Monday, April 16, 2012


Friends. Im sorry to say that the next three weeks I will be posting very sparsely. I'm finishing up the last few weeks of my graduate school career. My last weeks of school...ever! They will be quite trying though. Over 66% of ALL of my assignments this semester have not been turned in. I have 10 massive assignments/papers/projects/labs to complete. Im living and breathing science!

I swear once I take my last final on May 9th I will return here with full force. I have so many new products and reviews to share with you!

Until then I'll just be posting my subscription boxes as they come and Favorite Music Friday picks.

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Good luck to all the other students out there! We will make it through! And don't forget to breathe and enjoy the spring weather!


  1. Good luck, fellow grad student! I'm in the same boat as you until May 4. I have no idea how I'm going to finish everything that I need to do.

    Ughh, I could not have chosen a more inconvenient time to start a beauty blog!

    1. I don't either! I have asked my work to not schedule me the last two weeks and I only work 18hrs this week, but that is still too much! There isn't enough hours in the day.

      I find that blogging has helped reduce my stress. Im able to calm down for an hour or two while I write and take photos. Then back to the craziness. Good luck! Remember stressed is backwards for desserts ;)

    2. Thanks, you too! I'll keep that in mind about the desserts... :)


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