Friday, June 15, 2012

Birchbox: June 2012

For the first time in months I was really good and didn't peak once! Maybe I'll like my box more because I have no expectations.

Don't know what Birchbox is?
Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that delivers a little, heavenly box of premium beauty samples to your doorstep. Each month you will receive 4-5 samples (sometimes even full-sized products) and generally a goodie (energy booster, granola bar, etc). The samples range from make-up, polishes, skincare, body, hair, and fragrances. All from luxury, quality brands. Every month is a surprise, but the samples picked for you are based on a survey you fill out letting the gals know your style and skin-type. Birchbox costs just $10 a month, and your box will always be valued way above!
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June 2012, Box #6
This month Birchbox is ready for summer to begin and jetsetting around the world. I love that they kept the theme going on the inside of the cardboard box with the passport stamps, too cute! All the products this month are devoted to indulging in your 'inner jetsetter.' Products to help you get to your destination and others to keep you looking great while you are there. I for some reason really love this theme! Maybe because I myself am so ready to jet set my way to a vacation. If only...

Information Cards:

ComodynesSelf-Tanning Towelettes in Intense
Who needs the sun when you can get a safe, buildable, and natural-looking tan with these bestselling European towelettes?
Full Size: 8 towelettes ($14.99)
Size Received: 2 towelettes ($3.75)
I received Comodynes self tanning towelettes now in three different boxes (GoGoGirlfriend and Beauty Box 5). I have yet to use any of the wipes. I received the other towelettes during the winter so I had no interest in having tan skin. But now that I'm showing off my legs in dresses and shorts I am conscious of the fact that I am whiter than a ghost. I'll be trying these out and will let you all know how it goes. I've never used self-tanner so this will be an experiment.

stilaOne Step Bronze
Fake an island glow with this three-in-one bronzer, primer, and serum. It also keeps your skin's oil production in check.
Full Size: 1 oz ($36.00)
Size Received: 1 oz ($36.00)
Holy crap I just realized this is a full-size!! I haven't been a fan of stila's makeup products, but I was still excited to try this out. This is a one step bronzer/serum/primer. It contains swirls of the product that come out separately but then you combine it all together while you apply. The three helix are: matte bronze that warms and corrects color, a luminous bronze that enhances skintone and illuminates, and a 'kitten' shimmer that brightens and helps diminish sun spots. Plus, this stuff also has active clay that helps matte, minimize pores, hydrates and balances, and diminishes fine lines. Whew! It does a lot. At first I was worried it was too dark, but it isn't too bad it blends really well. It definitely made me tanner than I am! I had a glow all day. The shimmer is a bit more than I am used to, but Im still excited to use it especially since it has yellow undertones to help even out my pink skin! By the end of the day I did notice that my skin had pink splotches everywhere and some acne I thought was going away seems to be flaring up again. I'll try using it a few more days to see if it is actually the stila that broke my skin out. Who knows it may not be it.

MasqueologyPore Minimizing Mask
This targeted sheet mask shrinks visible pores while amping up your skin's moisture levels. Use it daily and -- if you're brave -- during your next flight.
Full Size: 3 masks ($24.00)
Size Received: 1 mask ($8.00)
This is a creepy looking mask treatment that is suposed to minimize pores and add a glow.  This is a Korean company. I am always very hesitant about beauty products from Eastern countries because they are normally not cruelty-free or vegan. And my hesitation was spot on. The mask has caviar extract, which is fish eggs. No thanks. Not on my face. Plus, it has a lot of amino acids that could be from animal sources. And the website has no information about its animal testing policy. Skipping this one.

theBalm: Staniac in Beauty Queen
We're crazy about this two-in-one lip and cheek stain: the sheer gel formula delivers a subtle, long-wearing flush.
Full Size: 0.3 oz ($17.00)
Size Received: 0.04 oz ($2.27)
Everyone this month received theBalm's Staniac. It is a gel lip/cheek stain. The color is a reddish-pink, but luckily it doesn't have carmine! Wohoo! It literally is a gel product that you just dab and blend out. It is a very subtle color that you'd have to spend some time to build into anything more than a tint. It is nice to have underneath chapstick and it seems to last pretty long. My swatch even after washing my hand has not budged. This will be perfect to have floating in my purse.

John VaravatosStar USA
In honor of Father's Day, we've included this dapper cologne, a blend of ginger, juniper berries, and vetiver. Pass it on to a lucky guy friend or family member.
Full Size: 3.4 oz ($70.00)
Size Received: 0.04 oz ($3.75)
Maybe I'm greedy, but I'd much rather another lifestyle extra for myself! This is a men's fragrance that was created in hopes to offer a scent that isn't just current but goes with the trends. The top notes include ginger and juniper berries where the middle notes are spruce and cardamom and the base is vetiver and tonka. Many things that I am not completely familiar with. But the scent is actually quite nice. It is a bit spicy, a bit sweet, and woodsy. I have a male coworker that love his cologne, so I'll see if he likes it. He is actually intrigued by Birchbox Man but wouldn't pay $20 for the service.

Breeze through airport security with these too-cute plastic bags. They're perfectly sized for storing all your travel essential (and beauty samples).
Full Size: 9 bags ($8.49)
Size Received: 1 bag ($0.94)
A plastic bag? Really? I would have used this for my liquids if I got it before my trip, but my box arrived too late. I don't see the point spending almost $1 for a plastic zip lock bag! Even zip lock sells nicer looking bags with patterns for maybe $4 for a pack of 20. I generally buy the generic brand since I only use plastic bags for snacks on the go. Not my favorite extra.

Total value of my June 2012 Birchbox:$54.71
Wow!! What a change from last month. I was so fed up! At first I wasn't super excited about my box, but after a few days of getting to know my products I am really happy! I am so happy about the full-size primer/bronzer from stila. I am obsessed with primers and anything that can correct my skintone. I love anything from theBalm. And maybe the third time is the charm with the Comodyne wipes since Im actually considering trying them out. A great value and some great products!

What do you think of my June Birchbox? How does it compare to yours? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. Your box is much better than mine! I still need to put up the review.

    I agree about the men's cologne--I wanted an extra lifestyle item for me. I don't think that makes us greedy at all. :)

    1. What box did you get? Lately BB hasn't been my favorite, but hopefully next month will be awesome!

      I lucked out that my friend really liked the cologne!

  2. I think I am getting the same one. I sort of wish I had received it before I left for my long trip abroad, though!!

    1. That's how I felt! I went on a trip earlier in the week and definitely would have used the tili bag through security. But now I dont know what to do with it! Guess Ill save it for my next vacation. :)

      Where are you traveling right now?

  3. Good choice not to try the mask. I actually wish I had read this before I tried it, and I love that you bring a lot of attention to non-cruelty free products in your blog. That's something I am interested in, but rarely have the information on to make smart choices about it. Either way, the mask was disgustingly slimy and caused a lot of red/puffiness in my face. No thank you.

    Have you tried the self-tanning towelettes yet? I have 4 of them, and definitely understand whiter than a ghost. I'm terrified to try them. I was just wondering, because I'm thinking about using them before vacation...


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