Friday, January 13, 2012

About Moi!

Hello new friends!
Before I start posting I want to let you all know a bit about myself.
This is not my first blog, I had a vegan food blog for two years. I stopped writing because it was hard to keep up and I currently dont have time to make beautiful meals worth posting.

So here it goes

-My name is Sarah.
-I am 23. I live in Washington, DC.
-I am a graduate student studying forensic sciences. I graduate May 2012. Im ready to finish school and work full-time.
-I work in retail. I work for Gap. I have a love/hate relationship with my job.
-I am vegan. I love animals and have been some form of a vegetarian for the last 12 years (vegan for the last 4).
-I am a runner. I ran cross country in high school, but barely ran 10mi total during my undergraduate career. DC's scenic paths have revived my love for the sport and Im currently training for my first half marathon.
-I love traveling. I have studied abroad in Brazil (1 year in high school through Rotary International) and India (2 mos in college). Asides from Denmark and Sweden I have not traveled Europe. Although, I have always pictured myself moving to France. I still see that happening one day. Hopefully...
-I love fashion. I love reading fashion blogs. I wish I could completely throw out my wardrobe and start fresh. I tend to hold onto pieces far too long and have way too much. I also wish I was more innovative with my style.
-I ADORE shoes. I may like shoes more than clothing. The downside is that as a vegan I sometimes can only drool over gorgeous leather shoes. I have turned to services like Shoedazzle and Sole Society.
-Jewelry is another one of my loves. I generally am always wearing a necklace and a few rings or bangles. I tend to buy F21 and Jewelmint costume jewelry, but every so often I want to splurge and walk into a Tiffany's.

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