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Sindulge: April 2012

You read that right, this is my April 2012 Sindulge bag. Sindulge offered their customer's a second month at a penny to account for all the troubles that occured during their first month in March. It may have been a penny, but all the hassle and waiting wasn't even worth it.

Don't know what Sindulge is?
Sindulge is a once a month beauty subscription service that delivers a cute box of beauty samples to your doorstep. Each month you will receive samples based on a personal consultation with one of their team beauty experts. The consultation's are 15 minutes long and can be done via video or text chat. Let the expert know what your concerns are and what new products you want to try. You can even ask the experts questions or ask for tips. The experts will do their best to fulfill your needs. Plus, there is a beauty profile on file to help the experts out. Sindulge costs $12 a month, and your box will always be valued way above!
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April 2012
After I got my first Sindulge bag I was expecting to receive an email asking me set up my next consultation. Nope. I realized I never set up an appointment for the month when other girls were talking about how their consultation went. I decided to log on myself and set up an appointment, strangely I was only able to pick from one day. It was so frustrating because I worked and had class that day, I emailed hoping they'd help me out but they never got back to me, so I finally tried again and luckily the one day that was showing I could do. So it took almost 7 extra days to get my consultation. This month I had my consultation with  Dana. There was no option to do a chat so at the last minute I had to do a video chat. We talked about what I liked and didn't like in my first box. Then we talked about mineral makeup and foundations, how I'm interested in trying blushes (especially corals), that my eyes would look great with browns and purples, and finally how I am looking for a new nail polish top coat. I thought it was successful, I was happy with my experience, but then the waiting game started. My bag did not ship for another three weeks. They did give us a tracking number, but mine never moved, it was never entered into USPS. I finally contacted them and they just said they would ship out my bag that day. So after 4.5 weeks I finally got my bag. Major frustration. In that timeframe I would have been charged for the next month so I cancelled before I even got my bag.

Information Card:

Pixi: Nail Polish in No. 22 Silver Glitter
Full size: 0.25 oz ($8.00)
Size Received: Full-size! 0.25 oz($8.00)
I do love me a new nail polish, but silver glitter is not really my thing. If it is, this is a great nail polish. It has a perfect formula that has tons of sparkle. You are set with only one coat, but if  you want to glitter bomb the hell out of your nails, well three coats would cover your entire nail in glitter. I have to admit the full on glitter looks kind of cool. Maybe it I was going out dancing this  would be fun. But I don't think this would be appropriate for my life in most situations. We may have talked about nail polish, but does this really count as a top coat?

Skone: Super Gloss in Super Nectar
Full size: 0.4 oz ($14.00)
Size Received: Full-size! 0.4 oz($14.00)
Skone, which means beautiful/beauty in South African, is a small cosmetic company founded by a esthetician. The lip glosses are high shine, filled with antioxidants, and pigmented. I've been trying to get in contact with the company as this lip gloss line states on the ingredients that it may contain carmine (crushed beetles). Normally carmine is used to create bright reds so I expect that the color I received doesn't have it. Super Nectar is a soft neutral pink with lots of fine shimmer. I suspect that it won't add much color to my lips, but instead just add gloss and shimmer. I did swatch it on my hand and it seems like a non-sticky lip gloss and appears to have a light grape smell. I really hope I get the answer I'm looking for since I'm excited to try this product. I just wish people would stop using carmine! It is so gross. Why do I want that on my lips?
eta: Well I got a reply on their facebook. Instead of answering my question the rep told me I shouldn't use any colored lip products from any brand if Im concerned about carmine. And that carmine is natural. Uhh, that was not my question. Then I asked again for the specific ingredients of this color and again skirted around told me if I wanted specific information or to continue the discussion to email them. Well I did, 3 days ago, and you never replied. Bah. I'm irritated.

Aveda: Refreshing Bath Bar
Full size: 5.2 oz ($14.00)
Size Received: 1.73 oz($4.67)
I'm quite positive I did not tell the consultant that I was interested in sample soap, especially bar soap. I never use bar soap. It really makes me believe they just threw my bag together and didn't even look at my consultation notes. It may smell nice and soapy. The website says its a refreshing bar of soap because of the aromas. But I can't smell anything other than a floral-y soap smell. I of course like that uses only plant sources and is free of artificial dyes, but I have no use for it.

Pixi: Fairy Light Solo Eye Shadow in No. 2 Champagne Glow
Full size: 0.08 oz ($14.00)
Size Received: Full-size! 0.08 oz($14.00)
I've always been a sucker for champagne colored eye shadows. I forgot to do a swatch, but it is highly pigmented and a peachy, silver frost. We did talk about eye shadows and how browns look good with my blue eyes, but who knows if this was just a coincidence. It will be great on days that Im too lazy to do much or look awesome as a highlighter. The Pixi website says that the eyeshadows are so finely ground that they reflect a lot of light making the eyes brighter. They also are infused with shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E to hydrate while allowing the shadow to apply silky smooth. I'm very happy with all the Pixi products I've gotten to try through Sindulge and would definitely be open to buying more!

Total Value of my April 2012 Sindulge box$40.67
It is too bad that Sindulge's service is so inconsistent because the samples they have sent to me have been high quality. But I shouldn't have to seek out to schedule my consultation, I shouldn't have to constantly email asking when my bag will ship, I shouldn't have to email again because my bag was never actually shipped out, and the products I receive should be based on the consultation. It wasn't even like it was loosely based. Did they even look at my notes? Who knows. Unfortunately Sindulge and I are done. I don't think they could pay me to rejoin.

What did you think of my Sindulge bag? How does it compare to yours? Are you giving them another chance? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. I pretty much agree with your thoughts - I've generally liked the products I've received in both of my Sindulge boxes, but it's so not worth the trouble dealing with this company.

    1. I should have known things wouldnt improve once that whole email debacle happened. so happy to be done with these people!

  2. this was my first bag,i also got the two pixi prouducts,my nail polish was in red i loved it,what i didn't like was the young blood mineral primer it smelled so bad!!,and well... i was shocked! sad their were only four items..the last item iGOT.. was the eye inpact from young blood, witch was, i have to say GREAT NO MORE PUFFY EYES BUT SUCH A TINY SAMPLE!!BUT..OH WELL I'M WAITING ON SNEAK PEEKS FOR JUNE.HOPING TO RUN ACROSS A QUICK VIEW BEFORE PAYMENT IS DUE!LOL , YES OTHER BOXES :)

    1. ooh I would have loved the pixi nail polish in red!
      It's too bad the young blood smelled bad, I got it in my first Sindulge bag and I actually really liked it, but mine didn't smell like anything.

      I'll be interested to see other blogger's new bags too! I won't be subscribing, but I wonder if they are listening to our feedback?

      Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to become a Google Friend Connect follower! :)


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