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Beauty Box 5: April 2012

After my buy one month get the second month free ended I decided to stick with BB5 to see if they kept moving forward and getting better....

Don't know what Beauty Box 5 is? 
Beauty Box 5 is a month beauty subscription service that delivers a cute Tiffany blue box of premium beauty samples to your doorstep. Each month you will receive  4-5 packet samples, deluxe samples, and a full-sized product. Brands are expected to vary from luxury high-end, department store brands, and anything in-between. The samples chosen are based off of a short profile, but it looks like the first few months all products will be the same. Beauty Box 5 costs $12 a month and your box will always be valued above!
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April 2012
My box came super fast this time around. They finally got tracking numbers which I really appreciated. I just feel secure knowing where in the world my future belongings are. What I did notice is that before the boxes even shipped the Beauty Box 5 website had all the products that were going to be in the April boxes up. Some of them were even visibile in March. I guess it made it not very exciting when I was opening the box since I had a suspicion that these would be the brands I'd be seeing. Plus, when I realized that I was receiving mostly satchels and single use wipes I was really disappointed. Instead of moving forward, the company went backwards.

Information Card:

LA FreshWaterproof Makeup Remover
Say goodbye to the irritation of scrubbing off that waterproof mascara and those trendy lip stains.Full Size: 24 wipes ($9.99)
Size Received: 1 wipe ($0.42)
I received the full size wipes in my Sindulge box last month. Here I received a single, measly wipe? I actually have only use 2 wipes from that container because I found I feel the wipes are too greasy. My face has a slick oil feel after I wipe with these. They make work on getting make-up off, but I want to feel refreshed and completely clean when I use these wipes. I wouldn't use my eye makeup remover (which is greasy) on my skin too. What I do like about these wipes is that they are probably a third of the size of what most companies give. I think those giant wipes are so wasteful! How big is your face that you need that large a wipe? And like I said last month, the company uses only natural ingredients, is cruelty-free, and eco conscious.

SupergoopSunscreen Wipe SPF 30
For long-lasting, water-resistant SPF protection, gently wipe SPF 30+ Sunscreen Swipes evenly over your face and body before exposure to sun.Full Size: 10 wipes ($10.00)
Size Received: 1 wipe ($1.00)
Another singlet? I'm intrigued by the idea of a sunscreen wipe. I never remember to put on sunscreen, unless it is in my makeup (which I make sure it is). But there are many days that I don't realize that I'll be outside and exposed to all the harmful rays of the sun. Even a few days ago I had to do a project outside and ended up with red skin. I have to start protecting my skin if I don't want it to look 50 by the time I'm 30! The wipe is formulated with all natural ingredients, no parabens, and is fragrance free. I love when a company clearly states that their products are plant based! It makes my life easier. I'll be sticking this guy in my purse and using it on a sunny day! It just would have been nice to have gotten more than one wipe.

Makeup GeekEyeshadow Refill Pan in Shimma Shimma
All of the pigment for half of the price, Makeup Geek eye shadow pans will blow your makeup mind!Full Size: 1 refill pan ($5.99)
Size Received: Full-size! 1 refill pan ($5.99)
This is the only product in my box that Im excited for. They promised to always have a full-size product in the box and they did deliver on that. Although I see the website also sells compact versions of these for just $2 more. It would have been nice if they came in a compact since now I'll just have a random pan floating around. Makeup Geek is a cruelty-free, budget conscious company that knows that we want pigmented, long-lasting color for less. I received Shimma Shimma which is a metallic champagne color. I thought it was an exact dupe for my theBalm Mary Lou-Minzer, but when I put them next to each other the Shimma Shimma was much more taupe-y (included a photo since its hard to explain). Adding primer made all the difference with this shade. Using it without primer it is perfect as a brow highlighter and with primer it is a great light, blushing champagne.

What I did notice after I applied it to my eyelids is that it May contain carmine! Again! Another eyeshadow that may have crushed bugs. Why oh why do we still use this ingredient when there are so many alternatives? Especially companies that say they are cruelty-free. I contacted MUG and within minutes they replied back confirming that Shimma Shimma is vegan! They let me know that Razzleberry, Duchesss, Unexpected, Unicorn, Cupcake, Mango Tango, Country Girl, and Manderine contain carmine and therefore unsafe for vegans. I did ask if there was any thought of using a different red dye and the girl forwarded my suggesting to the owner, Marlena. Seems like an awesome company! And I may need to try out some other colors!

Pur-lissePur-Protect SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer
Powerful protection from the entire spectrum is yours, all in a lightweight, nourishing moisturizer.Full Size: 1.7oz ($55.00)
Size Received: 0.14oz ($4.53)
Yup, another little satchel. I received this same exact sample last month from MyGlam. The company may be great and all products are vegan and cruelty-free, but I really didn't like this moisturizer. As I stated last month, the moisturizer has lupine peptides that nourish the skin, blue lotus flower that detoxify, white tea to help destress and repair damage, soy protein to help skin retain moisture, and sea silk that reduce firm lines and firm. Plus, SPF 30. It felt so greasy and had a sunscreen like feeling on my skin. It did not absorb well at all for me. But I do have a very oily skin complex, so maybe this just isn't right for my skin type. I'll be passing this along hoping someone else will like this.

FreemanFacial Exfolating Scrub in Pink Grapefruit
This scrub gently resurfaces your skin, removing dead cells so your skin experiences healthy cell renewal.
Full Size: 5oz ($3.99)
Size Received: 0.5oz ($0.40)
I can't stay away from this brand. This is the second month in a row that BB5 has had Freeman travel-size masks. The masks just dont seem to do what they say or if they do poorly. But I always fall for pink grapefruit face products. I love how they smell and feel on my skin, so Im excited to try this one. The scrub is made from natural fruit extracts and natural oils which I like, plus it has aloe to help soothe my sensitive skin. The scrub will hopefully make my skin feel smoother and more radiant. This satchel is enough for 2-3 uses. 

Total Value of my April 2012 Beauty Box 5 Box$12.53
Really? I could have bought two Makeup Geek Eyeshadows on my own for the same price and been happier than this box. Instead of moving forward and continuing with the nice sized samples that were in last month's box, they moved backwards. I don't mind a few satchels, but every single sample was a satchel! At least they pulled through and still gave me my promised full-size item. I love the MUG eyeshadow and am excited to have learned about the company, but was it worth $12 to get the rest of the items that Im just meh about. No. I decided to cancel. I was so hesitant for some reason, but I was only half excited about any of the boxes that I received. I may sign up in the future if things change, but for now it isn't worth my money.

What did you think of my April Beauty Box 5? What did you get? Are you happy with the boxes? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Ugh...lame. Last month, I cancelled before I actually received my box, and I ended up being pretty sad about it because I did really love what was inside. However, after seeing this, I'm glad I saved my $12.

    1. Yeah they really went backwards! I'm sad since last month made me excited about BB5. Oh well.

  2. I canceled mine after last month. I don't want a face mask every box! LOL. I only have Birchbox and Beauty Army now.

    1. I've canceled two this month, but I signed up for May's Green Grab Bag and am so tempted to get a second birchbox again for the Gossip Girl boxes. I obviously have a problem. hah

  3. Love your review! It was very thorough. I haven't gotten my BB5 (and probably won't for another week or so as I'm in Canada) but I wish they'd put in more packets! Thanks for mentioning the bit about carmine - I did not know that meant crushed bugs. Eww!

    1. Yeah carmine is gross :( They stick it in everything! Apparently now even Starbucks is using it as a coloring for their strawberry frappes. Im glad you enjoyed the review!

  4. I cancelled after they kept losing my boxes in the mail. I have several of the MUG eyeshadows and I love them. Shimma Shimma is one I use frequently. They are already magnetic so just grab yourself a Z palette and go. You don't have to worry about finding the self adhesive magnets. ;)

    1. Oh I had no idea it had a magnetic backing! How cool. Thanks for the tip!

  5. It's nice to try new products every month. I hope you can visit my blog too.

    1. It definitely is! I have found some new favorites from my beauty subscriptions. :)

  6. I canceled my subscription after this month..

    Here is my mini review on what I got in this box

  7. Last month they gave us a day/night cream that would expire in ONE MONTH.... now all these single use samples! I'm so glad I'm not with Beauty Box 5! Thanks for sharing your review!


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