Sunday, February 26, 2012

Forever 21 Shoes

I'm a girl on a budget. No matter how much I love the current trends, I cannot fathom ever paying over $50 for a pair of shoes that are trendy and may not be en vogue next season.

That's why I turn to Forever 21 for trendy shoes. The quality is not the greatest but they last me an entire season. You'd be surprised by how cute the shoes are. And how comfortable they are. I don't ever find much I like in store, but online they've a plethora of options. These three are just a few of my current favorites:

I mean why spend over $100 on heels when I wear them less than a few times a month? And if you need a little more support heel inserts do the trick.

Every few months I go crazy on F21's website. I'm either really bored or stressed and love going page by page through their billion item inventory. This time I ended up getting a few tops, a jacket, and two pairs of shoes. I returned a few things but I am happy with most of it. And what I am most happy with is the shoes of course (and my new red/coral trench!)!

First up, Floral Wingtips
These shoes are still available at the Forever 21 website for $24.80
I absolutely adore oxfords. I wear them all the time since they are more comfortable than flats and more stylish than sneakers. I bought a pair of black floral wingtips that were covered in clear sequins from F21 last summer and they were my favorite shoe ever. The soles of the shoes have fallen apart I wore them so much, but I've held onto them since Im thinking about getting them resoled. I couldn't resist buying these white oxfords. They are the perfect way to add a little flirt and femininity to an otherwise plain outfit. I cannot wait to wear them with skirts and dresses this spring!

Second, Medium Heeled Leatherette Boots in Green
These shoes are still available at the Forever 21 website for $39.80
I about died when I saw these boots. The heel is the perfect height for me and the perfect width. They make my gigantic feet look dainty and add an edge to any outfit. I most like these with super tight skinny jeans and a flowy top. I also plan on wearing these with skirts and dresses this spring. I think they add confidence and sophistication to any outfit and any occasion. It is a great shoe for gals who want a little something special. I've seen many brands selling similar shoes, but who knows if the military style will last another season; but, I won't have to feel guilty when I stop wearing these! Btw, I think I look super awkward in this picture. I tried to be sexy and ended up with a lot of really funny photos. This awkward pose was the best of the bunch. Just shows no matter how many episodes (and marathons) of ANTM I watch it won't ever happen.

What do you think of Forever 21? Do you have a favorite find from there? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I do the same thing!! I go crazy with their skirts, I always buy a ton. They're so cheap too I can usually get 4 at a time and feel like i'm spending that much. Plus I love that their website lets you get a free subscription to a magazine with a $25 purchase :) I have 3 magazines subscriptions going right now that I got from them! (granted two of them are men's...but i just give them to my BF!).

    1. feel like i'm NOT spending much i mean!

    2. I've only successfully gotten one of the subscriptions and it was Teen Vogue, not really my age range. And I was so bummed since the one that didn't ever come was Women's Health and that was actually something I would read! So I hope I get the one I signed up for with this last haul. I can't even remember what it was though. lol. It'll be a surprise!

      Their skirts and dresses tend to be too short for me and my long legs. But I love them for outerwear, costume jewelry, and tops. Lots of people say their tops just fall apart after one wash, but I've had some tops last me years and still look great. :)

  2. You definitely have the same green boots as I do! And the red/white striped flats are on my wishlist.


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