Friday, June 8, 2012

Favorite Music Friday: Devlin

While cooling down after a long run this week my favorite new rapper came on my iPod. It was then that I realized that his CD is one of my most listened to albums of all time. Which is why Devlin is this week's Favorite Music Friday pick.

If you are familiar with Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal, Roll Deep, or Professor Green, you may also like Devlin. Devlin is an English rapper that is has been part of the Grime music movement since he was 17. Grime is an underground, British hip hop that mixes together different rhythms and sounds from all sorts of genres (dancehall, hip hop, garage, punk). Unlike American rappers, these guys have a unique Jamaican/Caribbean influence. Devlin received worldwide attention in 2008 when Kanye West posted a video of he and another rapper freestyling.

I only heard about Devlin after he released his first solo album Bud, Sweat, and Beers. I randomly decided to check out his album one night when I was bored. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. I really like the way that he raps. He doesnt rap super fast and he has a distinct rhythm. Plus, almost every song has a featured artist that brings a unique prospective to his beats. Devlin collaborated with many female, pop singers that soften the music and add fun choruses to sing along with. His first single and also this week's pick 'Brainwashed' features Jodie Connor who I already knew from hearing her songs play at work. And I adore the girl because she has the coolest collection of eyeglasses. Devlin's music is youthful and fun.

I bet many people who know rap hate him, but as a former teeny bopper who rebelled by listening to Linkin Park...this is my kind of jam.

Happy Friday and enjoy!


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