Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jewelmint: Forever Audrey Earrings

I have always appreciate reserved and sophisticated styling. I dont really think my friends would describe my style as either; instead I dress a bit sweet and flowy with a little punch. But, I love a well-fitted blazer, J. Crew, and Hermes Birkins (well only to lust over since I'll never buy leather) as much as the next gal. 

When I first joined Jewelmint months ago they had an earring called 'Very Audrey.' They were poinsettia shaped stud earrings with 5 crystal petals and a gorgeous yellow inner stone. At that point in time, I didn't see why anybody would pay $30 for a pair of fashion earrings and dismissed them...however cute they were. When I finally decided I wanted them, they were sold out. I turned to ebay, nope, people were paying $50+ for them. eep! In September, Jewelmint released a new version of the Very Audrey's the 'Forever Audrey.' The earrings feature the same crystal petals, but with a charcoal black inner stone. They sold out quickly, but last month Jewelmint re-released them! So here I am with my own pair of Forever Audrey's!

The earrings came meticulously packaged in the standard jewelmint box. These boxes can easily be up-recycled and have a great magnetic clasp. I was so happy when I opened up the box, they sparkled and shined like winners. The inner charcoal stone looks clear in most lights and angles, but you can sometimes barely tell that it is darker than the other crystals. What I really love about them is they don't look cheap, they are set well and look like they will last for years and years. Also, they are a perfect size, not too small, not to big, but just the right amount of glamour. They truly make a lovely, subtle statement. Sophistication with a punch of sparkle. I'm very happy with my purchase and wish I had purchased the earrings months ago. Cannot wait to show these off!

Jewelmint Forever Audrey Earrings
Slip on these poinsettia stud earrings for dazzling grace, elegance, and pizzaz! Our sparkly, silver plated pair features crystal petals and a charcoal black inner stone. Understated yet glamorous, these little sparklers are perfect to elevate your everyday look to one of sophistication and luxury. They are that little something that every casual outfit needs to pull it together.

What is Jewelmint? Jewelmint is a monthly jewelry club created by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter. Every month you pay $29.99 for a credit to buy a piece of jewelry or a set. If you don't want to buy that month you can opt-out with the click of a button. Each month Jewelmint will release exclusive new designs inspired by the current trends, vintage items, and sights around the world. Jewelmint will select 7 items that they think you would love. This is based on a style profile you create when you join. On the 1st of the month you can visit your showroom and see what they've prepared for you. If you don't like anything you can search for other items or browse their facebook page which shows all available pieces. Jewelmint has many contests, coupons, and a great referral program. 

Interested in signing up, click here to take create style profile and view your showroom. Your first jewelry purchase will be 50% once you sign up!

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