Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little Black Bag: The second haul

Some of my friends are addddicted to LBB. I get an email every time they open up a new bag and they open bags multiple times a month! I have to REALLY like something to even entertain the thought of opening a new bag. And that happened last month with a purse...

What is Little Black Bag? Little Black Bag is a trading/shopping experience. It is loosely based on Japanese Lucky Bag Sales where retailers give out mystery bags filled with products and customers then trade with their friends. With Little Black Bag you get to pick one of the items that you want in your bag and Little Black Bag will choose at least 2 other items (sometimes 3 other items, depending on price of the first item).  Items featured range from purses, jewelry, sunglasses, scarves, hats, watches, tech accessories, and more. All from top brands (Betsey Johnson, CaseMate, Steve Madden, BGBG, etc).
Then you get to see what the stylist chose for you and start trading with other members. Trading lasts exactly 7 days and you can trade for as long as you like. You may start with 3 items valued at $125 and end up with 5+ items with a value over $200! You are not charged until your bag ships and if for any reason you are unsatisfied you can cancel your bag at any time or return items that shipped to you for a product credit. Plus for every friend you invite that buys their bag, you get an extra product in your next bag! Little Black Bag is a monthly club, but you can skip as often as you like. Click here to get started on your first bag!

Little Black Bag, Second Time Around
If you remember in my first haul, I had gotten a Nila Anthony mesh purse that ended up having mold/mildew on it. I was so frustrated since that was the item that I was most excited about. Little Black Bag let me keep the purse and get a credit for that amount, but it still left a sour note on my trading experience. All summer long I skipped out on my LBB. Between the cost and the selection, I wasn't interested. During the summer I gained a few referral credits, which get you a free item valued up to $25. When I finally saw the purse of my dreams, I knew it was a good time to get trading. Nornally LBB gives you 2-3 items when you open your bag, but because I had a $70 credit and 2 referral credits my bag started out pretty amazing. I was so ready to be a trading maven, but then I learned that most members of the website had become clicky/sly and would only accept/offer trades to their own friends. Nobody would trade with me, nobody would accept offers, and I never got good offers. I swear trading week was hellish. I almost wanted to give up. But at the last minute, someone accepted an amazing trade and all was restored. I couldn't have been happier with my haul.
  • Street Level: Box Crossbody Bag, Retail Value $68
  • Betsey Johnson: Garden Party Charm Necklace, Retail Value $50
  • Betsey Johnson: Pig Studs, Retail Value $30
  • Betsey Johnson: Flower Earrings, Retail Value $25
  • Case-Mate Poppies iPhone 4/4S Case, Retail Value $40
  • Freestyle: Adrenaline Yellow Watch, Retail Value $50
  • ZAD: Chevron Cut Out Cuff, Retail Value $26
Total Value of my Bag $289!!

Detail Product Reviews:
Street Level: Box Crossbody Bag in Mint, $68
While I was trading, everybody wanted my purse!! I opened my bag with this item and would not let it go. I got 5 item trades, trades worth $150 but I was not letting this out of my sight. I was in the market for a new crossbody and this combined my love for mint and neutrals. I was so pleased when I got my box of goodies that this purse looked exactly how I imagined. It is the perfect size for running errands, going out with friends, or strolling a street fair. I love that I can really wear it with any outfit or color. The mint just adds a sweet pop to whatever Im wearing. The bag is constructed very well and I'm sure this will last me years. I would buy a second Street Level purse in a heart beat. I've gotten so many compliments.

Betsey Johnson: Garden Party Charm Necklace, $50
This was the item that I got in the last seconds of trading. I had two boring fabric necklaces that I wasn't at all impressed with. I offered maybe 100 different trades hoping and pleading that someone would accept my offer. And luck was on my side! 10 minutes before my trading window ended someone accepted my trade and I received this necklace. I thought it was going to be massive, based on the photos on the website. But the charms are the perfect size. I love all the little details too. The beetle has hearts on its wings, the bumble bee has a heart button on its back, and the orange flower matches my flower earrings perfectly. A surprise pick and a major win.

Betsey Johnson: Pig Studs, $30
I was so close to opening my bag with these because last time around nobody would accept any of my trades for them. I wasn't heartbroken until I saw Eugenia modeling them from her own bag. They were so scrumptious! I trade two big ticket items to get these. And it was worth every penny! These add a little spunk to the simplest outfits. They are a bit larger than most studs I wear, but they are the perfect size for a statement!

Betsey Johnson: Flower Earrings, $25
The website was swarming with these earrings, which was fine by me. Because they are Betsey Johnson, everyone was using them to trade for big ticket items. I was snag a few pairs and used them to trade and kept one for myself. I absolutely adore these earrings. The stones add an extra flare that really makes them special. I have gotten so many compliments while wearing these. I normally wear F21 studs, but you can tell that these will last forever and half.

Case-Mate: Poppies iPhone 4/4S Case, $40
I was so happy with my other two Case-Mate iPhone cases that I decided to get the third case that I was interested in. These phone cases hold up to major abuse. I've used on case for months and it barely has a scratch on it. My phone feels protected. I couldn't figure out why Little Black Bag was overcrowded with iphone cases, but then I realized the iPhone 5 just released. All those companies needed to get the old styles of their hands. I plan on getting the iPhone 5, but not until Christmas. So until then I will have many stylish options.

Freestyle: Adrenaline Watch in Yellow, $50
The only time I ever worry about wearing a watch is when I won't have access to my phone. Which isn't very often, so I barely ever wear one. But this was too cute to pass up. I loved the bright yellow color and it's large face. Yesterday I started my second job working at Old Navy (just a few nights a week) and I kept wishing I knew the time. I'll definitely be wearing this from now on.

ZAD: Chevron Cut Out Cuff, $26
I randomly traded for this and then realized I didn't want to give it up. I'm on the fence with this one. The chevron cut-outs are cut a bit off -center, so I can only get them to line up correctly if I wear the bracelet a bit cock-eyed. I've worn it only twice and it already is looking ratty. And it turns my skin green. I wouldn't have ever paid $26 for it.

Whew!! All of these products were mine for $55! Many of these products I would have easily bought for full-price. I always get suckered in by purses and accessories. Little Black Bag is a perfect outlet for my budget because I could have spent double just buying a pair of shoes and a necklace by themselves. The trading process is so intense that it also appeases my online shopping addiction for weeks and weeks. It isn't something I will do every month, but I am always checking up on the new additions just in case there is something I HAVE to have.

What do you think of my Little Black Bag haul? Was it worth the hassle of trading? Find out what is in your bag and start trading by clicking here to join!


  1. I love that bag! I just recently became addicted and opened two bags within days of each other!! We will have to become LBB friends, because I don't even have any and I'm sure I would have traded with you so we can be sneaky too lol. Those pig earrings are adorable! I am jealous. I got both of my bags today and loved all of the items, especially my purse. I am not a watch person at all, but I start a new class next week so I will probably need to find the one watch I do have so I can see the time. And I have a life proof iphone case because being a klutz, babysitting, etc...I have dropped it so many times and spilled drinks on it. So it has already paid for itself :)

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