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Birchbox: December 2012

So many people have been unhappy with Birchbox recently, but I still get so excited when I see it sitting in my mailbox!

Don't know what Birchbox is?
Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that delivers a little, heavenly box of premium beauty samples to your doorstep. Each month you will receive 4-5 samples (sometimes even full-sized products) and generally a goodie (energy booster, granola bar, etc). The samples range from make-up, polishes, skincare, body, hair, and fragrances. All from luxury, quality brands. Every month is a surprise, but the samples picked for you are based on a survey you fill out letting the gals know your style and skin-type. Birchbox costs just $10 a month, and your box will always be valued way above!
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December 2012, Box #1
Let the festivities begin! December was all about making you feel and look your best for the holiday season. Birchbox cutely decorated the box this month and included a gift tag and gift box that could be reused. I loved how things used to be wrapped up individually with tissue paper since it really was like opening 5 teeny adorable presents. They've since moved towards small card boxes, which means quicker processing and most likely lower production costs. If it means Birchbox gets to share with more people and keep the price at $10, I'm quite okay with the change!

Information Cards:

FreshCitron de Vigne Eau de Parfum
Wine aficionados and perfume snobs alike love this pinot-infused fragrance, which pairs a rich grape core with bright notes of citrus.
Full Size: 3.4 oz ($80.00)
Size Received: 0.25 oz ($5.88)
My oh my, what a huge perfume sample!! I only know fresh because of the free Sephora lip tints on your birthday, I had no idea they were such scent connoisseurs. Citron de Vigne is a really complex scent. The 'pinot noir' core is compromised of bergamot, dark almond, musk, white sandalwood, and rose. It has a bubbly citrus top notes and deep earthy base to really make you feel like you are among the grape vines in France. This scent is light, fresh, and crisp without being too sweet. I generally have been wearing this as a daytime perfume, but it is so sophisticated. I'm tempted to buy the $20 rollerball!

12 BenefitsInstant Healthy Hair Treatment
Top stylists love this protective leave-in mist, which tamps down frizz and restores the vibrancy of color-treated or damaged hair.
Full Size: 6.0 oz ($19.00)
Size Received: 1.5 oz ($4.75)
I have been using leave-in mists for years. With my thin, oily hair I can't use creams or gels or most mouses unless I want to shower ever 6 hours. These leave-in mists allow me to get the benefits without all the grease. My absolute favorite being Sebastian Potion 9 Lite, which protects and adds volume. They were recently bought by Proctor & Gamble, so their cruelty-free status is somewhat murky. 12 Benefits states clearly on the bottle that they don't test on animals and is 100% vegan. Sweet! This hair treatment smooths frizz, repairs damage and strengthens, prevents split ends, moisturizes and seals hair, prevents flat iron/blow dry damage, protects from chlorine, wind, and sun, detangles, and adds shine, softness, and a silky finish! All that in one bottle, one spritz, and no added weight to my hair!? This product is so reasonably priced too. I think I have a new favorite.

SamparUltra Hydrating Fluid
This gorgeous Parisian moisturizer helps skin retain hydration and prevents moisture evaporation while also protecting it from pollution. 
Full Size: 1.7 oz ($71.00)
Size Received: 0.5 oz ($20.88)
Initially this product would not pump. I sat trying to get the pump to work for maybe 5 minutes? I gave up and tried again a few days later and still no go. I contacted Birchbox in hopes they'd have some leftover, but they didn't so they sent me 100 BB points. Strangely enough, a month and half later, it has started to pump! I could never see spending $35/oz on moisturizer. Ever. Although this hydrating fluid is stated to reduce water loss by 20% after only 2 days of application! It also helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, protect skin from the elements, and add back a youthful glow. I will admit this stuff is pretty great. It absorbs so quickly, leaves my skin feeling moisturized, and somehow is still non-oily. If you have the money, I'd go for it!

theBalmHot Mama Shadow & Blush All-in-One
How cute is this peachy blush? The universally flattering pigment is laced with faint golden shimmer to add warmth to your complexion.
Full Size: 7.08 g ($20.00)
Size Received: 1 g ($2.83)
I have wanted to try this blush for quite some time. Many people think it is a good dupe of NARS Orgasm blush. They aren't much different in price, and NARS is a cruelty-free company, but it is still nice to try out dupes! This is a bright peach blush with loads of illuminating gold shimmer. The minute you sweep this on your look more awake and perky. I didn't think it would look good on me, but it really does flatter every skin shade. theBalm's blush products seriously are the best. Pigmented, illuminating, and last forever. I love this blush and it is now part of my daily routine!

Emily's Chocolates: Dark Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Fortunes
Filled with festive messages, these treats have surpassed ginger snap cookies as our favorite holiday goodie.
Full Size: 6 cookies ($5.99)
Size Received: 1 cookie ($1.00)
I had high hopes that this would be vegan! I mean dark chocolate, but of course it wasn't. I forgot to take a photo before I gave it away. Woops. It made a cute addition to my sister's Christmas gift though!
(Product not vegan)

Rent The Runway: $50 off dress rental of $125
The idea of Rent The Runway is pretty cool. Rent a gorgeous, expensive dress for 4 (or 8) days, wear it to your event, and then ship it on back for a fraction of the cost. Rent The Runway also lets you rent a backup size dress for free too! I am always between sizes, so this is a must for me. The cost to rent is generally 10% of the full value of the dress, with many dress renting at $50-200. They do all the cleaning for you, so no extra costs for you. If I had a big time event to go to and wanted to look beyond glamorous, I would for sure use this service. No more combing through 100s of ugly, cheap dresses at The Rack, I'll be dripping in luxury wearing designer goods.

Total value of my December 2012 Birchbox:$35.34 + coupon
This was a box that I initially wasn't too excited about. But then got a chance to test everything out and figured out how great all the products are! I wish all perfume sample sizes were as big as the fresh sample! And what a great mixture of product types. A little make-up, hair, fashion, skin, scent. Its got it all covered!

What do you think of my December Birchbox? How does it compare to yours?  Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. Even though you're just catching up with your posts, it's actually pretty interesting to hear about your long-term experiences with the products. Sadly, I re-budgeted due to student teaching and no longer have any subscription boxes. Alas, I'll live vicariously through everyone else. Haha.

  2. I don't get Birchbox anymore....I finally found a skin care and makeup routine that I love so I figured I should give it a rest for awhile. But I LOVE that 12 Benefits spray....I just started running out this morning :( I got it from a friend who works at a beauty supply store and gave me a goodie bag of extras. I will have to go out and buy some more soon. It makes my hair soooo soft.


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