Friday, February 1, 2013

Favorite Music Friday: The Neighbourhood

Is there ever a time where you aren't really into a song the first time you hear it, then weeks or months later you somehow fall for it? I almost didn't believe I was listening to the same song or the same band, but I was! I know I can be super critical of music, so it helps if I hear it a few times. That initial snobbery does eventually wear off and I can give a new voice, beat, or genre a chance.

I heard The Neighbourhood's Female Robbery on Sirius XM one morning on my way to work months ago. I thought it was interesting, but not enough to freak out and instantly Shazam it. Fast forward months later where my Sirius trial is over and I'm back to Spotify, I see a cool looking album cover show up on my Spotify new music page and I took a listen. I recognized the song title immediately and I was dragged in, over and over and over.

The Neighbourhood is a band from Southern California formed in August 2011. Just a year and half later they have a debut EP out, a record contract, and an upcoming full length. They are getting all kinds of well deserved buzz. I'm sure they are about to explode. The band is fronted by Jesse Rutherford (just 21 years old!) who says he is influenced by hip hop and pop and really into moody monochromatic imagery. The Guardian states that their music is "like Foster the People with some of the tumblr sensibility of Lana Del Rey if she was a boy in low-slung jeans..." Somehow this description is spot on.. Jesse's voice has a bit of an Adam Levine cute hipster boy whine to it, but his voice is completely likable. Every croon and oooh and woooh makes you just imagine the skinny jeans and Toms on a sexy tatted boy. Look up a picture of the fella, that is exactly what you get! Maybe not my type, but still exactly what I pictured!

(Image found at:

Enjoy their most played (on song, "Sweater Weather." With most songs I will be obsessed with the chorus, but this also has the sexiest verses. "Put my finger on your tongue / Cos you love the taste yeah." Umm yeah. Cough. That's hot. Broody, in love hipsters. I tell ya.

Hope you find a new favorite!

P.S. If you aren't a fan of the Mes Joies FB page, The Neighbourhood had the most popular song on this week, with their cover of Justin Timberlake's Cry Me A River!

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