Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sircle Samples: Raw Color Trio Mineral Brush Set

Sircle Samples may be in beta mode and very glitchy, but every so often really amazing samples pop up! Including this three piece brush set.

Don't know what Sircle Samples is? Sircle Sample is a free beauty advertising club that lets you get free samples and full-size products. You buy whichever samples you are interested in trying with Sircle Coins. To get Sircle coins you can complete surveys, refer a friend, complete your beauty survey, or write reviews on past samples you've tried. You don't have access to every sample on the website, but randomly will find new offerings every time you log on. They are currently in beta and only accepting so many members. Plus, the website is a bit glitchy. But, for free samples? Sign me up!
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Raw Color Trio Mineral Brush Set (3pc)
I've been a member of Sircle Samples for a few months now, but never saw any samples I liked. I have over 1300 Sircle Coins, but why waste them on something I don't want to try. I saw someone saying they finally got the full-size brushes and I leaped over to the website and I too had them!! The brushes are from Raw Color which is a sub-brand of Raw Natural Beauty. Raw Natural Beauty as you can imagine makes natural, mineral makeup that are cruelty-free and free of harsh chemicals and dyes. And their brushes are all synthetic! I was so excited to try this brush set.

This set includes their:
Multi-Tasking Retractable Brush, $15
This brush, similar to a retractable kabuki brush, can be used for many different parts of the face. If you have it completely open, it can be used for blush or powder; or retract it in so the bristles are short for a more precise edge. I've thrown this into my purse to use with my fixing powder. It is the perfect size for on the go and it has a cap so I don't get powder everywhere.

Maximum Coverage Foundation Brush, $35
This is a high density, super soft brush that helps you achieve a flawless application. The head is completely flat so that it picks up and distributes pigment evenly. I highly appreciate that since I constantly feel like my makeup is uneven. I just assume that it is to be used like a stippling brush since it looks like one. It is meant for mineral foundation but I have been using it for liquid tinted moisturizer without a problem. And holy crap! Stippling on my foundation has allowed me to get the BEST coverage and most even application ever. I'm free of cakey patches and uneven application. I am so impressed! And the bristles are so soft! I'm so in love!

Concealer Brush, $20
This is the only brush I haven't used yet. The last concealer brush I used didn't work well for me. I find that I have the best coverage when I just pat concealer on with my fingers. This brush is just as soft as the other brushes and is designed to hold more pigments so you can cover up any imperfection easily. I may try it out one of these days.

The 3pc set can be bought on DermStore for $49.00 (although currently 20% off) but I got it for free!! I used to always use my fingers to apply my makeup, but I find that finding the perfect brush or sponge has allowed me to get the exact coverage and application I want, whereas with my fingers I always go a little too heavy. Hopefully I'll get to try out more great products from Sircle Samples!

Have you signed up for Sircle Samples? Did you get the brushes? What has been your favorite free sample? Let me know in the comments below!

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