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Beauty Army: July 2012

This is my first Beauty Army kit since April! I've been using the skip option most months and so thankful for it. Money has been tight and the selection hasn't been too optimal, so hello skip.

Don't know what Beauty Army is? Beauty Army is a once a month beauty subscription service that delivers a GORGEOUS kit of premium beauty samples to your door. So how is it different from any of the other services out there? Well you get to CHOOSE your samples. Each month based on your preferences (long, thoughtful style quiz that can be changed at any time) you will receive 9 products to choose from. From those you get to pick 6. The products this month ranged from beauty, skincare, hair, body, and more. Some of the products you can choose from are full-size items. Beauty Army costs $12 a month, and your kit will always be valued way above!
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July 2012
The Beauty Army product selection has not been that great the past couple months. I was pleasantly surprised that this month had some awesome products and brands I know of and some new ones to try out. I still had a problem with too many fragrances and old lady creams popping up. I find my best survey setting is to not select the fragrance category and say I'm 13-18. It's silly that the survey is so poorly tailored. I'd be more likely to get Beauty Army every month if I didn't have to fuss with the survey so much.

Information Card:

Cover FX: Clear Prep FX
A matte foundation primer and anti-acne treatment gel. Helps prevent and heal acne blemishes, minimizes fine lines and pores, plus provides an instant mattifying effect. 
Full Size: 1.0 oz ($39.00)
Size Received: 0.24 oz ($9.36)
I love primer! It is one of my favorite things to receive in these subscription services. I know Ill use it all and it helps make the products I already own even better. This primer was meant for my summer skin. It helps control oil, minimize pores and fine lines, and help control acne. It uses willowbark extract to exfoliate and reduce sebum, natural fruit aha to increase cell turnover (which also helps to unclog pores), and african bark extract to reduce pore size and also acts as an anti-inflammatory. This is a silicone style primer and has that smooth as ice gliding action. But what I did find out after the fact is that this primer contains hydrolyzed milk protein. None of their other primers have animal products so this caught me by surprise. 

Youngblood: Mineral Primer
Youngblood’s Mineral Primer is the perfect all-over primer for flawless make-up application and skin rejuvenation.
Full Size: 1.0 oz ($41.00)
Size Received: 0.17 oz ($6.97)
Well its a good thing I got two different primers. I already received a sample of this mineral primer and loved it. A vegan and cruelty-free primer, why not get a few? I was really hesitant about this primer the first time around since it uses pure essential oils and vitamins to hydrate skin. But it worked really well with my skin and again is a silicon feeling primer so it is silky smooth and a little goes a long way. It does have a bit of a weird smell, but once it is on your skin you can't smell it.

Juicy Jewel: Juicy Jewel Eau de Parfum
Juicy Jewel is a tantalizing array of scents and body products made of exotic fruits, flowers and nourishing oils.
Full Size: 1.0 oz ($55.00)
Size Received: 0.03 oz ($1.65)
Beauty Army only recently got perfume samples. The problem is if you say you are interested in trying out one, half of your samples to choose from will be perfume vials. Not cool. But when I saw the description for this perfume I had to get my grubby hands on it. The perfume is layered first of sparkling fruits: peach, pineapple, and blackcurrant. With a middle layer of jasmine and damask rose. And it dries down to musk and natural pheromones. It definitely is very sparkling up front. Almost immediately the rose and blackcurrant intermingle. What lingers is the jasmine, peach, and musk which makes a heavenly scent. I really like this one, but since every perfume I own is some variation of fruity floral I feel like I wouldnt buy the full size. I need to get some variation. 

Eyecandy: Eyecandy Coolers
Eyecandy coolers are reusable, chill-able, candy-colored soft gel rounds that work quickly to reduce puffiness, minimize dark circles and fine lines, relieve allergy symptoms, and instantly soothe pesky tension or stress headaches. Eyecandy coolers may be safely used over and over again. 
Full Size: 1 set of coolers ($12.00)
Size Received: Full-size! 1 set of coolers ($12.00)
I was sold on these before I even tried them. The description states every problem I have: allergies, tension, dark circles, etc. These are reusable gel circles that you stick in the fridge for a rainy day. Whenever you need them just pop em over your eyes and relax. In minutes you will feel the soothing effects. Im not sure how it works on dark circles or allergies, but I found them to be calming and relaxing. I felt less pressure on my eyes and was a little more alert. Obviously this is similar to putting cucumber rounds on your eyes, but this seems a bit more sanitary and reusable!

Besame Cosmetics: Crimson Cream Rouge
For instant rosy cheeks and lips there is nothing more timeless than our vintage inspired cream rouge.
Full Size: 0.26 oz ($22.00)
Size Received: 0.1 oz ($8.46)
When I heard that Besame is one of the makeup companies that is used on the set of Mad Men I had to pick one of the products. If I can get rosy cheeks and lips like Joan, um yes? Isn't Christina Hendricks perfection? I love that she is curvy and sexy. She not only appeals to men but also is the epitome of beauty for women! Okay back to makeup. I received a sample of their crimson cream rouge. The pictures on the Besame website make this rouge look more like a bright pink, but I think it looks more red. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this blends out. It melts so easily on your fingertips. I wore it a few days ago and loved how it looked. I felt a bit more done up and felt refreshed. Plus it lasted all day. I haven't used it on my lips yet, but from what I can tell it will be a perfect shade of pink-red. 

Macadamia Natural Oil: Healing Oil Treatment
For a quick touch-up or when hairs are too short to pluck, this unique grooming tool fine tunes your brows.
Full Size: 4.2 oz ($39.95)
Size Received: Full-size! 1 oz ($9.51)
I've always been scared of the word oil. My middle school years were plagued with terrible zits and oily skin and hair. If only I could find a picture of me from 6th grade. Although, I'd probably chicken out before I ever posted it. But that goes to say, don't give up on yourself! Your skin will even out eventually. It took my skin all the way through Senior year of high school to stop acting like a pre-teen. Anyways. I've finally stepped on the oil train. Natural oils do so many great things for your skin and hair. This oil treatment combines macadamia and argan oil to help out all hair types. It says it will help detangle and defrizz hair, smooth out and add shine, extend the life of color treatments, and reduce your hair drying time.Plus it is pH balanced and has a composition similar to our own oils making it highly absorbent and lightweight. And like all products I endorse, this company is cruelty-free!

Total Value of my July 2012 Kit$47.95
Like always my Beauty Army kit is well worth my $15. I still don't plan on getting BA every month due to finances, but I do appreciate when BA steps up their game and gives us some amazing new products to try!

What do you think of the products I selected? Have you tried any of them? What did you select in your Beauty Army kit? Let me know in the comments below!
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  1. Our kits are similar. I got the Youngblood primer, the Besame, and the Macadamia Nut Oil. I haven't really tried the blush yet. I love the Macadamia Oil though!

    I also just traded someone on MUT for the eye coolers. :)

    1. The Besame is uhhh mazing! You will love it. I like it a lot better than theBalm Staniac that came in the June Birchbox. I'll have to finally try the Macadamia oil then!


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