Monday, April 9, 2012

Business Cards!!

A few weeks ago I was out shopping and got a compliment on my lipstick. It was the NYX lip cream that I had reviewed on my blog in February. I let the girl know what the brand was and that I had a beauty blog that had a full review of the lip cream and info on where to buy it. It was at that moment when we were scrambling for a pen and paper that made me realize that I needed business cards.

Well I don't NEED them but they are such a great way to quickly get the word out and network. I turned to Vistaprint since they were the most reasonably priced and I got such a great deal. I ended up only paying $10 for 250 custom business cards. Not bad at all.

I had found so many bad reviews for Vistaprint and they have a terrible BBB score! I was very close to canceling my order, but since it was so cheap I decided to go for it anyways. The process for making my business card was super easy and I was able to customize every bit of my card (font, image, placement, sizing, font color, etc). Below is the design that I confirmed and sent to print.

It originally said that I would be paying $20 + shipping since I added on extras (custom image, front and back, a proof of my card). But I found someone's referral code and added that discount code and somehow ended up with a cheaper price as I moved forward in the payment process. They sure tried to have me add a billion extras, like stamps, return labels, a weight, etc. But Im okay with dealing with all that for such a great price. They said it could take up to two weeks to be printed, but my cards were printed and sent out all within a week of when I ordered!

I was nervous when I was opening the box since most of the negative reviews were that the printing was really off and the paper and color quality was poor. I was pleasantly surprised though! The color was less saturated than I original had, but I dont think it looks bad. I sort of like it better. The only part of the design I couldn't edit was the background color of the front of the card. I thought it was a bit too pink and I am happy that it is more beige in real life. The only negative is that the link on the back of the card is a bit off center, but that isn't enough to make me upset. Although, the anal freak in me does find it a bit irritating. Vistaprint does have a quality assurance policy, so I contacted them through a live chat and they have offered to send replacements within the week for free! Super happy about that. Either way I love how they turned out. And ecstatic that I only paid $10!

I do have a referral code. If you are a new customer you'll get a $5 credit towards your first purchase when you use my link, plus the website always has a billion automatic discounts!

I cannot wait to get out and network with these bad boys. I feel like a legit blogger. And a bit dorkier too ;)


  1. Cute! I think I'm going to get some from MOO.. they have them as a perk on klout!

    1. I feel so old trying to figure out klout. I signed up got a score and dont really get it.
      But the MOO cards look really nice! If I could get those for free I would do it ;)

    2. haha I just logged in and klout thinks im influential on ipads and moms... I love my momma, but Im not a mom. And I dont own an ipad... Interesting...

  2. These are awesome! Such a great idea. :)

  3. superb article! great heading each of them! Free Business Cards


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