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Julep Maven: June 2012 (American Beauty)

Julep Maven has one awesome referral program. If you get 2 friends to sign up (and not cancel before the penny month is up) your next month is on them! Thanks to you lovely friends I got June's box for free!
I believe the penny deal is still working, where you can get your first box for literally only a penny. Use code SHAREONMAY or COLOR2012 at checkout!

Don't know what Julep Maven is?
Julep Maven is a nail polish subscription service that delivers Julep nail polishes and nail products to your doorstep. Each month you will receive 2-3 nail polishes in the hottest colors and an extra. The extra may be a hand lotion, cuticle oil, glycolic hand scrub, etc. The nail polishes are all made by Julep a boutique nail salon company in the Seattle area and the colors are never before released or cult favorites. Each month you will have the choice of 5 different kits that are made to reflect a specific fashion style (It Girl, Boho Glam, Classic with a Twist, etc). You will take a fashion quiz once you sign up to set your main fashion style, but you have the option to order whichever of the 5 boxes you like best. Julep Maven is $19.99 a month, but you are able to skip a month whenever you like!
Click here to join Julep Maven.

June 2012, American Beauty
I was sold on American Beauty when I saw the green nail polish. For some reason, green polishes are my absolute favorite lately! It may be the fact that my skin is so pink, that the yellow-base helps to tone that down a bit. Julep makes it super easy to switch up your profile and so far I've not gotten the same style twice. Last month was a bit disappointing with billing errors and brush issues, but they really turned things around this month. I was giggly when I saw how cute the presentation was this month. A cute little quote from Katharine Hepburn and tied up with Pixie Sticks! What girl doesn't love pure sugar? I also loved how there was an extra that we didn't know about. I'm so glad I was able to get this box because it turned me back onto Julep!

Information Card:

Julep Nail Vernis in Lily
Hot sizzling fuschia creme.
Lily is not has bright pink as Julep makes it out to be. Even the photo on the website doesn't look true to color to me. The fuschia is a more toned down raspberry color. I actually like the color even more since it is  more age-appropriate. It is a creme nail polish, but dries very ashy and chalky looking. In other words, it would look terrible without a glossy top coat. I found the formula a bit thin. I only did two coats and I noticed after I took the photo that my application wasn't even or opaque. But it dried very quickly. 

Julep Nail Vernis in Courteney
Key-lime green creme.
What a way to spell Courteney... This polish was the sole reason I got this box and it did not disappoint!! Julep calls it key-lime green, I call it honeydew. It is bright, soft, and creamy. The picture on the website does do it justice! The formula is thicker, but perfect to get a perfectly even and opaque finish with just 1-2 coats. I used two coats in the photo below. I was so impressed! It was a bit slower to dry, but not problematic for this klutz. I think this is my favorite Julep color yet! It is perfect for summer!

Julep Daylight Defense SPF 30
The one-stop solution for beautiful hands, nails, and skin. Vitamin E hydrates skin and strengthens nails, while built-in SPF helps guard against fine lines and sun spots.
This hand and face sunscreen is a perfect extra for the summer! Plus, it is a very decent size (3 oz). It doesn't say what spectrum it protects against, but it has active ingredients: octinoxate, oxybenzone, zinc oxide, and ensuilzole which are in other products that are full spectrum (UVA/UVB) protection. The formula is free of parabens and sulfates and has a bunny logo showing that it is cruelty-free! What is really special is that it has orange oil in it making it very moisturizing. Plus, it smells amazing! The formula is quick absorbing and isn't really greasy. I'm very happy with this addition. And I had no idea it retailed for $28.00! I never thought about having daily sunscreen on my hands, but they say our hands age the fastest! I put on hand lotion every morning, so why not protect them against the sun too?

Julep Daylight Defense SPF 15 Lip Balm in Vanilla Mint
Nourish hydrate and protect your lips with this vanilla mint flavored lip balm. 
I had no idea we would be getting a lip balm! As a kid I collected Lip Smackers since I was so totally cool. I still seem to hoard lip balms so I'm happy to take another one. This is formulated with organic palm oil, beeswax, and olive oil to be ultra smooth and moisturizing. Plus, it has Vitamin E, rosemary extract, and peppermint extract. It smells sweet but has that awesome tingly mint feeling. It lasts forever and made my lips feel awesome! Definitely on my top 5 list. 

Julep Extra Brushes
Last month many of the polishes had bad brushes. I already received my replacement brush since I contacted them, but they sent us extras! Very kind of them to make things right for everyone.

My American Beauty box had a value of over $62!! And like last month, I got it all for free! This is my favorite month yet!

And don't forget that you can try out Julep Maven for just a penny! Plus, after the first month you can skip as often as you like! Click here to sign up. And don't forget to use promo code: SHAREONMAY or Color2012 to get your first month for $0.01!

What do you think of June's American Beauty style profile? What has been your favorite Julep nail polish to date? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. Sarah,

    Whoo Hoo on your free one! Lily and Courteney look amazing on you. What's your favorite Julep color overall? How many do you now own in total?

    Julep Maven Team

    Check out the Julep blog:

    1. I think Courteney may be one of my favorites and Yumi! Now I have about 10-12! I love that the bottles are square so they store really neatly :)


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