Friday, May 4, 2012

Favorite Music Friday: Foxes

Two weeks in a row Gossip Girl featured this week's Favorite Music Friday pick. And not just short 30 second clips, but the whole song (or at least the majority)! Even if it had been a teensy clip my ears would have perked up.

Louisa Rose Allen, aka Foxes, is a very new talent. So new I could barely find any information about her! But partly because half of my google searches were about cute, little foxes. Louisa hails from Southampton, England but moved to London the minute she turned 18. She attempted to study music, but dropped out once she realized that school was not for her. The now 22 year old is about to release her first EP on Neon Gold who brought you Ellie Goulding, Passion Pit, Gotye, and more. So it looks like she is doing just fine without a formal education.

I would describe her sound as doe-eyed electropop. Is that a genre? You can tell that she feels every word she belts out. While she croons in her sweet, angelic, yet strong voice there is waves of bass that flatter every note. The touches of the synth add a brightness and fun edge. She may be young, but her music is beyond her years. I think this girl has an amazing career ahead of her.

And would you believe she only had her first live gig as Foxes last November? With the help of Gossip Girl she will be playing gigs all over America soon. Until then, enjoy her music video for the song 'Home.' A song that really showcases both her whispy, angelic voice and the power of the bass. This song has been on repeat over and over in my house this week. Her Warrior EP releases July 1st, but you can listen to the songs at SoundCloud.

Enjoy and happy weekend!


  1. You have such a cool blog! Come by and let's follow each other! Would love to stay in touch ;)!

    1. Thanks! I love all your DIY fashion on your blog! I'll definitely follow you. And thanks for stopping by!


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