Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Running Shoes!

My new running shoes are here!!! Mizuno Wave Riders 15!!! They were on backorder since this color is so new. I couldn't resist since orange and blue are my favorite colors. They look sweet and feel amazing. I cannot wait to run in these babies tomorrow after my exam. 

Why did I get new running shoes? Well I bought a new pair in December (Brooks Ravenna 2s), have probably run 100-150 miles with them, but since the beginning of Jan the tops of my feet right above my arch (running along my first metatarsal) felt bruised. It felt like it could have been a stress fracture, but is very uncommon to get stress fractures in both feet in the same position at the same time. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, but I finally realized it was my shoes! I was sold a pair of stability shoes, when I need neutral shoes. So all the extra stability was causing my feet to freak out. No good, I could have gotten seriously injured. 

I bought my new shoes from They have a 60-day Perfect Fit Return Policy. No matter the condition of the shoe, no matter how many miles you've run, they will take them back if they are not the perfect fit. No questions asked. Plus, if you are a VIP member it is a 90-day return period. You don't get a refund, but you get to select a different pair! I wish I had bought with them initially, because I wouldn't be stuck with a $100 shoe, nor had to shell out another $100.

I'll do a post sometime in the future about choosing the right running shoe, but for now I just cannot wait to get into my new Mizuno Wave Riders 15. 

This is my first official week of half marathon training. Now it will be extra amazing. Run, run, run!


  1. These are seriously awesome! I need to start running, since I only weightlift at the moment and I really should get some cardio in there. How do you like these shoes?

    1. These work well for me, but I wouldnt recommend any running shoe to anyone else. There are so many different types of running shoes and all of them are specific to a certain running gait. The best way to buy a pair of running shoes is to go to the experts, a real running store (not like sports authority). The real running store will only sell running shoes and will do an in-store gait analysis. That way you get fit with what type of shoe you should be looking for.

      The running store wont pressure you to buy. And you could always buy online to get a better price or better return policy. But this way you at least know what type of running shoe to wear.


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