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BeautyFix: Season 13 (Dec 2011)

Oh brother, I know you are saying it. Another box, Sarah, really? Are you going to join Beauty AA?  Once you see the value on this sucker you too will be a believer. I decided to try out BeautyFix only because I was able to score a coupon for bloggers, which brought the total down to $19.99  vs their normal fee of $49.95. The fee seems insane, but once you look at the products you get for the money it makes sense.

Don't know what BeautyFix is?
BeautyFix, run by Dermstore, is a seasonal beauty subscription service that delivers a massive box of beauty products to your door. Based on a beauty profile filled on when you sign up, BeautyFix will recommend a large selection of products that they have already tested and loved. There were over 70 products available this season. From the selection you get to CHOOSE 8 of them (plus, a makeup case). Products vary from aging products, hair products, nails, make-up, brushes, and more. And what is amazing, almost all of the products are full-size or massively deluxe. BeautyFix costs $49.95 per season (4x a year), but you can skip a season if you like once it premiers (contact CS to skip). And your box will always be valued massively above!
Click here to join BeautyFix.

December 2011, Season #13
Because I signed up in-between season 13 and 14 (march), I received my season #13 products immediately after I ordered in February. So once you receive your first box of products you are back on schedule with the rest of BeautyFix members. My next box will be Season #14 and I will be able to make my next selection in March. You are able to skip a season if you want to but not until that season launches. I believe you have to call CS to skip and you will only be charged after your kit ships. I hope that helps clear up some confusion. 

I received a giant white box with the BeautyFix logo on it. The box was not really well packed. Everything was sitting in between those plastic air containers, but no packaging between the items. So my bottle of hair spray got dented, and one of the other packages got disheveled. Also, nothing other than a packing order form in the box. Feels kind of cold. I got the little blurbs off of the product website page. The product page also has reviews, application instructions, ingredients, and tips.

jane iredale: Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner/Highlighter in Citrine
A dual-ended powder eyeliner to illuminate and trasform your eyes.
Full Size: 0.04 oz ($20.00)
Size Received: Full Size! 0.04 oz ($20.00)
I have only just started highlighting and contouring in the last few months, so this highlighter got my attention. I didn't even realize at first that it was made from a powder. The formula is creamy and intensely pigmented and shimmery. The product guarantees that it won't fade, crease, or smear. I believe it! Once applied it doesn't smear when I run my hand across it, the swatch I made didn't fade for hours, and the shimmer and pigmentation lasts! I was so impressed!! I could not believe this was a powder. The application is simple. The bases of powder unscrew to reveal a sponge brush that's tip has been sitting in the powder and you just apply how you like. I was worried the caps would spill, but it seems to have some sort of nozzle that is keeping the powder safe and sound. The color combo that I received is Citrine. Citrine which has a metallic bronze and a champagne-y gold. They are gorgeous and I could see using these as all over eye color. So excited about this product!

Kinerase: PhotoFacials Step 2 Day Moisturizer with SPF 50
A one-stop-shop for improved skin tone and sun protection.
Full Size: 1.7 oz ($88.00)
Size Received: 1.0 oz ($51.76)
I've heard so many great reviews for this company that I really wanted to try them out.  But almost ninety dollars for a moisturizer!! Pardon my french, but holy crap! All 3 steps of the PhotoFacials collection were available for me to pick (a cleanser, day moisturizer, and night moisturizer). I don't have that dry skin to need a night moisturizer, by bedtime by body has all the oils it needs, and I've tried so many cleansers the past few months, so step 2 it is. The PhotoFacial system is designed to replicate an in-office dermalogist photofacial procedure at home. What is a photofacial? It is a treatment that uses lights boost collagen, reduce brown spots and redness, and broken capillaries. Kinerase promises the three steps will reduce signs of sun damage such as hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture, and wrinkles in just 4 weeks. I will try out the moisturizer and see if it helps reduce my redness and maybe help diminish a few acne scars I have. It smells lovely, like an orange sweet. Plus, the company doesn't use harsh chemicals but pure, natural plant bases. 

SkinMedica: TNS Lip Plump System
Prep your pout with this anti-aging, volume-enhancing lip treatment.
Full Size: 2 steps at 0.06 oz ($55.00)
Size Received: 2 steps at 0.05 oz ($45.84)
I wasn't too sure about this one, but I figured why not mix it up. The TNS lip renewal is a cream that enhances the lips and smooths surface imperfections by the use of collagen-filling spheres and a growth factor. I haven't confirmed with the company yet if this product is vegan, they were having a computer problem when I called. But they had health agents that know all this information. Most products are vegan, but when I hear the word growth factor, I just want to be sure. The second step, the lip plumper, enhances the natural color of lips and increases lip volume while smoothing and softener lips. I will update once I figure out if they are vegan or not. And if they aren't, I'll be looking to trade ;)

Murad: Hybrids Absolute Bronzing Boost SPF 15
Find beauty in the bronze with this protective moisturizer that produces a sunny complexion.
Full Size: 1.0 oz ($38.00)
Size Received: Full Size! 1.0 oz ($38.00)
Murad says the Hybrid line does more than just minimize flaws, but improves the look of your skin over time. This oil-free bronzing hybrid not only has SPF, but it also firms and has added anti-oxidants that boost skin's resistant to UV damage. The formula is somewhat thick and feels like a thick liquid foundation. I squirted one pump onto my hand for the swatch, and I was a bit taken aback over how dark it was. But this is a blendable, buildable bronzer. Once I blended it well, it was just a nice, dark glow. My skin looked sun-kissed and healthy. It wasn't sticky or heavy, instead it felt light and cool. I loved that it smelled like sunscreen! I absolutely am excited to try this out. And I've now learned my lesson, a little goes a long way. In the swatch, the top has no bronzer and the bottom has the bronzer blended in.

Skindinavia: Makeup Finishing Spray in Original
Make your makeup last with this secret weapon from the pros - a makeup finishing spray that keeps makeup in place all day.
Full Size: 4.0 oz ($29.00)
Size Received: Full Size! 4.0 oz ($29.00)
I couldn't resist ordering this since I am a proud Dane and proud of my heritage. Skindinavia focuses on finishing sprays and have multiple types including: no more shine, moisture lock, 10 years younger, and bridal. Each spray has a target skin type with the original being targeted for normal to combination skin: me, me, me! The bottle should be shaken up before spraying a few spritz after make-up application. It will prevent makeup from melting, slipping or creasing. And it reduces that cakey makeup look. It holds everything in place and gives you a natural glow. I've been using MAC Fix+ for a year now and love it. I will compare the two to see which one I like better.

Jonathan Product: Finish Control High Shine Flexible Hairspray
Get strong, yet flexible hold from this vegan, botanical-infused hairspray.
Full Size: 10.0 oz ($30.00)
Size Received: Full Size! 10.0 oz ($30.00)
You had me at vegan. There were many other Jonathan Product's available, but none of the others really were geared towards my needs. I use hairspray like a fiend. I have the thinnest hair ever that never ever holds onto anything. If I don't use firm hold or maximum hold spray my hair will not survive wind. I swear, I sometimes feel like a 1mph wind will ruin my hair! I was not too sure how well this would hold since it is a flexible hold. But this is amazing! It held my hair in the exact position I sprayed for hours! But I didn't lose any bounce or softness of my hair. It is also a flake-free formula that also repairs and strengthens hair with nourishment and hydration. Im so excited about this product!! I have a feeling this will become part of my daily routine.

Raw Natural Beauty: Mineral Glow in Warm Glow
Obtain that natural warm sun-kissed glow from within with this weightless bronzed mineral powder.
Full Size: 0.07 oz ($25.00)
Size Received: Full Size! 0.07 oz ($25.00)
I never was really interested in mineral products, but I am almost out of my bronzer so I figured why not try a new one. The powder is a warm bronze tone that has a nice shimmer to it. The natural minerals impart a natural glow, won't clog pores or irritate sensitive skin, active botanicals reduce appearance of redness and wrinkles and enhance radiance, and improve skin over time. So much to live up to! Im not sure how I feel about this. I almost feel it stains when I apply with a bristled, bronzing brush. And it was really hard to blend in naturally. My cheeks do look lovely and warm and healthy. I may try to use a poof or just with my fingers. Although unlike many people who say it diminishes pores, I found it enhanced mine! You can even see in the swatch it seemed to catch onto my pores. On my cheeks I noticed a blackhead I had no idea I had, ugh! Again maybe applying differently will achieve the correct consistency.

Colorscience Pro: Sunforgetabble Mineral Powder SPF 30 Mini Orb in Almost Clear
Keep UVA and UVB rays at bay with this easy-to-use mineral sunscreen.
Full Size: 0.14 oz ($12.00)
Size Received: Full Size! 0.14 oz ($12.00)
This an orb of lightly, tinted mineral powdered sunscreen (SPF 30). Apply the powder with the poof before sunexposure and you'll be protected from the sun just as well as a normal liquid, cream sunscreen. Perfect for sensitive skin and times when you've got a whole face full of gorgeous make-up! I find I never wear face sunscreen since it makes my face feel greasy, more acne-prone, and I tend to forget until Im done applying my make-up. This orb is teeny enough for me to throw it in my purse and use while Im out and about. Perfect for days that turn out to be more sunny than expected. My foundation has SPF 20, but this will be great for reapplication. It is a very matte powder that looks like it won't interfere with my look. My one complaint is that the poof is a little too big for the container so it takes some adjusting to be able to close the orb completely.

Total Value of my Season #13 box: $251.60
Kind of amazing, huh? And I didn't even choose my products based on value, I just picked what I liked. But there were some products worth way more. I'm really satisfied and am tempted to hold onto the subscription to see what products are going to be offered for Season 14. Oh these subscription services are an addiction!

What do you think of my BeautyFix haul? Is it worth the $49.95 subscription fee? If you don't get BeautyFix, click here to join! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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