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Julep Maven: July 2012 (American Beauty)

I tried and tried to resist Julep last month, but the allure of a free 4th of July themed glitter polish made it impossible to resist. Don't forget to use code MAVENINTRO or PENNY at checkout to get your first Julep Maven box for a PENNY!

Don't know what Julep Maven is?
Julep Maven is a nail polish subscription service that delivers Julep nail polishes and nail products to your doorstep. Each month you will receive 2-3 nail polishes in the hottest colors and an extra. The extra may be a hand lotion, cuticle oil, glycolic hand scrub, etc. The nail polishes are all made by Julep a boutique nail salon company in the Seattle area and the colors are never before released or cult favorites. Each month you will have the choice of 5 different kits that are made to reflect a specific fashion style (It Girl, Boho Glam, Classic with a Twist, etc). You will take a fashion quiz once you sign up to set your main fashion style, but you have the option to order whichever of the 5 boxes you like best. Julep Maven is $19.99 a month, but you are able to skip a month whenever you like!
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July 2012, American Beauty
It looks like Im really an American Beauty. It is the only profile that I have chosen twice. My original profile was It Girl, but generally Im not attracted to the polishes that come up in that collection. Plus, I love the extras and It Girl gets 3 polishes and no extras, so bummer. This month Julep introduced a new lip gloss! I was so excited to try it and the lip gloss color made picking my box harder. And they matched the lip gloss to a polish since it is very popular to be matching. I actually paid for this box so I had very high expectations. I almost didnt buy it, but I felt like I deserved to treat myself since I had just graduated, moved houses, and was getting ready to move across the country. You know how we always find a way to justify our subscriptions ;)

Information Card:

Julep Nail Vernis in Lynn
Nude blush pearl.
Julep took the words out of my mouth. This is a pearlescent nude. I love that it is a bit more pink/flesh toned than most nudes that I own. It would be great for any occasion and looks professional. It is a bit streaky, but nothing that a good base wouldn't fix. My major issue with this polish was that it started chipping within a few days. But Ill give it a second whirl since I'm currently out of both base and top coat. 

Julep Nail Vernis in Yumi
Pink opalescent multi-dimensional glitter.
Jeesh Sarah, getting lazy with the photos? I really didnt want to put glitter polish full on just to take it right off. I think you get the idea with just having the single digit painted. I absolutely adore Yumi. There is light pink small pieces of glitter that almost look purple in some light.This stuff lasted for days and it applied so smoothly and evenly! Yumi can be painted on thin (like the above photo) or just a few coats will get you a thick, gorgeous sparkle like the photo below.

Julep Nail Vernis in America the Beautiful
A shiny red with royal blue glitter and sterling silver stars, it's like nail art in a bottle!
The extra that sold me! I couldn't get enough of this polish. Although the 4th comes once a year, now Im prepared! Whenever I want to feel festive, I can pull out this beaut. The only problem I found was that it is very goopy! Like the rim of the bottle already is covered in thick goop just from painting my nails a few times. It would start to dry before Id even finish swiping it onto my finger. Id end up with mounds of polish trying to get an even layer with a few stars laid out. And it would chip off in massive chunks. I think all it needs is some Seche Restore and it will be better than ever. It was festive, just a little work.

Julep Lip Vernis in Peony
This ultra-creamy, long-wearing gloss has a mirror like finish and is the perfect color complement to your nails. 
Who doesn't have a massive lip gloss collection? I think I have more glosses than lipsticks. I don't really have too many nudes though. I did get a similar color in the promotional Glossybox, but I hated that formula. This stuff here is just fantastic! It isn't sticky and it lasts! It adds just a subtle sheen of color to the lips and a gorgeous shine. The lip vernis' retail for $18 each. Quite steep, but they are pretty fab. 

My American Beauty box had a value of  $60!! Another fantabulous month of value with Julep. But again still mediocre quality polishes. I still love the presentation they've recently unveiled and appreciate the added effort. I've saved all the little quote cards from the box and all the extras have been amazing. But I'm buying Julep for the polish, so I have to say I don't think I'll be getting another for a long while. Hopefully a little Seche Restore will better these polishes.

Don't forget that you can try out Julep Maven for just a penny! Plus, after the first month you can skip as often as you like! Click here to sign up. And don't forget to use promo code: PENNY or MAVENINTRO to get your first month for $0.01!

What do you think of July's American Beauty style profile? Did you like the lip vernis? Let me know in the comments below! 

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