Saturday, January 14, 2012

Marcy - Shoedazzle

As a vegan it is hard to find knee-high boots that don't look like they are made of latex for hookers or will fall apart in a minute. I have one pair of dark brown boots that I adore, but I saw these boots (Marcy, they are already sold out or Id give a link) on Shoedazzle this month and couldn't resist. I was pleasantly surprised with them. They were soft, didn't look cheap, and are completely lined. They fit like a charm and Im in love with them. They barely hit my knee, but such is life as a giant. Im on my way to the grocery store to test these babies out. 

eta: I noticed that the buckles on the back jingle a bit. Im going to add a piece of clear masking tape around the buckle bar to stop that from happening. I felt like I was gonna step out and sing Jingle Bells during a flash mob. But super comfortable, I have no doubt I can wear these all day long at work without inserts.

top: Gap
jeans: Gap
necklace: Jewelmint

What is Shoedazzle? Shoedazzle is a monthly shoe club. They also sell purses and jewelry. Everything is just $39.95. As of 3/29 Shoedazzle no longer charges you every month. No need to remember to skip the month, just pay when you purchase! Before the new month's shoes come out, Shoedazzle will ask you what you are looking for (sky-high heels, boots, open-toe, casual, fancy, etc). On the 1st of the month you can visit your showroom and see what they've prepared for you. If you don't like anything you can request a new selection or browse your friends showroom. What's even more exciting is that every 10 items you buy, you get a free credit to purchase whatever you want!
Interested in signing up, click here to take your style quiz and view your showroom!

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