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Green Grab Bag: June 2012

I wasn't over the moon with my May Green Grab Bag, but I wanted to give them a second month to win me over. I was very excited once I got my shipping notification and even more excited when I received it a day sooner than I was expecting!

What is Green Grab Bag? Green Grab Bag is a a monthly subscription service that delivers eco-friendly and natural beauty samples to your doorstep! Green Grab Bag was started by the ladies behind White Apricot, a popular eco fashion/beauty newsletter. Each month you will receive 6 or more samples (sometimes even full-sized products) from companies that care about the environment and you. The samples range from makeup, fragrances, organic oils, skincare, body, hair, and more! Every month is a surprise, plus you get discounts on full-size items in your bag! Green Grab Bag costs $15 a month, and your bag will always be valued above!
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June 2012
This month's theme is products that will keep you looking 'cool' when the weather is hot. My assumptions are mattifying products, cooling products, sunscreens, and other summer worthy products. I have to say I do not see how any of the products are at all cool products for when the weather is hot. But let's take a look and see what you think.

Information Cards:

Organic IndulgencesLip Butter in Chocolate Mint
Yummy Chocolate mint flavored balm keeps lips lusciously soft and kissably smooth with a blend of all natural ingredients. 
Full Size: 1 lip balm ($2.95)
Size Received: Full-size! 1 lip balm ($2.95)
From past reviews I've noticed a lot of the natural/organic subscription services love giving out chapsticks. But I guess I dont mind, I always love trying new lip products. Organic Indulgences is a cruelty-free company that boasts a line of all natural, affordable products. The lip butter is formulated with shea butter, coconut oil, and sunflower oil and organic beeswax. The formula and flavor greatly reminds me of the Julep chapstick I got in my June Julep Maven box. Which means I really like it. It is buttery and soft on my lips and adds a hint of mint. The chocolate flavor is not intense. If I saw these in the store and ran out of my lip balm I'd rebuy.

Brigit True OrganicsMagic Skin Balm
This healing herbal salve combats everything from bites to burns.
Full Size: 0.15 oz ($4.20)
Size Received: Full-size! 0.15 oz ($4.20)
Brigit True Organics is a company based out of Charlottesville, Virginia that uses natural and organic ingredients that have herbal, healing power. This is a salve that is formulated mainly of olive oil and organic beeswax. Salves can be used any wounds or irritant to help moisturize and heal. I've received a lot of salves the past few months. I've been using Smith's Rosebud Salve and Climb On! Repair Bar that I received from Beauty Box 5 and Conscious Box respectively. I love my Rosebud Salve to pieces but Im open to trying new ones. I especially like that this is a stick so I dont have to get my hands all messy. Although the Brigit is a bit too oily for my taste. I applied it on a small paper cut on my hand and after 10mins its still got an oil sheen. But if it works it works. It had awesome reviews on amazon, so Ill still be trying it.

Pangea OrganicsFacial Scrub
Polish your skin this award-winning scrub that is gentle enough for daily use.
Full Size: 3.8 oz ($32.00)
Size Received: 1.0 oz ($9.14)
A familiar brand. I've gotten to try out a few Pangea products in my Birchboxes over the months. None worked well for me but I love trying out new facial cleansing products. This scrub contains Egyptian Geranium oil to help tone skin, cranberry seed enzymes that dissolve away dead skin cells, and ground adzuki beans to gently exfoliate. It smells like cranberries and blood orange which is quite yummy. I used it today and I loved it. It didn't leave my skin tight, but my skin felt clean and fresh! This may be a new contender. Thank goodness it sells for $20 on Amazon because I would never pay $32.

JourneysMother: Lotion Pellet in Rosewood Geranium Shea
The natural alternative to liquid lotion, these little pellets melt with skin's heat for major moisturizing.
Full Size: 1 bag of 43 pellets ($10.00)
Size Received: 1 pellet ($0.23)
These lotion pellets are solid bar style lotion that melt in your hand while you use them. They are meant to take out the mess of liquid lotion and were developed by a mom and daughter duo. I have to say I dont see how liquid lotion is messy? I like liquid lotion because I am able to get water based lotions that are non-greasy and dry quickly. This lotion pellet just needs to be warmed up in your hand for a few seconds and then they are ready to use. I tested it out on my hands and I found it waaay too greasy! I feel like I shouldnt be touching anything! It reminds me more of a solid salve than lotion. I couldnt see using this on my legs, but more so on dry feet or cuts. One pellet probably would last a week.

Glam NationNatural Perfection Eye and Makeup Remover
This organic cleanser can tackle even the most stubborn mascara.
Full Size: 2.0 oz ($29.99)
Size Received: 0.1 oz?? ($1.50)
This is a lotion makeup remover made with emolient herbs and organic oils to sooth and cleanse all at the same time. Plus, it helps to reduce under eye bags and soften fine lines.  I've never heard of the Glam Nation company but they are an all organic and natural skincare line that hopes to provide all the natural nutrients that other brands strip away. I usually use oil based eye make-up remover, it just works the best for me. It glides on, doesn't dry me out, and I don't have to rub my face raw. I did use the lotion tonight taking off my makeup. The directions for this lotion says to apply the makeup remover on a wet cotton pad and cleanse thoroughly. I did so, but I had to use a quarter of the container for application and I still had a layer of makeup leftover that my toner picked up. Even after my toner my skin feels a bit sticky. Not sure this product is for me.

Lily of Hawaii: Hale O Moani Aromatic Balm in Earthen Spice
Bring the beauty of the islands to your beauty routine when you slather on this delicious smelling balm.
Full Size: 2.0 oz ($22.00)
Size Received: 0.25 oz ($2.75)
It looks like this item was customized (only a few people received it this month). Lily of Hawaii is an Etsy shop, so it is awesome to see Green Grab Bag supporting a really local business ;) The owner has received much of her inspiration for the aromatic balms from the elements in Hawaii. She originally made the balms as gifts and used them in her massage practice, but so many people wanted them she opened up her own shop. I received an Earthen Spice fragrance blend that is earthy, spicy, warming, with a hint of Bay Rum. Each is mainly formulated with organic, Hawaiian beeswax. The pot is solid, but it melts on the spot when you dab. I put it on my wrists to try it out, but don't think this scent is right for me. I normally don't gravitate to spice or woodsy scents. To me it smells like Christmas potpourri. It smells nice, but not for me. 

Total value of my June 2012 Green Grab Bag:$20.77
This bag did not wow me at all. How are any of these products geared for summer? The so-called theme is silly. And although I may use organic beeswax in moderation, this bag contained 4 products made of beeswax. I generally gravitate towards products that do not contain beeswax so I wasn't too thrilled about that. I am excited about the Pangea facial scrub and the chapstick but I don't think it is worth $15 a month to keep Green Grab Bag going. And I learned that the Lily of Hawaii owner had sent all 3 balms to be sent together so we could try all 3, but GGB split them up... Not cool. I'd have loved to try the others. I was already charged for July, but I decided to cancel. Either I'll receive July as my last or they will refund me.

What do you think of my June Green Grab Bag? Do you think I should have kept my Green Grab Bag subscription? Let me know in the comments below! If you don't get Green Grab Bag, click here to join


  1. Green Grab Bag is one of my favorites - and I actually liked the June bag a lot - except for Pangea. I know a lot of people love Pangea, but it just doesn't turn me on.

    My favorite item was the Magic Balm, and my next favorite was the Lily of Hawaii product (mine was Morning Wind).

    However... yes, June definitely wasn't an overwhelming "ohmygawd yes, yes, yes!" kind of month!

    1. The Pangea turned out to be my favorite. I wish I got to try a different scent from Lily of Hawaii. The Morning Wind sounded like it would smell really great!

      My budget is so teeny that I couldn't afford to just be meh about most of the products. But I do agree it is a great service!


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