Friday, April 27, 2012

Favorite Music Friday: Greg Laswell

One of my favorite singer's new CD was released this week!! Oh Greg Laswell, I have missed you!

My ears first heard the sweet bliss that is Greg Laswell when I was watching an overly emotional episode of Grey's Anatomy. I watched the first two seasons of Grey's Anatomy within a 48-hour marathon during my freshmen year of college. By the season finale, which was emotional on its own, I was crying as if a family member had died. Grey's Anatomy still gets me. It tugs at me in all the right ways. I can't watch it with anybody or I feel foolish that I'm in the corner sniffling. 

I don't remember what episode the first Greg Laswell song was on, but I can imagine hearing that voice made the episode even more of a sob fest. Greg Laswell is a singer song-writer from San Diego who released his first solo work after he parted ways with his band. The CD Good Movie received many local awards and landed him a record deal. His sophomore album Through Toledo was written after his divorce from his first wife (as of 2011 he is married to Ingrid Michaelson). All the songs came from the sudden pain and heartbreak that he felt when he was hit with the news. It features one of my favorite songs 'Sing, Theresa Says.' Although I have to say my FAVORITE album is Three Flights from Alto Nido, there isn't a song I could not listen to for hours on repeat. He says that all of his songs are pretty much autobiographical, and sometimes he shoots himself in the foot for a song. 

Greg Laswell has a very laid-back and subdued voice. Think scruffy, soft harmonies muddled with his deep, sweet voice. He has songs that will make you want to drown yourself in your own sorrows, others that make you want to move forward and up, and some that make you want to bask in the sunlight. 

Landline is 5th album released this week. It does not disappoint. What is great is that so many amazing artsits are featured. Sia, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, Redux, and Elizabeth Ziman. I haven't heard of the last two, but the songs are great. You can definitely tell that his music is happier, but what I love is that he hasn't lost his sound. Some musicians whose music is defined by their emotions completely change styles in a heartbeat (cough Sia cough) and they lose me. I guess I don't like such drastic change with my music and Landline does not disappoint.

The first single is 'Come Back Down' featuring Sara Bareilles and it is already one of my all-time favorites. Sara and Greg really compliment each other so well. The lyrics are humbling. We all need to come back down to earth and stop dragging and wallowing. We are alive! Such an amazing song. I hope you love it as much as I do! Plus a mega bonus, if you like the song it is currently iTunes' free single of the week! Download it for free here.

He is going to be on tour all summer. I've yet to see him live, but I'm hoping to get some of my friends together to see him when he comes to DC.

Enjoy the music and your friday! I know I will! I'll either be passed out or having a few too many drinks. By 6pm Friday I will have submitted and presented my graduate thesis!!! JOY!

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