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil (Strawburn)

Before and after application:

First, I want to apologize for such terrible swatches. The lightening was so blue! I had to do all sorts of Photoshop fun to get the color back to what it really looks like. But I figure that is what is important, not how perfect the photo looks. Glad we agree. Moving on...

Anastasia's Perfect Brow Pencil has a silk smooth formula. It is so creamy and smooth that it can be used on wet or dry skin. And so creamy that you don't need to apply it very hard. I apply the pencil, with light strokes starting at the inner eye and move outward. You want to follow the natural direction of the hair growth. Then I fill in a bit more where I need it and perfect the edges. As you can see this product lives up to its claims. It fills in, still looks natural, and it took me only seconds to apply. It makes a HUGE difference to me. I feel more confident, and it brightens and enlarges my eyes!

I think the color is nice. It is the perfect shade for any dirty blonde. I love that it brings out my golden/red highlights and helps to keep my hair from looking muddy. If you are in-between shades you can buy two different colors and blend them. If I had the money I'd definitely buy the Blonde shade to add some highlights. Buut Im not that picky, and I think I picked the perfect color.

The pencil's brow brush feels amazing. It is stiff enough that it will really work well to help blend and shape your brows. Plus, both ends have metal caps to cover the brush and pencil when they are not in use. Perfect if you are putting this in your make-up bag for travel.

I kind of think that the lack of LORAC in stores may have been a blessing. I think I like this pencil better! I use less pressure using the Anastasia pencil than I did with the LORAC. Maybe this bad boy will last me even longer! I'm very happy with my purchase.

Anastasia's Perfect Brow Pencils retail for $22 and are available in 6 shades. Take a look at the shades at:

The bottom line: Amazingly smooth application, natural look without much blending, great color that blends with natural hair, all-day long wear. In other words, it is way worth the $22 price tag! 5/5

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