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Green Grab Bag: May 2012

I had been on the fence for a few months on whether or not I wanted to try out White Apricot's Green Grab Bag. It seems that some months are awesome and others are sort of meh. I finally decided to join after I saw how awesome March's bag was. Unfortunately I signed up after the April deadline and didn't get my first bag until May.

What is Green Grab Bag? Green Grab Bag is a a monthly subscription service that delivers eco-friendly and natural beauty samples to your doorstep! Green Grab Bag was started by the ladies behind White Apricot, a popular eco fashion/beauty newsletter. Each month you will receive 6 or more samples (sometimes even full-sized products) from companies that care about the environment and you. The samples range from makeup, fragrances, organic oils, skincare, body, hair, and more! Every month is a surprise, plus you get discounts on full-size items in your bag! Green Grab Bag costs $15 a month, and your bag will always be valued above!
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May 2012
The theme of this month was April showers bring May showers and that in May we get both. Our skin and body need to be kept in balance and all the products were meant to do so. I really loved the presentation of the bag. It was cute and easily reusable, plus less is always more when it comes to packaging. I was also excited that I was able to use all the products. Natural, eco-friendly beauty doesn't always mean vegan, but all of these products were by chance vegan friendly! So let's take a look at what is inside!

Information Cards:

Aura Cacia: Aromatherapy Shower Tablet in Relaxing Lavender
Turn your shower into a spa with these aromatic, effervescent, pure essential oil tablets.
Full Size: 3 tablets ($6.99)
Size Received: 1 tablet ($2.33)
Relaxation, yes please? I've received some shower tablets in the past from friends and absolutely loved them! They kind of vapor up with the steam from your shower. Inhaling this stuff is like heaven. This shower tab is made by an essential oils company that is committed to ethical practices, disclosing all ingredients, and is cruelty-free! I haven't used the shower tab yet but plan on using it this weekend. I did take a whiff and it smells so lovely! Lavender, coriander, and patchouli. What an awesome mix!
eta: It wasn't as potent or soothing as I had hoped. I only got a small whiff of fragrance every so often. And it lasted only for a third of my shower. I found it awkward that it had to be in the water stream and you are suposed to face the tablet because I like the stand in the stream and hate having my face near the water.

Elemental HerbsSunscreen Sport SPF 30+
Practice safe sun with this all-natural, broad spectrum, SPF 30 sunscreen that is also ocean friendly.
Full Size: 3 oz ($15.99)
Size Received: 0.1 oz? ($0.53)
A vegan, all natural sunscreen! I am planning on going on a road trip this summer to see the top beaches in Florida so I'll be needing a good sunscreen. It is a UVA/UVB Broad spectrum formula and is safe for coral reefs. It is not oil free, so I'm a bit worried it won't be good for my skin. But I'm still excited to try it out. The size wasn't listed so I just approximated the value. Too bad this isn't a bigger sample, I don't think I'll get to try it out except for on my face.

Egyptian Magic: Face and Body Cream
Beloved by Kate Hudson and Brooke Shields, this amazing hydrating cream can be used on everything from hair & skin to healing cuts and scars.
Full Size: 4 oz ($37.20)
Size Received: 0.1 oz ($0.93)
This is a 'healing balm' that was created in 1991 mimicking what was said to be used by the ancient egyptians for healthy, glowing skin. It is made using olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis. People use this as a skin cream, on scars, on hair, lips, and more. Reading some reviews people have said it worked miracles on red, blotchy skin; unclogged pores; dry feet; and more. I'm not sure I really am interested in this, I may use beeswax in moderation, but this product is packed with bee products. It may be a cult favorite of some, but no thanks.

Golden Earth: Chakra Wellness Life Force Oil
Renew and restore balance with a unique blend of essential oils derived from specific plants that resonate with each chakra.
Full Size: sample size ($2.00)
Size Received: sample size ($2.00)
I am not familiar with chakra oils. Apparently these oils are formulated to act as 'portals' to open up the chakras and balance that specific chakra. There are 7 chakras that are each located at different parts of the body and relate to different states of wellness. If one of these chakras is imbalanced it will also effect the body. I received Chakra 1 Life Force oils. The Life Force is known as the root chakra and is at the base of the spine. When this chakra is in balance you will be passionate, connected to nature, abundante, and happy. If it isn't you will have a negative attitude, feel fearful, unable to focus, financial instability, and disconnected. I feel like I could benefit from all 7 chakra oils! I'm sometimes a mess!
So you put on the oils (like perfume, on back of neck, or on bottom of feet) and you will feel the benefits. Who knows if this works. It doesn't smell bad, kind of soothing. I may even try and put it on my feet while I sleep. It never hurts to have an open mind!
eta: I am weirdly loving this stuff. I've started putting it on the nape of my neck before work. Maybe its a placebo effect, but I am happier at work lately. I'm more relaxed and willing to deal with the crap that retail entails.

Clairvoyant Beauty: Refreshing Cucumber Facial Toner
These toners will restore your skin to its natural state, removing traces of cleanser and stimulating pores to tighten.
Full Size: 8 oz ($24.00)
Size Received: Full-size! 8 oz ($24.00)
I love me some Clairvoyant Beauty!! All vegan, organic and natural ingredients, cruelty-free, and the cutest packaging ever! I am officially obsessed with their Depuffing Cucumber and Cranberry Eye Gel. I wanted another full-size so I bought a huge collection of Clairvoyant Beauty products during a 50% off sale, which included the Lavender & Sea Mineral toner. I hadn't tried it yet, but I started using the one I got from my Green Grab bag right away. What I love about it is that it uses natural salts, enzymes, and vitamins in cucumbers to stimulate cell growth, has a high mineral and antioxidant content that has anti-inflammatory properties, and cucumber is a natural astringent that tightens pores. I've never used a non-alcohol based toner before. It doesn't have that ultra tingly, coolness that I'm used to, but I bet my skin is happy that it isn't being dried out! But I love that it is a spray bottle so I can spritz it during the day without ruining my makeup.

Beauty from Flowers: Hibiscus and Honeysuckle Cleanser
This skin care line is created from a wide variety of flowers and filled with plant antioxidants, nutrients from the sea, essential oils and more. 
Full Size: 8 oz ($15.00)
Size Received: 0.03 oz ($0.06)
I almost didn't notice this small little vial in the bag. I'm lucky I looked at the card before I recycled the bag. This is almost not enough cleanser for one use! The cleanser has an impressive ingredient list. Peaches, rose, green tea, chamomile, and more. They all work together to gently clean the skin while adding moisture to the skin. I've never used oil cleansing and am still scared by the idea of putting olive oil on the face (it has olive, coconut, and jojoba oils). But I'm always willing to try new cleansers since my skin hates me.
eta: I used it in the shower today and to me it smelled just like a bar of Dial soap. And it left that tight, soap feeling that I hate. Not a winner for me.

Total value of my May 2012 Green Grab Bag:$29.85
There were a lot of little vials of oils in this bag. Even so, I'm actually excited to try out most of the products. I just wish some of the samples were a little bigger. I'll only get one use out of the cleanser and not even be able to cover my entire body with the sunscreen. This bag has introduced me to a lot of products that I'd never think of buying. It wasn't as exciting as I had hoped, but I plan on keeping this subscription another month since they do focus on things that I'm concerned about: natural and cruelty-free products.

What do you think of my May Green Grab Bag? Should I keep this subscription? Let me know in the comments below! If you don't get Green Grab Bag, click here to join

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