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Goodebox: January 2013

I'm going to admit, this box embarrasses me. Since this blog is on the public interwebs, who knows who reads this! Either way, this was one of the most surprising and fun boxes I've received in awhile!

What is Goodebox?
Goodebox is a monthly subscription service that delivers trial size healthy, eco-conscious, natural beauty and personal care products. Each month you will receive 6 or more products customized for you. The brands and products that Goodebox send out have been thoroughly evaluated upon the brand's use of non-toxic, natural ingredients that respect earth, animals, and humanity. The samples will range from make-up, skincare, body, fragrances, and some lifestyle and wellness products. Every month is a surprise, but the samples picked are based on a very detailed, thorough survey that even lets you indicate color preferences, any allergies, vegan, sensitivities, etc. Goodebox costs $16 a month, but the value of your box will be way above!
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January 2013, Curated by Stefanie Iris Weiss
Like I noted last month Goodebox is in the process of altering their shipping schedule, so January was themed around Valentine's Day and LOVE. They still call it their January box, so I won't be changing the date even though I got it the first week of February. Stefanie Weiss has written nine books including her most recent Eco-Sex. Stefanie states that most self-care products use endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can harm your overall health and your sex drive. So she says "whether you are single or attached, the pure, ultra sensual, divenly-scented products I've selected will make you feel beautiful, sexy and deeply desirable from the inside-out." Amen sistah!

Information Cards:

Erbaviva: Relax Spray
Relaxation is essential to pleasure. Use this refreshing, therapeutic mist to spray on hair or clothing. Also delightful sprayed into a room or onto bedding for a relaxing effect while infusing a fresh natural smell. Not for use on the face.
Full Size: 3.4 oz ($19.00)
Size Received: 1.0 oz ($5.59)
I figured we should start with the least personal items and work our way up. A few months ago we received the Erbaviva spray deodorant, which I loved.This spray can be used as a room mister or on hair and clothes or sheets to help you relax. The only ingredients are essential oils of lavender, rose, and neroli. This wasn't overpowering or in your face, it is a very soft fragrance that definitely was soothing. I know I wouldn't rebuy it, but I will enjoy spritzing it on my sheets and pillows when they need a little pick-me-up in between laundry days.

John Masters Organics: Blood Orange & Vanilla Bodywash
Created with the mildest botanically-based surfactants from corn and coconut, this all-over body wash foams into a creamy, rich, sulfate-free lather that gently removes dirt and oil - leaving skin soft and smooth. Follow with our Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk for a beautiful, sensual combination of clean & soft skin.
Full Size: 8.0 oz ($18.00)
Size Received: 1.0 oz ($2.25)
I'm familar with the name John Masters. The first thing that came to mind was hair. It looks like John Masters is a hair stylist who started making organic products over 20 years ago. His line started with hair care and now has all sorts of skincare and body, even pet products! This bodywash uses all natural ingredients so you get both the benefit of scent and the natural product. Blood orange increases collagen production, vegetable glyecerin moisturizes, pink grapefruit balances oily skin, and milk thistle is an antioxidant. This smells like orange sherbet which I really like. I barely want to pay $5 for body wash, so there is no way I could ever shell out almost $20!

Metropolis: Lavender Whipped Shea Butter
Thick and luxurious, this whipped shea has only 4 ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, corn starch, and lavender absolute. Use it for serious moisturizing and super soft, touchable skin.
Full Size: 4.0 oz ($19.99)
Size Received: 1.0 oz ?? ($4.99)
How many whipped butters can we get? Why am I complaining cause I love these things! I do like how simple this one is. No fluff, no fillers, just pure shea butter and coconut oil. The lavender absolute is a bit intense for me. Like I've said before I think lavender smells like granola hipsters. I couldn't see rubbing this on and expecting a guy to go gaga. But! This is the perfect after shower skin moisturizer. I love how whipped shea butter melts onto your skin and you really gives you a chance to massage your skin and really moisturize well.

Blossom Organics: Natural Moisturizing Lubricant
Non-irritating and provides long-lasting moisture for enhanced pleasure. Latex friendly.
Full Size: 4 oz ($10.99)
Size Received: 0.07 oz ($0.19)
Organic intimate products, well of course! We all say how we don't want toxic, unnatural products on our face, well you'd surely think you'd say the same for your uhh more intimate regions. Blossom Organics is formulated by a woman with pH balance in mind in all their products, all products are 100% free of harsh chemicals and fragrances, and made from the highest quality organic ingredients. Their lubricant is to be used to provide extra moisture to ensure that you don't get irritated or chapped and also increase your pleasure. It can also be used daily to help relieve any dryness. This is gentle, effective, and can be mutually satisfying.

Blossom Organics: Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel
Increases circulation to exhilarate your senses and heighten your sensual pleasure.
Full Size: 0.75 oz ($16.99)
Size Received: .17 oz ($3.85)
This is an aloe-based gel that warms on contact and helps heighten your circulation and therefore, pleasure. It seems to have gotten mixed reviews online. It can be used when you are by yourself or with someone special...

Persephenie: Neroli Infusion Organic Body Oil
Antioxidant and oleic acid rich, hand pressed Marula oil, coconut and organic sunflower oil, infused with orange flower Neroli will replenish your entire body. Massage into your (or someone else's) skin for a sensual sensory experience.
Full Size: 1.69 oz ($38.00)
Size Received: 0.17 oz ?? (
Persephenie is a natural botanical perfumery company based out of LA. They even offer custom scents and products, probably for a pretty penny, but awesome that an average joe can request it if they so please. I've never used body oil before, but I could see how this would feel amazing during a massage. The body oil is made using Marula oil which is rich in antioxidants, oleic acids which is necessary for maintaing healthy, vibrant skin. The scent of the neroli flower is thought to uplift and sooth, so this is a perfect oil to use during a special occassion!

Swipes: Lovin Wipes
These biodegradable wipes are the natural choice for personal cleanliness before or after intimate moments. Free from harsh chemical components like alcohol and chlorine, they're a natural & convenient way to feel a little fresher.
Full Size: 42 wipes ($4.99)
Size Received: 2 wipes(
These are disposable wipes that are flushable (sewer and septic-safe) that are made with pure water. These wipes are designed with the intent to be used before or after intimate moments to make you feel a little fresher. These could also potentially be used whenever you need to freshen up, like after the gym. They are free of alcohols, chlorine, and dyes that could possibly be irritating.

Sir Richard's Condom Company: Pleasure Dots Condom
You and hundreds of dots (safely) working towards one, mutually beneficial goal. For every condom purchased, one is contributed to a developing country. Chemical-free, 100% natural latex & premium lubricant. No spermicides, glycerin or parabens. Vegan Certified. Tested to exceed FDA safety and reliability standards.
Full Size: 12 condoms ($13.99)
Size Received: 2 condoms ($2.33)
Protection is always a must! World health and the AIDS epidemic is extremely important to me, and it is nice to see that this company matches every condom sold! What an incredible contribution! These are textured condoms that must have little dots along them to help aid in stimulation. Apparently these are just enough friction without being over powering for either party. I haven't used these yet, but we will see...

Total value of my January 2013 Goodebox:$23.27
What a fun box! Maybe a little uncomfortable to try and put together my opinions. But either way this box was so juicy and cute. I'm glad Goodebox decided to take a risk and support organic/small businesses that specialize in intimate/personal care. I'm sure some people hated this box or thought it was inappropriate, but I say well done!

What do you think of my January Goodebox? Did you like the LOVE theme? Have you tried any of the products I received? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I really, really loved the theme for this month! All of the products looked cute and they were all something I'd love to try! :D Hope you enjoyed them!

    Also I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award. Details are on my blog :)

  2. Hi Sarah!

    The January Goodebox looks like it was great!

    Also, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out here:


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