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Birchbox: July 2012

It is barely relevant at this point, but I still want to post about this box since it was one of my favorites in awhile. Plus this was my 1 year anniversary! I got my first Birchbox last July on my birthday! My sister gave me a 6 month subscription and I am still loving it!

Don't know what Birchbox is?
Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that delivers a little, heavenly box of premium beauty samples to your doorstep. Each month you will receive 4-5 samples (sometimes even full-sized products) and generally a goodie (energy booster, granola bar, etc). The samples range from make-up, polishes, skincare, body, hair, and fragrances. All from luxury, quality brands. Every month is a surprise, but the samples picked for you are based on a survey you fill out letting the gals know your style and skin-type. Birchbox costs just $10 a month, and your box will always be valued way above!
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July 2012, Box #11
Birchbox and Glamour Magazine teamed up this month to test your senses. The box allows all of your senses to be take part in your beauty routine.When I think about it beauty is really a full sensory experience. From smelling perfumes to feeling smooth, silky creams all the way to hearing the spritz sound our finishing sprays make. It all bundles up to create the allure that is beauty. I love this theme to pieces. Whoever thought of it should get a raise. It is so original compared to most of the themes we've been getting.

Information Cards:

Color ClubNail Lacquer in Blue-Ming
Use this green-turquoise polish on fingers and toes all summer long.
Full Size: 0.5 oz ($8.00)
Size Received: 0.25 oz ($4.00)
I don't think I am the biggest fan of Color Club. Every polish I've gotten (all from Birchbox) fall flat somewhere. Either the color is a bit too chalky, it chips minutes after putting on, or it doesn't apply neatly. This nail polish from the Summer Pastel Collection falls short in all categories. The color to me looks like chalky toothpaste and almost sour looking on my skin. Plus it applies chunky and streaky. I was determined to give the polish a chance, but after it was on my nails for just a few hours I had to get it off because I was so embarrassed by how it applied. I swear my polish skills are better than a 5 year old.

EyekoSkinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Direct from London, these punch color liners feature a pen-style applicator that's truly goof-proof.
Full Size: 0.07 oz ($15.00)
Size Received: Full-size received! 0.07 oz ($15.00)
I have to admit I'm not the greatest at applying eyeliner. I see all my friends going out with hot cat eyes and I just sit and stare in admiration. A few months ago I was determined to learn, so I sat in front of the ol youtube and got to work. And I learned within a few videos! Granted I was doing most of my looks with wet eyeshadow. But then comes this skinny liquid eyeliner. Eyeko is a cruelty-free company from London that is known for their mascaras. It has a felt pen-style applicator that is somewhat stiff to help keep the tip in check. After using it for a few weeks I am in love. I can actually get a pretty flawless look without much effort. And I am starting to get adventerous and try simple cat eye looks. It is pretty long lasting, great for every day wear. Although it did rub off when I went to a comedy show and was crying laughing, but at least no raccoon eye, it just wiped away clean. I am sold and want to try every color and every product Eyeko sells. BB points to rescue!

Harvey PrinceEau Flirt
The fragrance equivalent to a wink, this fanciful scent layers fresh citrus and jasmine notes over a base of lavender and pumpkin. 
Full Size: 3.4 oz ($98.00)
Size Received: 0.04 oz ($1.15)
A scent I've wanted to try forever and half! I love the idea that a perfume can do some flirting for me! Harvey Prince created Eau Flirt using scientific data on what scents make men crazy. And apparently men associate pumpkin and lavender with happy, stimulating memories. Those two base notes are paired with citrus, jasmine, freesia, and ylang ylang. I had a feeling I would like this perfume since many of my full-size daily wears contain many of the same notes that are in this perfume. And I was right! It is sweet and sparkling and fresh. You can kind of smell the pumpkin, but it just smells warm and inviting not like you are wearing a Yankee Candle. It is a great daytime perfume. I like it best once it has had time to settle. The floral top notes have time to mingle and calm down. But all of this aside, it doesn't last long. I wore it out with a male friend and he said he couldn't smell it at all, even when he tried to smell it directly. So if he can't smell it how is it gonna flirt for me? oh well.

SupergoopCity Sunscreen Serum
Wear this award-winning brand's silky SPF 30 serum under your makeup for a weightless UV shield.
Full Size: 1.7 oz ($42.00)
Size Received: 0.14 oz ($3.46)
There are so many serums out there to choose from, but so many just focus on a single problem. What if I want anti-aging and sun protection? Well Supergoop makes a SPF 30 sunscreen serum that combats aging and moisturizes. It contains Uniprotect PT-3 which apparently repairs already damaged skin and reduces UV-induced oxidation. I haven't tried the serum yet, but Im hopeful because I loved the Supergoop sunscreen towelettes. This stuff is just so darn pricey!

Tea Fortéminteas in Regroup Ginger Pear
Keep these refreshing, tea-infused mints on hand for quick pick-me ups.
Full Size: 1 metal pack ($2.99)
Size Received: Full-size received! 1 metal pack ($2.99)
Food? Yes please! Food that passes as a breath refresher, even better. These minteas are mints that are formulated with all organic teas and herbs. I received the Regroup Ginger Pear flavor. It has a small dose of caffeine and gingko to help your focus. I was very unsure about the flavor, I mean ginger pear mint? But it has a very delicious sweet taste. It all blends so well together that it kind of tastes like a sparkling bite with a mint edge. I can't piece out the ginger or pear. But I'm addicted already. I already love their teas and now I love their mints.

Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds
We designed these neon headphones just for you. Pair them with your best playlist.
Full Size: 1 pair of earbuds ($10.00)
Size Received: Full-size received! 1 pair of earbuds ($10.00)
Is it strange that I would have rather another mp3 download card? These earbuds may be cute, but the sound is not the greatest. It lacks in bass and is very shallow sounding. They are comfy for my teeny ears though! The earbuds are wrapped around a card that tells you about Glamour's custom made Spotify playlists. I downloaded a couple and have really enjoyed the music (Get Dressed To and Pretty Playlist). I just wish I could download the playlists to my ipod...

Total value of my July 2012 Birchbox:$36.60
This is one of my favorite boxes yet! And it was my 1 year anniversary, so what a great way to welcome a second year with BB! Birchbox may have disappointed me multiple times in the past months, but I know I've taken a risk by being a part of a subscription service that may have non-vegan items. This month Birchbox was able to stimulate all of my senses and help me overcome my fear of liquid eyeliners. Not a bad deal.

What do you think of my July Birchbox? How does it compare to yours? What senses had your favorite products? Let me know in the comments below!
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