Monday, February 27, 2012

Amy's Kitchen Proof of Purchase Program

Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder! Amy's Kitchen, the beloved vegetarian quick-meal brand, gives you prizes for holding onto their proof of purchases. And I do mean prizes, I feel like a kid at an arcade turning in my tickets for candy. All you have to do is mail your proof of purchases and indicate what gift you would like.

The gifts range from 5 POP to 125 POP. Item's include stickers, bamboo gardening gloves, meal tote, stainless teel bottle, pedometer, tees, apron, and even a hooded sweatshirt. I actually saved up for the Handled Amy's Soup Bowl (pictured on the left)! I cannot wait to get it!

Plus, If you are feeling charitable Amy's will donate $100 worth of Amy's food to your local hunger coalition for 250 POP!

Not all proof of purchases are equal. Burritos, soups, beans, chili, and salsa need to 2 proof of purchases for the value of 1 POP. But that makes sense since they are cheaper products.

Take a look at the Amy's Kitchen Proof of Purchase website for all the gifts and how many POP are required.

If you haven't ever tried any Amy's product, you best go get on that! Amy's serves up natural, and mainly organic and fully vegetarian meals and products (plus, many vegan or gluten-free options). Some of my favorites are their burritos, roasted vegetable pizza, their pot pies, vegan mac and cheese, and their black bean enchiladas. num, num! They may be more expensive than the other frozen food companies. But the company cares about your health and what ingredients they put into the food. And if you try their products, don't forget to save the POP!!


  1. I ate soo much stuff from Amy's Kitchen bc I could use my mealpoints on them. If only I had known lol

    1. Isn't all their food sooo goo!? I had no idea that soup or anything without a real POP can be used towards the points if you cut out the UPC label. Just think what you'll get when you start saving them ;)

      I can't wait to get my mug! I eat the No Chikn Noodle Soup a few times a week at least!


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