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Beauty Box 5: February 2012

I first heard about Beauty Box 5 from, a blog that I absolutely love reading. Eugenia had posted a code for buy one get one month free and I could not resist! I know, I know I have absolute no willpower.
This is Beauty Box 5's first month. They've kept their box pretty mysterious with very few photos or details on what brands they will host. What I do love is that they stated that there will always be one full-sized product in each box. I guess only time will tell.

Don't know what Beauty Box 5 is? 
Beauty Box 5 is a month beauty subscription service that delivers a cute Tiffany blue box of premium beauty samples to your doorstep. Each month you will receive  4-5 packet samples, deluxe samples, and a full-sized product. Brands are expected to vary from luxury high-end, department store brands, and anything in-between. The samples chosen are based off of a short profile, but it looks like the first few months all products will be the same. Beauty Box 5 costs $12 a month and your box will always be valued above!
Click here to join Beauty Box 5

February 2012, Inaugural Box
There was a cute little thank you note in the box, but no description of products or any note from the company. I never really realized how much I appreciate the information card. Beauty Army doesn't provide a product card either, but I hand selected my samples so I know what Im getting. They do have product blurbs listed online under the 'Brands' page.

Included Card:

Comodynes: Self-Tanning Towelette in natural and uniform color
Practice safe sun and get a natural healthy looking tan with Comodynes Self Tanning Towelettes. For best results, exfoliate the day before application to remove dead skin cells to ensure an even luxurious glow.
Full Size: 8 towelettes ($14.99)
Size Received: 1 towelette ($1.88)
I received this sample in my December GogoGirlfriend box. I didn't use it when I got it since there seemed to be no point since I was in cold Chicago and was covered head-to-toe. Once I can start wearing dresses this spring I'm going to try this one out. The company claims that the towel provides a natural and uniform tan in 3 hours. Plus it is non-streaking and is moisturizing. And the tan tone adapts to your skin tone (apparently). I've never used a self-tanner before. But this towelette seems foolproof that I may actually try it. Plus it has really good reviews online. 

PRITI NYC: Soy Nail Polish Remover Wipe
With on-the-go busy lifestyles, keeping up with beautiful nails can be challenging. This nail polish remover wipe saves time, space, and energy allowing you to keep up with the occasional nail polish chip. For emergency situations be sure to leave wipes handy in you car, purse, office and anywhere in between.
Full Size: 10 wipes ($10.00)
Size Received: 1 wipe ($1.00)
These nail polish remover wipes are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, non-carcinogen, and contain no petroleum. I like the idea of these wipes, since acetone is so hard on my nails and cuticles. I'm going to save this for my purse as Beauty Box 5 suggests. It will be perfect to use when Im at work and realize my nails look like a chipmunk attached my nail polish. But I know I couldn't afford to buy these, I mean a bottle of acetone lasts for months and months.
eta: I used it on Zoya and theBalm painted nails. It took some rubbing, but my nails are clean and free of nail polish. The wipe is greasy, but it obviously was moisturizing my hands in the promise of removing the polish. My nails are nice and shiny!

Smith's: Rosebud Salve
Fix a hairy situation by applying a smidge of salve to unruly eyebrows or slater on lips to relieve chapped, irritated skin. Dry cuticles can also be remedied with a touch of Smith's Rosebud Salve. It's a must have multi-purpose gem!
Full Size: 0.8 oz ($7.00)
Size Received: Full-sized! 0.8 oz ($7.00)
The history of this company is really cute. And by cute, I mean heartwarming. The company, originally named The Rosebud Perfume Company, a small drug store has been around since 1895. The company is still in the family and is now owned by the great-grandchild of the original owner. Products are still made in the USA and are mixed and poured in Maryland. It is nice to see a business keep going and going! This salve aids in the relief chapped and dry lips/skin, blemishes, diaper rash, and rough cuticles. At first, the smell was quite strong to me, but once you rub it into your skin, it smells like fresh roses! My cuticles already look and feel softer since applying the salve and what I really love is that it isn't sticky. I can just rub in the extra into my hands and move on. It feels like heaven on my lips. With only need a little dab per application, this baby will last years. I love it already!

Weleda: Hydrating Day Cream in Iris
Quench dry to very dry skin after your A.M. cleanse with this antioxidant packed, natural face cream. Use along with the Weleda Iris Hydrating Night Cream for 24 hour hydration. Let this cream do it's thing and bring your inner beauty out to face the day
Full Size: 1.0 oz ($20.00)
Size Received: 0.17 oz ($3.40)
I've heard of Weleda since they are being featured in multiple box companies lately. They really are getting their name out! And now that I think about it I have seen their products when I go to health food stores. The company has been around since 1921 and has been practicing organic farming since day one. All Weleda products do not contain synthetics or chemicals and all ingredients are certified natural and cruelty-free. The product does have beeswax in it but that is the one thing I still do use it as a vegan (vegans are not all perfect! this article helps the back and forth debate on bee byproducts). Anyways, the lotion is runnier than I expected, but dries up almost instantly and isn't greasy at all. Plus, the iris smell is divine.

Weleda: Hydrating Night Cream in Iris
Use after your P.M. cleansing and sleep soundly, knowing that the Iris Hydrating Night Cream is soothing, repairing and hydrating your skin while you dream. Wake up to supple and strong skin thanks to nutrient rich ingredients
Full Size: 1.0 oz ($21.00)
Size Received: 0.17 oz ($3.57)
The night cream is a much thicker and creamy than the day cream. You can just feel that it is a heavy-duty version of the day. It also is not greasy and quickly absorbs into your skin. The smell is still the same distinct iris, but it seems a bit more subdued. These samples are the perfect size to have for vacation. And I cannot get over how good they smell!

Total Value of my February 2012 box$16.85
Im excited to try some of these products but was hoping for a better value. If I had paid full price ($12) for this box I would be a little disappointed, but I technically only spent $6 since next month's is free. But the more I use the products that I got, the more I actually LOVE my box. These are practical products and I absolutely enjoyed every single one of the picks. I'll be keeping this subscription if March has just as great products and brands.

What did you think of the first box? Any product featured in the box that you've tried before? If you don't get Beauty Box 5, click here to join! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. Hi!! The rosebud salve really intrigues me, so I'm glad I got that. I hope the next box has some sort of makeup items!

    1. it is definitely something I'd never have thought to try if I didn't receive it. I used it on my lips an hour ago and they still feel perfectly smooth and hydrated. So awesome. Thanks for posting about this box! I think the boxes will get better and better. We shall see.


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