Friday, February 10, 2012

Favorite Music Friday: Jenny Owen Youngs

This week I want to introduce you all to one of my favorite artists ever. Miss Jenny Owen Youngs. Jenny is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey. As she states she write songs, play guitar, and sing. 

Last year Jenny decided to make her next album without the support of a label meaning she would have free-range over the creative process, but no funding. She turned to Kickstarter, a website that allows users to help fund projects, and received the funding she needed in a few days! It was pretty cool getting updates all year long from the making of the album. Plus, for funding the project, I got early access to the CD, a signed physical copy, buttons, and a hand-written note of thanks! 3 lucky fans who donated $1k will be having dinner with her and the band, those who donated $400 got personalized mix CDs, etc, etc.

Jenny's new fully-fan funded album 'An Unwavering Band of Light' was officially release 2/7/2012. She will be on tour all over the country this Feb/March. I've already bought my tickets and cannot wait to fill my ears with her JOY (hurr, get it? get it? her initials...)! Information on buying show tickets and the new cd can be found at:

Without further ado. Jenny's first single from the new album, Your Apartment.

Not to brag or anything...well yes I will. I've gotten to meet this talented lady a few times and every time has been a thrill. One of her friend's/band mate/solo artist Bess Roger even agreed to talk on the phone to a good friend of mine who has a major hard on for her. AND Jenny asked me a few years ago to use a photo I took of her during her show. How honored was I!? I was just using a mini digital camera. I still get stage fright and all nervous talking to her, but in my mind we are best friends.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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