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Ipsy: February 2013

I love how early Ipsy is delivered! I normally don't even get the email tracking until after I get my Ipsy! Kind of a nice surprise!

Don't know what Ipsy is? Ipsy is a once a month beauty subscription service that delivers premium beauty samples to your door. The creator of Ipsy, Michelle Phan, is a YouTube beauty expert that wants to share her favorite items with the world. The bags are delivered in the cutest reusable beauty bags. Once you join you will take a beauty/preference quiz that will help the girls choose the best products for you. The products range from beauty, skincare, hair, body, nails, and more. Every month you should also expect to receive full-sized products. Ipsy costs $10 a month, and your bag will always be valued above!
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February 2013, Red Carpet Ready
Ipsy is really delivering on their themes. Birchbox had a similar theme this month, but it really didn't seem to relate really well to the products they sent out. Whereas everything in this Ipsy bag is related to va va voom eyes. Im not the fondest on the bag, lacquer black is so plain and boring. I don't think I'll reuse it, it looks too cheap to even try and use it to go out. But I was so impressed with the size of all the samples this month. Each item is about half the full size or larger! Pretty darn good.

Information Card:

Coastal ScentsShadow Palette in Gold Quad
These miniature-sized samples contain four hand-selected shades by ipsy, making it easy to create a variety of looks. Wear these pressed powders dry or wet for a more intense, dramatic look.
Full Size: 4 - 0.16 oz ($7.96)
Size Received: 4 - 0.07 oz ($3.48)
This brand has been on my radar for awhile, but I've never been interested in buying anything from them. They generally market massively large palettes with 101 colors, which I don't really use. I'm simple when it comes to my eyeshadow, I don't like to wear 4 colors in one day. Maybe I'm boring? I received the Gold Quad shadow palette which has browns and yellow hues. These colors are actually really exciting though. They are multi-dimensional and really pair well together. The colors are Dark Goldenrod (iridescent, metallic gold), Sunbeam (a pale, matte yellow), Golden Globe (iridescent, liquid gold), and Dark Golden Olive (black-olive, with gold shimmer). The colors are on par with what I like to wear. But I have to say the formula of these guys are not that great. They crumble when you use a brush to apply and the fall-out while applying was insane. I had to restart my entire face because I got the dark color all over. I was not a happy camper. I would recommend only using these Coastal Scents shadows with a wet brush. They were highly pigmented though! And lasted all night long, so for the price they have a lot going for them.

PixiFlawless & Poreless Primer
The Pixi Flawless & Poreless primer creates a beautiful no-shine finish for flawless, long-lasting makeup application. This shine controlling, oil-free primer smooths out fine lines and hydrates while making pores instantly disappear. It is the perfect skin primer for all complexions and all skin types.
Full Size: 1.0 oz ($29.00)
Size Received: 0.5 oz ($14.50)
Pixi always gets me every time I go into Target. I see the aisle and my little eyes light up. Then I see the price and I slowly back away. This is a face primer that helps smooth out fine lines and reduce pore size while hydrating and creating a flawless foundation for makeup. It contains shea butter and silicas, but also stearyl alcohol and salicylic acid. So it provides moisture and hydrates, but also contains ingredients that dry out my face? Maybe they balance each other out just right. It also contains something called squalane, which is similar to argan oil, in that it is a miracle moisturizer. Squalane used to be obtained from shark livers, so I have to verify Pixi sources from a vegetable source before I try it out. I'm interested to try it since my acne dries out my face so badly, that a shea butter primer may be the answer I need. The reviews seem to say, you either love it or hate. So once I get the a-okay that it is vegan, I'll try it out and report back!
Cruelty-free! (unsure if vegan, yet)

Pop BeautySmokey Lash Kapow Mascara
This lash-POP-ing mascara makes lashes plump, long and lusciously flirty! Smudge proof formula adds volume while curling lashes up and out for a look that truly POPs your peepers! 
Full Size: 0.25 oz ($18.50)
Size Received: 0.17 oz ($12.58)
We all know I am obsessed with blinc. I have two different blinc mascaras that I use for different occasions. But I'll always take a mascara sample to take on vacation or to have in my car makeup kit. This mascara is a lengthening without clumping. It also has vitamin E and other nutrients to help protect and nourish. This mascara is safe for even the most sensitive eyes and for contact wearers. I haven't tried it yet, but when I do I'll let you all know what I think.

MicaBeautyGel Eyeliner in Black
Define eyes and apply eyeliner like a pro with the MicaBeauty Gel Eyeliner! This smooth, highly pigmented gel eyeliner glides over the lid evenly and dries quickly for a long-wearing, smudge-proof finish. Comes in 5 other highly pigmented shades. 
Full Size: 0.18 oz ($35.00)
Size Received: 0.05 oz ?? ($9.72)
Gel Eyeliners are not my favorite. It's a lot of work to me. I'm so used to pencils and pen type application of eyeliners that don't require a brush and a precise, even hand. But we received the nice eyeliner brush from Soho in our January Ipsy bag, so I figured I'd try the eyeliner out. It applied super dark and glided on very smoothly. I had a thick, sexy liner in under a minute. It did dry quickly, but I don't think I would call it smudge-proof. Throughout the day I would have a few smudges. And there is no way I would wear this if I knew I was being active. But it is the perfect eyeliner for going out on the town like a diva. I don't think we received a full-size, but I really have no idea how much we did get, so I'll er on the side of caution. Just fyi, it does contain beeswax, so it is not completely vegan.
Cruelty-free! (product not vegan)

Lash CardThe Lash Card
Apply your mascara perfectly with the Lash Card! Say goodbye to smudging, clumping, and messy mascara application. The Lash Card has two curves on each side that fit a variety of eye shapes, making it easy to get those hard-to-reach lashes. 
Full Size: 10 Lash Cards ($4.99)
Size Received: 4 Lash Cards ($1.99)
These re-usable lash cards are to help protect your skin while you apply mascara. I don't have a problem applying mascara on my top lashes, but it is a bit hard to get at my teeny bottom lashes without getting mascara all over. These cards can be reused about 10x each. But I could see just washing one over and over and not wasting a ton of cash.

Total Value of my February 2013 Ipsy bag$42.27
Another awesome month. I love how precise this theme was! Glamorous, eye make-up! And its nice that the previous months products (like the brush) work so well with this month's. Still not regretting re-subscribing. And almost wonder if Ipsy is better than Birchbox now. Except, I still love Birchbox Points!

What do you think of the February Ipsy bag? What was your favorite item? Let me know in the comments below! If you dont get Ipsy and are interested, click here to join!

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