Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Look of the Day: Forever 21 Life In Progress Chino Ankle Pant

I don't normally wear khakis, chinos, or whatever you like to call khaki style cotton pants. Growing up I always had a fear that Id get out of my seat and have dirt all over my booty or other unfortunate incidents. My anxiety is so bad that I do not own a single pair of khakis. But all of these gorgeous colored khakis and chinos this season made me envious! I finally decided to take the leap when I found these reasonable priced ($22.50 a pop) Forever 21 Life In Progress Chino Ankle pants. Unfortunately the US site is all sold out, but they are still available on the UK, Canada, and EU websites. They came in pale banana and brick. I have never ever worn Forever 21 pants, I always just assumed that they would be a terrible fit, look cheap, and I'd have to size up 20 sizes. But, I could not resist!

 I got my regular 'Gap' size in the banana and the size up in the brick colored. I was so pleased when they arrived. The material was softer than any of my expectations, a bit thicker than I thought I'd be getting for the price, and they have the perfect amount of stretch. I decided I had to wear a pair the day after I got them. But, what do you wear with colored chinos?

I was at a loss for a few hours trying to decide what to wear with them. Should I play it safe and wear a boring button up or plain t-shirt? Go crazy with prints?

I needed to find inspiration online through other blogs, google searches of yellow pants, and street style. If it wasn't for blogs I'd still be wearing flood jeans with running shoes (circa 2000), horrific. Having an online fashion FOTD diary for 4 years really helped me gain confidence to try crazy looks and find out exactly what is my style. Although even today, my looks don't always end up as cool as I first thought. But hey I tried. Here's one of those looks that I look back and wonder...why?

this is an example of poor fashion choices...

So my first look with the pale banana chinos is a relaxed and casual look for work. I love this Gap V-neck tee since it has so many gorgeous colors: mints, lavenders, corals, navy. They all really compliment the yellow. Purples and corals are perfect colors to match with yellow without feeling like you threw up the primary color wheel. And if you want to be a little more subtle, any graphic tee with pops of beiges or yellow of the same hue/color family as your pants will be a perfect compliment. 

The pants and this look were a hit at work. I was comfortable but still felt put together. I'm so excited to come up with more styles! 

What do you think of all the colored khakis? What would you pair with these chinos? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Well you can pair these chinos with black tee or shirt of you can wear white t-shirt with a black or blue blazer, i guess it depends for what purpose you are wearing chinos and in what season.

    1. I love the idea of a blue blazer! It's something I wouldn't have thought of!


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