Friday, February 8, 2013

Favorite Music Friday: SBTRKT

I had such a hard time picking this week's Favorite Music Friday. The past two weeks I have been on new music overload! I have a good 5-10 bands I want to share with you! I decided to let my statistics make the decision by picking my most listened to artist this past week.

Another band that I discovered through Spotify Radio. SBTRKT is the musical project of UK producer/DJ, Aaron Jerome. Aaron wants people to focus on the physical music and not on him. He wants to subtract himself and let the listener take in just the music; which is why he also always wears a tribal mask when he performs live. 

SBTRKT's music has been classified as electronic, dubstep, bass, R&B, and indie pop.What I love about his style is that it consistently has amazing beats, well done vocal loops, and sampling. Yet, somehow each song on his self-titled debut album is so unique! SBTRKT collaborated with many different artists that really help build the songs and their direction. Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon is featured, Jessica Ware, and Sampha. Little Dragon's track is darker, moody, and sexy. Whereas Jessica Ware's are more electronica/house infused, and Sampha's smooth voice is where the R&B undertones come in.

Since each song is really their own journey, I decided to sample two songs this week. The first is 'Wildfire' featuring Little Dragons. The video just emphasizes how dark and twisted this song is. I cannot stop listening to it. 

This second track called 'Never, Never' is actually the song I heard on Spotify Radio. I cannot get enough of Sampha's voice. Smooth, sweet, and painful. Add in the marimba beat, or whatever type of xylophone being used, and the song is near perfection. The song builds layer after layer without feeling too mixed. My favorite being at 2:46 where Sampha begins to cry out before the song just explodes.

Hope you enjoy! And TGIF, big time!


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