Friday, June 1, 2012

Favorite Music Friday: Katy B

Oops, life caught up with me and this a good 12 hours late!

This week I want to feature a song that has been stuck in my head. Anytime it comes on at work I start singing even if I'm working with customers. I'm not the best singer, so for me to subject others to my voice means I'm hooked.

Katy B is a British singer-songwriter that has a very unique sound. Katy is from South London and a graduate of a famous british performing arts school that churned out Amy Winehouse, Adele, Imogen Heap, Leona Lewis, and many, many more. Katy's style is a mixture of funk, r&n, dubstep, pop, and more. Every track on her album has a little different flare. But in some way it all fits together into one sound. She's said that she really never had a vision for the album, she just loves singing and it just came together with the producers. And to top it off she has a very soft sweet voice that softens the rough edges of the beats.

The funny thing is I originally didn't like this singer at all. She confused me. In her video for her second single 'Lights On' she's wearing clunky gold earrings, a baggy sweater (a wife beater in another scene), and awkwardly dancing. She seemed to be trying too hard to be urban and hip. I never wanted to admit that I liked the song since the video turned me off so badly!

It was this week's Favorite Music Friday pick that got me excited about her. The song 'Broken Record' is a cute little love song that shows that Katy can put together club music and her soft, light voice. My absolute favorite part is the interlude (2:14). There is a slow build up to that point in the song that fades out with the repetition of the line like a broken record. Other songs on the album that I am digging are 'Movement' and 'Easy Please Me.'

Just shows it doesn't hurt to give an artist a second chance. I hope you enjoy Katy B! And I apologize for the late posting! Happy weekend!

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